Story of Enlightenment

Below is a short story I wrote on the inevitibility of enlightenment.  It's about a 10 minute read.  Let me know what you think.


The Four Minute Monkey

Chapter 1:  Evolution

                I don’t really look at enlightenment as just possible.  I think of it more as inevitable.  I believe it is a natural part of our evolution.  Now I want to clarify here what type of evolution I am talking about so there is no confusion later. 

                I believe there are two distinct types of evolution.  Macroevolution is basically the idea that we came from fish into reptiles into apes, etc.  I don’t disagree with this fully, but I am still waiting on some proof on this planet such as a fossil of something in between two breeds.

                The other type of evolution is microevolution.  This is more along the lines of what Darwin was talking about with the different species of birds.  Each species adapts and evolves.  This still allows for a creator in most instances, but is very hard to argue against. 

                For the sake of this article, I am going to refer to this evolution as microevolution going forward.  I hope we can all agree that this type of evolution not only has taken place for many years, but is also taking place today, even with humans.

                For instance, since recorded time, it seems humans have gotten smarter, taller, stronger, etc.  This is bound to continue as long as the world holds out.  We, like many other species on this planet, will continue to evolve, but what is next?

                This is where enlightenment comes in.  We as a species are destined to evolve and grow.  We are not at our peak yet.  There is no possible way.  There are even signs in science that we can continue to grow and evolve.

                The first is the pineal gland.  This “third eye” is not functioning at the moment.  It is completely calcified for most human beings.  This could be the way to our next evolutionary step.  Religions of old have all held this space in your brain highly. 

                Another is the possibility of extra strands of DNA.  A child was recently born with an extra strand of DNA.  Other scientists claim that our current structure could activate another to upgrade.  There are all sorts of physical possibilities for a change in our being.

                I personally believe that this is all part of our evolution.  This is our chance to join others in our universe through rapid growth and development on a personal level.  Whether you believe in macro or micro evolution, you have to realize we are changing as a whole.

                Why couldn’t it be for the better?  Why does it always have to be for the worst?  We could be just waking up the planet instead of actually destroying it.  Doesn’t that sound better than the alternative? 


Chapter 2:  Prophecies

                No matter what religion you are a part of, I can pretty much guarantee there is talk of the end times involved.  It is a very hot topic.  In fact, when you look at all the religions together, there are a lot of similarities.  It is actually kind of spooky,.

                Let’s start with Christianity.  We have death and destruction, seven bad years, and then Jesus coming in to set everything right.  He will bring heaven down to Earth and all will be well.  Surprisingly, Islam’s end time are very similar, only with Muhammed on the right side of Jesus.

                Buddhism has a similar prophecy about the end times when nobody reads the scriptures any more and Mahayana comes to save the day.  In Hindu, Krishna saves the day.  The Hopi Indians have the Great White Pahana rescuing the world. 

                The Jewish people have the messiah coming.  The Zoroastrians have Saoshyant.  My favorite is the rainbow warrior prophecy of the Native Americans who believed people of all races would come together to start an uprising.

                Pretty much all the major religions are waiting for something to happen.  The timeframe is even close at hand as well.  In Christianity, they say it will happen within a lifetime of the establishment of Israel according to some scholars.

                Siddhartha Gautama is said to have predicted around 5000 years after his death, which is coming up.  The Mayans and Aztecs are two of the most famous ones to point toward this time in history. 

                The Mayans predicted of a changing of ages on December 21st, 2012.  I think this actually took place with the polarity of good vs evil on this planet that day.  I believe we went from 51/49 negative vs positive to 49/51 with positivity shifting over.

                Astrology even points this shift out with the shifting of Pisces in Aquarius.  Pisces was the symbol of fish, and Jesus was known as the fisher of men.  Who knows what the Age of Aquarius will hold and who will be the “messiah.”

                Personally, I believe it will start with just one person.  I don’t think they are going to come from the sky though.  I also don’t think they will be coming back from the dead.  I believe it is going to be one normal person just like you or I.


Chapter 3:  Historical Figures

                Since we are talking about Enlightenment, let’s start with the most obvious.  Siddhartha Gautama was also known as the Buddha.  I know that not everyone believes in Buddhism, but this is definitely worth talk about.

                Siddhartha was just a normal man when he achieved enlightenment.  Yes, he was a prince, but he gave all of that up in his pursuits.  He went from having everything to almost starving to death before realizing that he needed to follow the middle path.

                Through his achievement, he has inspired and changed the lives of billions of people throughout history.  Today there are still millions of followers on this planet.  It is hard to remember that he is an actual historical figure to have lived on this planet some 5000 years ago.

                On top of that, he is not to only one to achieve this feat according to many Buddhists.  There are others throughout history that have achieved enlightenment.  There are stories of people levitating off of the ground and passing on peacefully once attaining it.

                The next person I am going to talk about may raise some eyebrows.  It is not said he attained enlightenment, but that is only because he wasn’t considered entirely human.  I am going to talk about the enlightenment of Jesus. 

                Most would argue that he’s the son of God, but here I am going to present a case for him being a normal human being that had attained enlightenment.  First, where are the beginning 30 years of his life?  How is he supposed to be perfect, yet we know nothing about him?

                Some say he even travelled to India after Egypt and learned there.  There are books written on it and a town in India claiming he was there.  If he was so perfect, why don’t we have any information on him at all according to the Bible?

                Let’s look at this from another point of view.  Let’s say you are the Roman Empire and there is a religion growing at a fast pace to overthrow your government.  Why wouldn’t you just adopt it and make some changes to suit your goals.

                This is where Constantinople basically put together the Bible for his own benefit. He didn’t want everyone knowing they had the power to get into heaven.  Instead he blended this new religion with that of the pagans mixed in with a deification.

                They made Jesus into a God so nobody could achieve these things other than him.  They stole the virgin birth story from Osiris and adopted it in Christianity.  They stole Christmas and Easter blending them with their own.  Then they said the only way to god was through Jesus, or their priests.

                Then they wrote the Bible in Latin, so only the priests could read it and interpret it however they needed to rule the people.  Who knows how distorted the Bible was by the time it was able to be typed out for the masses?

                It doesn’t seem so farfetched that Jesus was just a normal guy like Siddhartha who happened to stumble upon enlightenment.  It’s just that the government had to pervert his message and come up with a backstory to keep others from doing the same.

                Then there are others who may have reached enlightenment.  It seems that there are powers that be that don’t want this to happen.  What if someone like Gandhi, JFK, MLK, John Lennon, or others were on the path?  Who knows?


Chapter 4:  Universal Consciousness

                This section is going to be the introduction to Universal Consciousness.  The next chapters will go over more stories and examples.  This is just to get you warmed up to the idea of this cloud of thoughts and beliefs surrounding our world.

                This idea poses that if anyone has an original thought or idea, they are adding it to the cloud.  When someone has an unoriginal idea, they are taking form the cloud.  There are many examples of this in the field of science. 

                There is something known as the multiple discovery theory.  This talks about how many scientific discoveries happen independently around the world at the same time.  One example of this is how many times there are multiple winners of the Nobel Prize in multiple categories each year.

                There is a long list of famous multiple discoveries on the net, but this is just one example.  Another has to do with a crossword puzzle.  It is said to be called morphic resonance.  The story is said to describe how people are better at crossword puzzles later in the day.

                Apparently there was a study done on a random group of strangers to fill out a crossword puzzle that had already been released to the public versus one that hadn’t.  According to the story, the tests that were already release were surprisingly easier to complete than the new ones.

                The next story comes from a group of scientists back in 1952 studying the macaque monkeys.  They were on a remote island in Japan and they decided to show one of the monkeys how to wash their sweet potatoes before eating it. 

                As the story goes, this monkey started teaching other monkeys how to do the same.  This continued for a while until something strange happened.  They said that right around the time the 100th monkey learned to wash it’s fruit, the practice began to spread to other islands. 

                This continued until all the macaque monkeys in the world began washing their food.  Obviously these monkeys had no way of communicating with others.  There were no cell phone calls or text messages sent to the other islands.  So how could this be? 

                What type of explanation is there for these occurrences?  What do multiple discovery theories, macaque monkeys, and crossword puzzles have in common?  I think they are both evidence for Universal Consciousness.

Chapter 5:  The Four Minute Mile

                You have probably heard of Roger Bannister and the four minute mile.  This is going to be a slightly different version of the story.  Did you know that before the four minute mile was complete, it was considered scientifically impossible?

                Science had already proven that it was physically impossible for a human being to attain this feat.  There were books written about it.  There were classes taught on the subject.  It was considered a scientific fact that our bodies couldn’t handle it.

                Luckily for us though, it seems nobody told Roger Bannister.  Sure, people would try to reach that barrier, but it was always something mental that seemed to block them.  Nobody ever really expected to reach that milestone. 

                However, the interesting thing about Roger Bannister running a four minute mile wasn’t actually him.  What came next was a flood of people that were able to run sub four minute miles.  Nowadays it is almost considered the norm for most Olympic athletes.

                There are many obvious similarities here to obtaining enlightenment.  One is that most people think it is impossible.  They believe it is a myth or that it is unobtainable.  I am waiting on the person who has decided not to listen to the others.  I ready for someone to defy science.


Chapter 6:  Boiling Point

                Did you know that at 99 degrees Celsius, all you have is really hot water?  Add one more degree and you have boiling water.  With that you can do all sorts of things, but with really hot water, there aren’t many options besides tea or coffee.

                You may be wondering why I spent so much time discussing Universal Consciousness and what it has to do with Enlightenment.  I am here to tell you that our cloud is at 99 degrees.  We are getting ready to boil and wonderful things are going to happen.

                We have amassed so much information and knowledge that we are ready to bust at the seams.  We have everything that we would ever want to learn about from the beginning of humanity at our fingertips.  On top of that, we have this Universal Consciousness filled with wisdom of the ages.

                We have had teachers, leaders, gurus, gods, goddesses, teachers, masters and more.  We can access this all through the touch of a few buttons.  We also have the wisdom of our ancestors.  We are preparing for a whole new way of life.

                Look at how far technology has taken us in the past 20 years.  What are the possibilities for the next 20?  We need to wake up an make more intelligent decisions with what to do with our resources, and it only takes one.  The prophecies all point to one savior for the most part. 

                Evolution is points towards it.  Humanity is heading in a new direction.  It is up to us to adapt and grow into what we were destined to become.  The only thing we need is our Roger Bannister.  We just need one person to break through the impossibilities. 

                After that, there is no stopping it.  Once it’s tapped into Universal Conciousness, it is there.  The powers that be don’t want to see this happen.  This will crumble everything they have been working on for so many years now.

                If they lost control over money, oil, power, etc. they will have lost everything.  That would be game over for them.  With the technology at our fingertips at the moment, we could come up with clean energy, cures to cancer, food redistribution, etc.

                However, they know how to divide us against ourselves.  With a unified force they would be scared.  They don’t want any true leaders to come up to replace them.  That is why there is fluoride in the water.  That is why there are chemtrails.

                That is why Trump is in power.  He is only there to distract you and divide you against your neighbor.  If we really knew what the government was doing, nobody could sleep at night.  They are hiding the truth, because it really will set us free.

We were born for this era.  With one person achieving enlightenment, it will spread like wildfire.  However, we still need that first.  Who’s it going to be?  Will it be Jim Carrey.  My money is on him, but how will we know?  It’s coming.  It’s not if, it is when.


Chapter 7:  Doubts

At this point, I’m sure you have your doubts and I have heard some along the way.  One big question is what about Jesus and Buddha?  Why didn’t they cause the shift in Universal Consciousness?  My answer to this question is they did.

                The different is that their shift was not at the precipice or tipping point we are at right now.  They didn’t have social media.  They didn’t have a global market.  However, their affects on our everyday life were massive. 

                Jesus changed the way we keep track of time.  All of time is separated by his birth alone.  He also has had billions of followers devoted to his life and beliefs.  He still has an amazing ripple effect on what is going on day to day in this world.

                Siddhartha Gautama lived 5000 years ago and still has millions of followers.  He has had books upon books written about his life and teachings.  There are said to have others to achieved his level because of him.  This impact is profound. 

                These two impacted the world beyond a measure of a doubt and most would think in a very positive way.  They changed the face of the planet just by being born, but he problem is they are dead.  They are not here now.                 

                So the next question is who can do it?  I don’t have a good answer for that.  I hope that it is me.  Actually, I hope that it is you.  It doesn’t really matter any way.  Once it happens, it should spread like wildflower for those that are willing to learn.

                There are over seven billion people on the Earth right now.  Our odds are better than they have ever been for one person to reach enlightenment.  The problem is that most people are not really looking for the possibility.

                The powers that be have done a good job of distracting you.  Most religions have you waiting around for someone else to save you.  You feel fine going to heaven and watching this world burn, because you have your savior coming to rescue you.

                You see the news and they tell you who to get mad at.  You try to elect an honest person, but there are no options on the ballot.  I’m here to tell you that you can achieve enlightenment and the first step is turning off you TV.

                Then you need to look inside yourself and see where you need help.  The answer is inside, not outside.  We need to stop wanting and needing every little thing and start being content and grateful.  Maybe you’ll be the first.  I’m rooting for you.


Chapter 8:  What Does Enlightenment Look Like

So what does enlightenment look like?  The honest answer is I have no idea, but I think we’ll know it when we see it.  This is actually where it gets fun.  Since nobody knows, we can use our imagination a little bit.  I have some ideas I’ll share here.

                The first is based on the paintings of Buddha and Jesus.  I honestly thing that a glowing light or halo may appear around the enlightened person’s head.  It could be the activation of the crown chakra or a heavenly glow.  I don’t know but I think it could be possible. 

                Another sign could be performing miracles.  Jesus himself said, “You will see others come after me performing acts much greater than my own.”  If you believe he was enlightened, then others could also too performs similar acts.

                Many people envision an enlightened person sitting cross legged levitating over the ground.  I don’t think it is too hard to imagine.  Many Buddhist teaching talk about levitation while dealing with enlightenment. 

                Then there are the everyday things we take for granted.  I imagine this person have a profound peace and understanding.  They could have a knowingness about them permeating throughout their life.  There would also need to be a love for all, including the bad with the good.

                Another thing could be dream travel and communication with other.  There could be astral projecting too and traveling to other dimensions and realms.  There could also be teleportation like in the Bible when Jesus was able to go into a house without doors or windows.

                Another idea could be a new diet.  Maybe it would be less meat and more vegetables and fruits.  We could need less food to survive. Maybe we wouldn’t even need food at all.  We could get our energy from the sun. 

                Maybe we will turn into lighter bodies that are not so delicate.  After all we are made of 99% space anyway.  This could make intergalactic travel much easier.  We could join our brothers and sister in space.

                Maybe we could even get super strength and shoot lasers our of our eyeballs.  Maybe that is a little farfetched, but who knows?  Anything is possible, right?

fredburks's picture

Very cool stuff, Nick! Thanks for laying all of that out. Very few people take the time to explore these existential questions. We are certainly blessed to love in most fascinating times!

Trish's picture

Thanks for this Nick, it's nice to hear from you here! I haven't felt moved to post or comment here for a long while; it feels strange. :-)

I challenge that our future hinges on someone becoming "the enlightened one", and that if there are any (and I suspect there are many currently alive), that they will appear to be any different than any other human being, save perhaps for an amused twinkle in their eyes. What determines that, of course, is what one's definition and criteria for enlightenment is.

If you ask yourself, "what would it mean for me to be enlightened?", and you come up with a list of criteria of how you would feel differently on the inside, how you would behave, how you would look even, what kinds of special powers you would have, etc. - in my humble opinion, that is the extent of which you do not accept your current state as it is. What if the very imperfect, humble, and ordinary experience of being that has been with you always is what you have been seeking your whole life? How could someone tell you how to get it when you already have it, when you already ARE it?

I was intrigued by Jim Carrey for a while, but I see that he has been playing with quite a lot of polarity in his artwork and seems to be fixated on anger and politics at the moment; just look at his Twitter feed:

Take care Nick, I hope you are doing well. :-)

Starmonkey's picture

Nice spew of words there, Nick.
100th monkey business was in there, thankfully...
There's also the possibility it keeps happening individually, and there's not many options except to leave. Dominant paradigm and all that...
Transit to another dimension to affect this one corporeally. Since you can't change others belief systems by force. Obviously.
Blowing minds and realities...
When enough people BELIEVE something else is not only possible, but PROBABLE, things will shift very quickly. As it stands now, there are way to many confusions and distractions and preoccupations for most to FOCUS on any one thing. Sadly, many more will have to die to their earthly forms to free up that energy.
Another hindrance, and it recently (like yesterday when I saw Ready Player One) clicked with me, is that way too many people are paying too much attention to what's "wrong" or what doesn't work instead of what IS working. Myself included. I posted a content devoid mention of Abby Martin, and I love how she's peeling some caps back, but she's pretty much always focused on the negative business going on. Same energy, different angle. We all need to stop perpetuating that energy cause it just keeps that scrappy ball rolling.
And most of the games are fixed. Hold all the cards, change the rules, can't win at those games.
Politics, religion, science, even sociology because of the sexism, racism, ageism, or what have you.
Spirituality however, is a different matter entirely. Because you can explore and experiment with whatever attracts you. Find your own relationship to it ALL.
So, yes, it is inevitable, but we probably won't see it on this planet in our currently defined lifetimes.
I've found it best, for myself, to stop worrying about other people and just focus on doing it for me and my Family. That includes EVERYONE, but not until they realize it.
And it's not about right or wrong, true or false. Those are more like guidelines, not rules. It's about what inspires a person. It takes millions of tons of pressure to turn coal into a diamond!
Can't be forced, though. Many will choose against it because they don't think they can change. Old dogs, old tricks...
Luckily, this isn't the ONLY reality.
I applaud that dream.
Gonna be awhile.

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