Awesome resource conscious bubble, intention found, law of attraction... pertinent

this Awesome resource conscious bubble, intention found, law of attraction... pertinent info, this poped up in my world all but a few minutes ago, know it will be useful for others

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Thanks for sharing.  This is the page that popped out for me...


SIX Exercises To Expand and Evolve NOW!

Posted: August 29, 2011 in enlightenment, evolution, evolve, exercises to evolve, human evolution

YES it’s true … if you have the juice … the desire… to move on … to a more complex living experience as an conscious energetic creative multidimentional being there are NOW six exercises you can do whenever and
wherever you choose to get you there.

That’s right … no magic wands … no ‘zap you’ rays from
the center of the galaxy to turn you into an amazing being
(which is our true identity already), just a series of exercises
to help you discover and uncover your true powerful, loving,
creative self.

OUr goal is to get a first hand direct experience of your
expanded omnipresent energetic self.

Repeat as often as possible


SIT DOWN and relax.

FIRST get a sense of your true self – conscious energy…
usually located right behind your eyes.

THEN using the hand you naturally favor, bring all the fingers together
to a point and lightly tap the top of your head until most of your attention is
directed to that spot.

NOW while also sensing the normal position of your awareness behind your
eyes direct your awareness to the new point where your hand is tapping.

NEXT slowly lift your hand like you’re pulling your consciousness out of your head
to a point about 12 inches above your head. If it’s easier with your eyes closed -
do it. This is about getting the feeling of shifting your perspective I call

WHEN your energy and awareness are fully focused there remove your hand and try
to keep your entire energy and attention there as long as possible even to the point
of losing awareness of your body.

When you get good at this you can do it while your physical body is moving.
The goal is to get used to leaving and re-entering your body at will.


SIT and pay attention to your breathing as you
calmly breathe in and out.

NOW as you breathe out, while sensing your consciousness
inside your head, feel it expand to the edges of the scene you
are perceiving.

THEN on the inhale feel your consciousness completely
retracting with your breathe back into your body.

This exercise is exhilarating and is a blast to play around with.


Instead of going from our body perspective seemingly
traveling out and about, we will go to our omnipresent
state and go within.

SIT in a comfortable quiet place.

BREATHE in a relaxed manner and continue to relax
feeling each part of your body relaxing.

FOCUS on your feeling of ‘awareness’ usually located
in your head region behind your eyes.

CONTINUE to focus on this feeling of awareness
until you get completely lost in it and almost completely
lose consciousness of your body.

BINGO you are out and from this feeling
you can relocate by thinking of any place or anyone or
following another feeling.

This works because everything is already this one ‘awareness’
and when you feel it completely your perspective expands. You
literally expand your soul to be the all and then backdoor
back in to a specific.

Repeat as often as possible and FEEL your true self.


We learn language by naming and labeling everything we
see … everything is separate … everything is NOT me.
This is what we’re taught.

This exercise is all about bypassing that programming and
making a real connection with the truth …

So live your daily life as always but each person and thing
you notice think ( or say out loud if you can ) …

“This is ME”

Feel the real energetic connection as you think or say it.


Another exercise to get used to the sense of yourself
or presence as the unbounded presence which contains
all the patterns you consider your experience.

Go outside for a walk … as you look around focus
on this statement:

“I am looking inside my self … walking through my mind as a character in my dream.”


We are used to feeling ourself as these individual bodies
walking through a space-time continuum of ‘people’ and

This exercise will help break that down and enable you
to expand and sense your genuine expanse of presence.

Another walking-feeling affirmation … as you walk say
to yourself:

” I am the container of all existence .. this is all in my mind.”

Say it until you get a sense of yourself as the unbounded
container of all the patterns/images/forms we know as reality.

These are guaranteed effective tools to help you make the
identity shift from you as the ‘primate hominid Joe or Jan
Blow’ to the powerful energetic creative being you are.

We’re not adding anything to you we’re only removing the
temporary walls that have hiding your true essence.

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sister this is great going to do this as well looking foward to diving into the site :)


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Great website, Thomas.  Lot's of inspiring stuff, here.  Thanks for the link.

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