Beyond Polarization: Creating Our Own Reality

Polarization. I'm seeing ever more how the polarization which seems to be intensifying on this planet in the long run serves to facilitate the expansion of all of us. It is a major drama in which we all have chosen to play an essential role. As Robert Monroe made so clear in his awesome book Far Journeys, the Earth is a huge, magnificent school, where people have agreed to forget major parts of who they really are in order to go through experiences they could never have had otherwise

Our challenging experiences here on Earth help us to learn, grow, and expand to greater levels of awareness and understanding of ourselves and our world. We all co-create this entire drama as part of the universal unfolding of consciousness as we all, both individually and collectively, explore who we are and who we really want to be in relation with ourselves and all around us. On the deepest levels, each of us is choosing the role we play and facilitating the magical unfolding of all life in its many mysterious forms. The more I open to all this, the more I realize it is silly to get so serious about it.

On Earth, we have chosen to play out the polarization drama in order to facilitate the growth and learning of all. When any of us choose to accept that this is part of what is going on, rather than trying to fight it through identifying with one side of the polarization, we can to some extent step out of the polarization game and have fun playing with the greater synthesis and deeper connection with all that is always available.

I can accept and love everyone and all the roles they play just as they are. There's no need to convince or persuade anyone of anything. By welcoming the dark side to integrate with the light within me, I am playing my essential role (which is no less or more important than anyone else's role!) in inviting a greater synthesis. I just love seeing the underlying unity and interconnectedness!

When I was young, I consciously chose to focus on love and light because it felt more fun and invigorating. I chose not to look at dark side much. I channeled love more vertically, allowing it flow through me, from what I considered to be advanced beings above, and out to others.

As I've grown and opened ever more to All That Is, I now mostly just breathe love horizontally with all around me. I see now that the source of love lies no more in expanded beings in other realities that it does in myself and in everyone who I meet. I've even seen how cold, calculating, "evil" people are playing an important role in this great drama. They are willing to accept and play out the fear projections of all around them and of the collective consciousness of which we are all a part.

I so enjoy breathing this sacred web with all around me now! I've seen and tasted the amazing depth and wisdom that become available when I open to dancing with the darkness, to integrating all parts of existence -- light, dark, and all shades and hues -- into my being and my experience of this existence. Without any judgment of the past, I am thoroughly enjoying opening ever more in the present to all of who I Am and all of who We Are.

Core Beliefs Reflected in Life Experience. As I feel my own reality continually shifting, I become increasingly aware of how the life that each of us creates for ourselves is very much a reflection of how we choose to interpret everything that happens to us. The more I see that I have choice in how I shape my world through my interpretations, the more easy it is to make choices based on my deepest life intentions. I'm continually amazed at how the world around me then shifts to align with these intentions.

It is amazing to me how it becomes ever clearer that each one of us lives in our own reality. We share some aspects of this, particularly the physical aspects, with other people and groups. Yet because it is our emotional, mental, and spiritual interpretations of what happens that most strongly create our experience of life, our lives are much more different than our eyes might have us believe.

There are major groupings, however, which share key aspects of their realities through group consensus. All those who know about the 9/11 or UFO cover-up, for instance, perceive reality in a very different way than those who don't.

Each of us on some level chooses how much power we have in our lives. Some believe that it is the president, or the world's collective political leaders, or a secret cabal which manipulates these leaders who have the greatest power in the world. To the extent that they believe this, it is true and people energetically give up power to these perceived leaders.

For mystics, who know that the deepest power in the world lies within each one of us, the actions of the world's supposed leaders have little interest and influence in their lives. They put little energy and attention that direction, and instead focus on creating their own heaven on Earth.

The most empowering mystics then invite others to join them in creating this paradise, even amidst what to many seems like chaos and confusion. Each of us chooses our own reality much more than most people would ever want to know. It's all quite fascinating!

With this knowledge of the infinite power within and resulting infinite potential in all life, those who step fully into their power are quite literally transforming our world through spreading the invitation. They are inviting us all to transform both our inner world and the world around us. By choosing to let go of fear and embrace the infinite divine power within each one of us, we can choose to ignite that divine inner power and create continual transformation in our lives and world.

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like becoming "The observer", Avoiding being drawn to either "side", you are able to see things clearly..Being knocked out of my body in a chemical explosion was the most conscious example I have had of that,,as seeing your self lying on the ground,on fire, there is no mistake,ha!, and sometimes I can find that place..Your description of this has helped, and I hope I can spend more time in that "position" this coming year..Come to think of it, that reminds me of one of the "truths" in the old Castanedas books..He used to speak shifting one s point of perception..Of course, their are all kinds of ways to "shift" it..Most Indigenous tribes had some way to open one s mind to a different level of perception..But this description of yours applies to what and where most of us are right now,and I think that is important,and helps to relate to it,,,Thanx for the words,and happiness to you this season,,l,,,T

Thank you, Fred.  As usual, the words that flow from you are timely and validating.  I am uncovering similar things within my own self.  Thank you.


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Thanks Fred-

I'm sure these words will be helpful for me, but in the meantime, all I can say is "Mom do I have to go home now, I'm having fun!" I'm still very wrapped up in the polarity, feeling like someone just told me the ending to a movie ahead of time. But as I said, I do beleive that knowing "it's all only a ride" will help me, for certainly these words do ring true. Still, why be here at all if we aren't "completely invested in being in the game"? Perhaps, once I finish playing, I'll feel more like it's time to step back from it a bit more.

I guess it's time to focus more on my own life and be the change I want to see in the world.

Thanks so much for your efforts at enlightening me.


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Your and tscout’s words made me think of a conversation I had with a friend about Shakespeare.  We were discussing literature, what we loved about it and what we didn‘t, and ended up focusing on Shakespeare and what made his work so great, what made even Goethe say that he was glad he wasn‘t born in England because then he‘d have Shakespeare to contend with.  We came to an agreement that it boiled down to his sense of objectivity and how he kept all judgment out of his plays.  He let the characters convey everything he wanted to say.  With most writers, no matter how carefully they try to conceal it, there comes a point in the work where the author’s own voice or opinion slips through into the work itself, whether it be anger, sorrow, envy, a sense of indignation, whatever the case may be, but it slips through if only for a moment, in a word, tone or implication, and in that moment the work suffers because the author’s agenda shows through, because the author has allowed his/her own personal judgment of some aspect of life to come through instead of letting it speak for itself, on it’s own terms, without judgment or blame.  In that moment you could say the author has allowed him/herself to be observed, his or her personality, instead of remaining what tscout called  “The observer.”  It’s an important piece of the puzzle where Shakespeare is concerned, for no matter how many plays one reads she is still at odds to find a clue as to who this Shakespeare was, his personality or his opinions.  Somehow, by remaining the observer and reserving all judgment, Shakespeare was “able to see things clearly.”  One can almost picture Shakespeare (or whoever he was) murmuring your words, Fred, as he writes his plays:  “I can accept and love everyone and all the roles they play just as they are.  There's no need to convince or persuade anyone of anything.”  Everyone draws their own conclusions, but that’s another matter entirely . . .

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A very substantial and to-the-point thread.  Thanks, Fred, et alia, for your thoughts and insights.  Can't add a thing that would improve.  And I appreciate the thoughts on Shakespeare, too -- also to the point, and helpful for people like me with tendencies toward writing.  "Let it be" seems to sum it up.

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Thanks for those very cool and inspiring thoughts, Francis. My full intention is to be able to see even suffering and violence from an objective place, even as I do my best to stop it. This is no easy task, and I usually fail - at least initially - but I'm pleased to find that I'm getting better at it all the time. We are all wounded and we are all glorious, divine beings.

With lots of love, gratitude, and warm holiday wishes,

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Hello, Fred.  What makes your messages so palatable is your ability to radiate love to the dark side (as compared to many 'conspiracy theorists' who rant angrily about those they oppose).

I'm a little confused by your statement below.  At first I thought you were referring to the dark side within yourself.  Could you please explain this synthesis?

"By welcoming the dark side to integrate with the light within me, I am playing my essential role (which is no less or more important than anyone else's role!) in inviting a greater synthesis"  [Fred Burks]

Love and light,


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Hi Noa,

Thanks for your warm words. What I'm finding is that the external truly is a relfection of the internal. So if I just focus on integrating the dark and light inside of me (as opposed to out in the world), I'm can miss half of the picture. I welcome the integration of dark and light at all levels. This has been a monumental shift in me over the last 10 years or so, which has helped me to feel much more grounded and connected in this world. It is also what led to the formation of the PEERS websites. Let me know if that answers your question, and thanks for your interest.

With sacred love and warm holiday wishes,

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Hi Fred:

I think I need an integration lesson.  I don't understand how you do it.



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Fred, thanks so much for all that wisdom. In recent months, I've had many awakening and synchronous experiences that have shown me so much of the truth of what you're sharing. I would not even be here on this forum if it were not for the synchronous experiences that led me here. It is becoming so clear that we really do partner with the Light to create our own reality. The discovery of just how far this goes is still ongoing, but so far, it's astonishing. 

Love and Light,



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Hi Noa,

The best guide I have found for integration is the WingMakers material at the link below:

I continue to read this essay several times a year as it is so helpful for me to put things in perspective and work towards ever fulled integration of all parts of myself and the world around me. I hope this helps. Take care and have a most rich and joyful passage into the new year.

With sacred love and warm wishes,

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