Secret Ingredients

Thanks, Fred, for the link to this documentary.

Healthy living in general, and healthy eating in particular, is a subject close to my heart.  The deception, collusion and profiteering of the big chemical companies, giving rise to all these health problems, is not news to me and something I've been aware of for some time.  Although pretty much preaching to the converted, the content of the documentary has actually encouraged me to seriously up my game in respect of eating organic!

A few years ago I committed to a radical dietary regime - Wahl's Protocol - in an attempt to turn around increasing mobility and other health challenges and I was absolutely convinced that this was the solution I'd been looking for.  I stuck to the protocol strictly for 6 months - initially totally gluten, dairy, egg and soy-free, no processed foods and copious amounts of fresh organic vegetables.  Ideally, it was a paleo type diet so, despite having been a vegetarian for over 30 years, I even introduced (organic, grass-fed) meat back into my diet.  I did feel generally better for it, digestion issues improved somewhat and I lost a few lbs, but it didn't achieve what I'd hoped. 

After recovering from my frustration and disappointment I did realise that these health challenges were still serving me as an impetus to explore some more spiritual pathways (which I'm still doing!)

Health challenges, however they may come about, are always a lesson of some sort and, as much as anything, I feel it's often a call towards taking more personal responsibility.  Most of us need some sort of wake-up call to get us to take stock of our lives.  While life is comfortable and predictable, there's no need to wake up, so perhaps at some level companies like Monsanto are doing us all a favour!  If not Monsanto, there's always a need for some villain of the piece.

After that strict 6 month regime, I did relax my eating habits somewhat - it wasn't an easy regime to maintain, doing it alone and living with a vegetarian husband - and I have moved back onto a vegetarian path.  I would like to mention here a book which helped me find peace with meat-eating and put the whole subject of eating into a holistic context - The Yoga of Eating by Charles Eisenstein.  I stumbled upon this book in a list of 'spiritual classics' which I came across online just at the right time.  Don't you just love synchronicity!



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Sounds like you've been on quite a journey with your health, Julie. I'm a vegetarian and eat almost 100% organic and thankfully blessed with robust healthy. I wish you all the best with you continuing journey.

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I may be naive, but (apart from using it as a marketing ploy) I can't understand why free access to the documentary has been presented on a time-limited basis when the subject matter and implications are potentially so radically life-changing. Additionally, in the space of 5 days since I signed up to watch I've received 6 emails encouraging me to buy into their 90 day plan. I can accept that some may appreciate guidance in changing their lifestyle, and be able and willing to pay, but it does seem like quite a hard sell when the implications of not taking action have been so dramatically presented!

This makes me appreciate all the more when information and courses such as those presented by the PEERS network remain completely free and accessible to all. Thank you again, Fred, for this beautifully refreshing attitude to supporting transformation for all and remaining true to trusting in the inherent abundance of the Universe. Much love.

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Hi Julie, I very much agree that this hard sell is a turn-off. I know Jeffrey and have little doubt that a marketer convinced him to do this to get more funds to support his cause. I'm sure it will be effective, too, but I personally don't like tactics like this. And still, Jeffrey by far has done more than anyone else on the planet to inform the public of the dangers of GMOs.

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I do appreciate that all marketing is a form of manipulation but can also be seen as an opportunity for positive action so, as you say, nothing is pure black and white and everything needs to be considered on its own merits. This is where our individual perception comes into play.

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