Alien invasion-any minute now...

I just crack up at all the "aliens are f'ing invading us" movies out there. Isn't it a hoot? I just watched the trailer for Battle-LA see it below. The thing I liked about it is it's insanely well edited and produced and includes a cool song that just plunges me into this altered state where I feel like an "American Under Siege" character myself!!!!  I mean I'm ready to grab an M16 and start firing wildly at the sky right now!;-)There's all these subtexts and memes at work like-how we'll all pull together against the weird enemy or I want to be a hero and save someone from doom. It's interesting how I see it effecting me dramatically.

I teach my kids there is evidence of a plot to fool the public with a staged alien invasion as revealed by the Disclosure Project testimony. Of course this is also included in a discussion of 9/11 evidence. Yikes! What a weird world we find ourselves in.

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Wow, that is a masterpiece of fear-induction!  Just 2 ½ minutes of watching the images and listening to the soundtrack has me in knots.  I can imagine what the full-length movie could do to the psyche.

I heard recently (possibly on this forum), that aliens in movies will no longer be depicted as friendly ETs.  This is the media's attempt to induce the public's fear of aliens and their future landing(s). 

If you're not familiar with Project Blue Beam, here it is in a nutshell:

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It's getting ridiculous the mind control lengths they are going to, to justify the existance of the U.S. military. This is a plausible deniability psyop. They know most people suspect that UFO's actually exist. So even if most don't think enough to be conscious of it, many will leave the theatre thinking, so that's why they need such an overblown military, because the leaders know there could be a threat from another world.

The sad thing is, if they tried to actually fake a ufo invasion, just like with 9/11 they'd fool most of the people and the minority that knew better would look like a bunch of kooks - meanwhile the elite planners would be laughing their asses off as now the people who don't believe in UFO's are the kooks. Next step will be to make the UFO-truthers out as bodysnatched/manchurian candidate alien infiltrators....




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What I love about Hollywood is how they have to always make the alien invasion seem like a "conventional" war situation. Here - you see what look like missiles, blowing things up etc. I don't think that would be the case at at all - even the "space ships" look like something made by Lockheed - no sleek discs here for instance. It's all so obvious to anyone who has even casually investigated UFO's that this is ridiculous. 

More likely - it would be almost silent - all the power would just quit, and the rest would be like eating cake for them. We already know they can disable the nukes etc.

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The best antidote to this kind of crap is to get a DVD of the original (1951) version of "The Day the Earth Stood Still," relax, and enjoy a damned good flick.  It's still one of the very best sci-fi movies out there.  What it lacks in special effects it makes up for many times over in drama, message, and the effect it has on you.  And (thank God), it's slow-paced; it actually gives you time to think and feel something.

And let's pray for the utter box-office failure of "Battle: L.A." and all garbage like it.

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Tell me about it Knightspirit! The likelihood of aliens attacking us on roughly even terms is ludicrous. What right-minded military would invest so much in space travel over vast distances just to get their asses handed to them by the US of A's tuckered out military!(I haven't seen the movie-so I don't know how it ends but I can bet it's not that we lose-lol) And PLJ4ALL really nailed it on the rah rah military promo content! You are sooo right on there Wendy. Many invasion movies are like this with the airforce fighter jets being roughly equivalent to the alien "fighter" craft with laser canons("once we get those shields down with this apple laptop"-OMG!!!) The point being that we have the "stuff"-the hardware needed to win-they show our mighty troop transport helicopters in formation delivering the troops and there are our 'Warthog' ground support planes kickin' ass! So see?-we DO have what it takes to defeat an alien invasion!! So we can bankrupt the country but don't touch that military budget. The military admitted in 2009 it sees no more than about 100 Al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan-maybe less than 50... Don't we have like 70,000 troops there now?

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I still hold for the possibility that part of the reason for the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 was beta testing for a holo/sono graphic technology to be used in a staged Project Blue Beam alien invasion or dramatic presentation of some religious figure or figures.

this seemingly bizarre discussion of whether or not planes actually hit the towers was a part of the reason for the split in the Scholars for 9/11 Truth group.  it has also been suggested that part of the reason for chemtrails that include barium is to create the perfect medium for this blue beam technology, a kind of "silver screen" in the sky that would make the presentation visible from all viewable angles.

This would presume that there are already satellites up there in geo-stationary orbit with this holographic technology with directional sonographic capability.  Nothing about this should be much of a stretch if it is true that the players behind the manufactured scenes have already tackled anti-gravity technology and free energy, and are already flying craft that would naturally be mistaken for aliens and UFO's.

I remember RA in book five of the Law of One sessions mentioning that this was the case (back in circa 1981), that there are underground bases where these flying craft are stationed (over 580 of them at time of writing) and can move half the speed of light.  If this is true, and I suspect it is, than I also suspect that technology has been improved upon since the time of that documented deep channeling of Carla Rueckert...

I suspect the stage is being set and the people are being conditioned.  hopefully there will be many like us that can say what is actually happening when and if this false flag event is conducted.  part of the way we can be more persuasive is to be telling people right now about the possibility of a Project Blue Beam staged alien invasion.

Let them look at us like we are crazy before rather than after the fact...

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I remember the old Space Brother material from the Solar Cross Foundation that I read back in the 70's. They said they had intergalactic federation starships that could travel from our closest star to earth in .45 seconds, with engines so powerful that they could not be turned within the confines of a solar system without interupting the orbit of the planets. It was told that their civilization was in excess of 50 billion years old. But earthlings can kick their ass quite handily if they ever piss us off. Methinks someone has been smoking some very special herbs.......

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Naomi Klein was being interviewed on MSNBC I think about the use of ginned-up "crisis" to ram through unneeded and unpopular 'policies' in Wisconsin. She wrote the book  'Shock Doctrine:The Rise of Disaster Capitalism' about this technique being used by elites around the world now. She is extremely knowledgeable on this technique after observing it used against South American countries first and now in the U.S. and in other countries. There's a parallel I think here too. That we would be made to think we'd "have" to spend the money on space defenses to keep the "aliens" at bay. She says the antidote to these shock doctrine attacks is to name it as it's happening. This is why she was extremely pleased with the protests in Wisconsin and how it would lead to the recall of the perpetrators. People are onto them...they see the technique at work! Hurray!!

thank you Naomi!!!

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