Hi everyone, 


I've been away for a while, but I just remembered this place and realized it may just be what I need right now.


I'm planning on leaving society mid November. What I mean by that is i am looking for a community to live in and be a part of that is not a part of society in any way for a minimum of six months. 


For example, I feel drawn to Peru and would love to work and live with a community in the Amazon with a great shaman and people that can recognize the spiritual gifts I have to offer.


For the next three months I will be doing as much research as possible to find that community. Once I am ready, I am planning on leaving behind everything society has to offer. No luxuries or amenities. I just want to be surrounded by people who can teach me a new way to live.


So, if anyone has any  contacts, advice, or suggestions, I am all ears. 




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Hi Nick,

This is the only place I know of, it's called Poole's land in Tofino, British Columbia. I wouldn't say it's totally away from society but it might be worth checking out. My husband and I have met Michael Poole before, he seems to be very genuine in creating a free spirited community on his land.

Check out the Facebook page, or feel free to message me for contact details.


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Hey Nick,

My girlfriend did a 12-day program in Peru at a place called the Temple of the Way of the Light several years ago. It completely changed her life. As a result of the medicine ceremonies and support she received there, she ended up quitting her job, leaving her boyfriend, and moving to a much quieter, more beautiful place to live. She's much happier with her life now. Here's a link if you'd like to explore more. I wish you all the best with this!

With abundant love and warm wishes,

Thanks Trish and Fred. The Temple of the Way of Light is actually the exact same center my friend in Sayulita suggested. I have already contacted them. I am thinking at the moment it could be a nice place to visit and get contacts, but the program is out of my price range.

I have recently become in contact with a shaman in Peru. He has invited me to stay with him. I am considering this as my launching point. What happens after is up to the universe.

If anybody has any cool articles about Peru, I would am looking to research everything I can before I leave in November.


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