New Crop Circle Depicting 12-21-2012

Well, I'll try again to get this posted.  I received information this morning about a new crop circle near Avebury England that depicts the planetary alignments on 12-21-2012.  Interesting stuff.  Here is the link.


I tried unsuccessfully to copy the page here but the link is good.





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Cool...thanks for sharing


i guess we will be going into the photon belt soon...hmm


from my research there will be some major cosmic goings on soon..i hear lots of different things so i'm not sure...


what do you fine people think of the galactic federation?




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Hey Shaun,

I am an avid/devoted follower of the Law of One as transmitted by the group entity called Ra. They do indeed confirm such a federation of civilizations and descriptions correspond closely with the Galactic Federation.  Here is a blog entry from David Wilcox, who is the main current channel for Ra.

I think you will find this very interesting reading.

Ra's references to such a federation are scattered throughout the Law of One books. What I found interesting is that they also refer to the Council of Nine, who were the group entity that worked through Phyllis Schlemmer for several years, their transmissions being published in the book entitled, The Only Planet of Choice, which can be found online as well. The Council of Nine are reportedly a part of this "Galactic Federation."

What one has to take into consideration is that for the most part, these civilizations have already evolved/ ascended into higher densities than humanity is in currently. Interestingly enough this solves some of the puzzles as to why and how they can be observed by some and not other, and many other unexplainable phenomonon related to UFOs and ETs.



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I'm all for it! LOL

Seriously, I do believe we have alot of info that would lead one to believe that such a federation exists and has for a very long time, and is assisting our evolutionary transition as much as possible without violating the law of free will.  Willful ignorance with the aid of peer pressure is the enemy of revelation.  I am so amazed and inspired by "their" apparent willingness to be so very patient with us as "they" patiently wait for us to wake up and smell the coffee brewing in Vega....

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Hey, Berry.  I saw that crop circle, and I had a thought which was brought on by the way the circle defines a date.  Can you visualize some guy at a computer somewhere designing these things, using some kind of mini-HAARP thingy he's got set up in his backyard somewhere north of Kamchatka?  Or maybe Winslow, Arizona?

Here's a link to a rare Canadian crop circle, which apparently occurred about six weeks ago (picture below).  This circle has a tantalizing feature.  It occurred on a piece of land that is being rehabilitated to native species, and contains both domestic and native plants.  In the usual circular, fluid laying-down of the affected plants, only the domestic plants were affected. The native plants stand up conspicuously, unaffected, right across the design.  How's that for weird?


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That's what I call Earth Harmony. I wouldn't be surprised if the domesticated plants were genetically modified. Hmmm?



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Crop circles are fascinating and mysterious, but they bring up many questions.  I am not convinced that there is any ET involvement.  One thing that's struck me many times is that the designs could be easily contrived using any vector-based graphics software.  The question is, how is the design transferred to the ground?  Is someone using satellites and lasers?  How come the majority of them appear in the same small area of the UK?  (On the other hand there's evidence of crop circles as far back as the 17th century).

I dunno.

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This video loosely fits here and I will be posting it on as many relative forums as possible as we must continue to familiarize ourselves intimately with the sacred geometry that is the vehicle of our individual and collective ascension, especially during these unsettling times as we approach 2013. It really is time to get ready and not be too distracted by disturbing behavior of the myopic and uninformed power brokers desperately trying to maintain their temporal power base. Free will is not the right to change how things work in the universe/omniverse - just the right to disregard and deny it (which has cause and effect consequences), or learn, recognize and accept it for what it is - it just is and that is enough already. Not really that big a deal - just that we have been away so long that we perceive it as a really big deal. Here is the geometric description of the Merkabah, the Star Tetrahedron and the Chariot of your Ascension (remember: Not broke? Don't fix it)

also, here is the George Kavassilas video that Shaun posted on another forum (and on this one above I believe) that led me to look up more stuff about the Merkabah

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Dear Dave,

Am reading a book Surfing thru hyperspace....It suggests crop circles are what we see from interdimentional visits. I just know that there is more going on than meets the eye!


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