The Andromedan Compendium: "Defending Sacred Ground"


This is a fascinating read about ET races and their interaction with Earth humans!   Noa


Defending Sacred Ground:  The Andromedan Compendium
The Story of Alex Collier and his lifetime personal contact with the Zenetaen culture from Andromeda
Produced by Letters From Andromeda and Diversified Enterprises
Edited by Val Valerian, January 1997, Revised July 1998
In cooperation with Moraney and Vasais of Andromeda


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Exopolitics is the study of the key individuals, political institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. Information concerning extraterrestrial life and technology is kept secret from the general public, elected political representatives & even senior military officials. The supporting evidence is overwhelming in scope and shows that decision making is restricted on a strict 'need to know' basis. The place to begin your exopolitics journey is through the research papers; exopolitical comments and ExoNews/Examiner articles that are periodically published. Two books containing updated versions of study papers with additional new material are now available.

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Here is some supplementary information on the ET races:

Gosh, I hope you folks are reading "Defending Sacred Ground."  I am spellbound and would like to read your comments.

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I'm enjoying reading this. Many predictions, obviously, didn't come true. But the epic galactic story is dramatic and interesting and I am inspired to try to access my 22 genetic memories and my 11th density origins...

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relates to a lot of other sources I have come across.  have mixed feelings about some of it at times, but am really enjoying the read.  told my wife (when she asked what I was reading) that it alleges to be true/authentic, but even if it turned out to be fanciful lore it would still be a fascinating science fiction type read.  I really loved this passage:

"I have asked a lot of questions about Earth, religions and our history. Moraney has this really great way of mirroring back my questions. One of the things that he mirrored back to me was a question regarding the history of a particular religion.  His response to that was "it is not so much what you believe in, but why you believe it."  I have had to look at that, and I've had to go back and look at all the belief systems I have. Are they really mine, or are they something that I have been fed that I believe is true, and I am basing my perceptions on the idea that they are or are not true?  Another time, I was feeling depressed, and I had a contact and I decided I didn't want to come back to Earth.  I was made to come back, and I was very upset about that."

"As I was walking away, Vasais looked at me and said, "Alex, the love that you withhold is the pain you carry". There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about that - that I don't look at every decision I make and try to get crystal clear about why I'm making that decision, and where that decision is coming from inside of me.  Another time, I was talking with Moraney and he asked me, "Alex, when you are having a relationship, where does the love come from? When you are having a relationship with your family, where does that love come from? When you are having a relationship with the universe, where does that lovecome from?"  Well, the obvious answer is that it comes from me, which is what I said to him.  He turned back to me and asked me, "why do you then believe you have a shortage of love in your life?"  Again, it all goes back to belief systems.  If they are right, we created all of this to watch how our thoughts can create matter.  So, in essence, everything is a belief system."

and these  really hits home too:

"I wanted to get back to this hierarchy for a minute, because I wanted to show you what was in our past and what it is today.  I wanted to show you the similarities to illustrate that history does repeat itself until we decide to break cycle"

"According to the Andromedans, if you do not accept self-responsibility, and you allow somebody to come in and "save" you, you do not permanently evolve"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this time in which we now live is and will be known in our future as the end of the innocence.  We, as a planetary race, must commit ourselves to the idea that truth must survive.  We have major challenges to face, and whatever is the truth, we must do all that is necessary to stick together.  We have been torn and tattered, we have been betrayed.  But please, let's not give up on each other.  We are capable of being heroes (made me think of David Bowie).  We can save the world, and our freedom.  We must believe in each other, and in ourselves."

and I found this to be very interesting indeed:

"The monuments on Mars. According to Moraney, the "face" on Mars is a tomb, and there are apparently many monuments like that all over the surface. The Andromedans also say that if you look at the surface of all the planets in the solar system, at 19.5 degrees North and South, there are monuments - on every single planet in our solar system.  The reason that they are there is that they cause a magnetic frequency that apparently causes or creates a sound which polarizes our solar system in direct opposition to who we are as spiritual beings.  In other words, we vibrate at a specific frequency.  As long as the solar system vibrates at this other frequency, we cannot leave the solar system on a soul level.  I do not understand all of this, but I am sharing it with you."

So here we go, weeeee, the end of innocense and the end of "prison planet" blues.  I believe we all contracted for this, for the experience of separation from Source to really dramatize the projected journey, but am glad we are coming to this time of individual and collective awakening...

and this passage is very exciting because when I was constructing my scalar wave frequency generator/antenna from instructions given to me by the founder of the Healing Universe I kept having this nagging feeling that I was constructing what would ultimately amount to training wheels for abilities that we already inherently possess, each and every one of us, without need for technology - I began to see technology for what it really was and is, a stepping stone on the road back to our remembering of all these inherent Divine abilities we have forgotten:

"They have a camera that they can take a picture and separate it out to get data all the way back to conception. Say I have a liver problem. They can go back and get the data relative to my healthy liver and project it holographically and heal the liver.  This is holographic technology.  It is literally me, healing myself.  We have the same capabilities using our minds.  The key is to open up to the idea that everything that we record in our mind is recorded holographically.  Every single thought is recorded holographically. When you are trying to create something in your life, through your meditations, don't look at it the way you normally do.  Move around it, behind it, on top of it, beneath it.  Train you mind and subconscious to see it for what it really is.  They say we have this ability - they need technology to do this, but we don't, because we have the benefit of already having been in 11th density."


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The following really resonated for me as I was reading:(still working through the text)

Intention, Following Instinct and Effect of Frequency Shifting:

Q: I am wondering, as we focus our attention on light and love, won't that connect with higher forces that
are waiting to work with us?

AC: We are already connected. The thing that they are really looking for is our intention, and if you could
stop before you slapped a dog or .....whatever decisions you make in your life, stop a moment and ask
yourself "what is my intention behind this decision?" It is intent that created this mess. We have to take
responsibility. So many of us are making decisions based on an automatic response to past stimuli - we are
not consciously aware of our intent, nor are we matching the intent with our gut instinct.
If you have a gut
instinct to not do something, to not go somewhere, then don't do it -- and honor it -- and honor your Self

We changed in 1997 that is why so many of the probilities did NOT come to fruition.  Much of this, the Beautiful Many and the Fairy Realm has communicated to me. 

I am happy to see many secrets being released.  The best way to stop abuse is to talk about it with Courage and Love and Forgiveness.  The only way that this abuse of  Humankind was able to continue for as long as it has is from secrecy and manipulation. 

This is the same tactics bullies, pedophiles, and abusers use.  It is also the same tactics that addicts use.  Those who abuse and those who are abused both seek to escape freedom.  To be free we must embrace our own divinity and Love ourselves. Begin with Kindness.  Be kind to yourSelf and all that is around you.  Kindness is the first step to culitvating compassionate wisdom and Unity Consciousness.  Be kind to yourSelf and all that is within you and around you.

Love More and Expect Miracles


I thought I had put in the NOT but had NOT.  I apologize for my haste and distraction... The lovely wild pack of Indigos are shifting again...

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I had read this years ago - and so it is good to see it surface here on the G-Spot! I should probably go back and read it again - there was a lot of great stuff in that. Alex has had his share of derision- but it's hard not resonate with much of what he says here...

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In Chapter 3, page 70 of Defending Sacred Ground, Collier mentions the sci-fi TV series, Dark Skies (1996-1997) as conveying elements of truth. (I haven't watched any episodes yet, but it could be interesting.) ~ Noa

"I mean, it could get really really weird here in the next six to eight years... I mean, you can only hide a truth for so long and then it just screams out, and they are already trying to prepare you for this stuff. A friend told me about a television show called Dark Skies, where they are literally telling you, but they are doing it in such a way that you think 'it's just television.' "

You can watch Dark Skies episodes here:

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It´s troubling that many of the earlier predictions  haven´t  transpired.  Otherwise, as Chris mentioned, much of the information is echoed from other sources.

Here´s a more recent Alex Collier video (2010).  I haven´t watched it yet.  


AC: I would like to just stress this, I think. The singular most important thing I would like to stress to people, from the point of all I have learned and all that I still need to learn, is that the bottom line is that we should not turn on each other. We all created this and are continuing to create this.

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