Safety, comfort, and security: Is that what it's all about?

Safety, comfort, and security. As I look around at the current state of this world, I see that most of my friends through their actions and choices continue to place their own safety, comfort, and security as a higher priority than being a stand for what’s best for all beings everywhere. Rather than building the courage to face to the potential chaos that might result from shining a loving light into the shadows and focusing on what’s best for all, most default to focusing their time and energy on what will give them and those around them a secure and comfortable life. They consciously or unconsciously avoid looking at the underlying causes of the suffering of so many in this world and how they might really make a difference in improving the lives of all who share this Earthly existence with us.

I feel sad on seeing this, yet I fully trust and I never lose hope. I continue to shine my light into the shadows and place top priority on living in loving service to all beings everywhere, even when it means giving up my own safety, comfort, and security. I am heartened to see that the number of caring souls who are willing to sacrifice their own safety and comfort for the greater good is gradually growing. And I fully trust that in the long run, everything works out for the best for all of us. I do my very best to first accept what is and to surrender to the will of the divine. And from that place of deep surrender, I hold fast to my unwavering commitment to inspire myself and all around me to dance with both the light and the shadows as we powerfully create into the unknown in a way that best serves every one of us. And I continue to explore deeply into the question, “what is my role in creating all of this?”

Safety, comfort, and security.

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Wow , a true real live hero's words !

You are an awesome human being Fred, thank you for doing what you do !

I have changed my life in so many ways, it is unbelievable ! I am extremely grateful for you partner !

Love ya man !

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Thanks so much for your kind words, Eric. It is an incredible and please to serve you and many others. Much love to you!!!

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I second the motion Eric.... ;-)

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