Schizophrenia Caused by Parasitic Creatures

I first learned of Robert Stanley on a Coast to Coast a.m. broadcast.  His claims, while astounding and disturbing, draw parallels to observations made by Paul Levy (Wetiko Psychosis) and David Icke, among others. Listen to him read this amazing email from a licensed psychiatrist...

These creatures are identical to the objects seen swarming during the infamous NASA Tether Incident.


More interesting stuff can be found on Stanley's website:

Updated June 23, 2013

Press Release from Robert M. Stanley

My fellow citizens,

It is time to expose the covert controllers of mankind. I assure you this is not speculation, a hoax, or simply the figment of peoples imagination. These parasitic creatures are real and they need to be dealt with immediately so mankind can evolve to the next level of existence.

Use the links below to listen to my radio interview re. this issue on Coast to Coast AM

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Use this link to listen to me dicuss this on my show: The Unicus Radio Hour

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Although these parasites are not human, they are able to covertly influence our thoughts so we will do harm to oursevles and or others. In this way, they feed off the energy generated from the negative emotions of humans such as pain, fear, anger, revenge, etc.

It is unclear when these cosmic amoeba-like creatures and their reptilian counterparts first came to earth, but we know they were discovered by shamans in altered states of consciousness long ago and have recently been photographed.

The reason everyone is not seeing them on a daily basis is because these creature's energy signature is beyond our normal, narrow range of vision within the electromagnetic spectrum. What scientist call "visible light."

Here are a series of authentic, infrared photographs and other images of these creatures:

NASA photo

NASA photo of the same object enlarged and enhanced.

These are not space craft: they are living creatures that the modern pioneers in this field of research (during the 1950s) termed "sky fish."

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Thanks Noa,

This is paradigm changing. A very interesting post.

Where do thoughts come from? I can remember the answer to a problem that comes up. This I can take credit for. But a genuinely fresh, new thought? I've had them many times but since they are new, they certainly don't feel as if they are coming from me. How could they when I've never been exposed to that idea before?

Sometimes I'm thinking about something and then I see something in the physical world at the same time. I put the thought and the experience together to come up with a new idea. When this happens though, it's almost as if I knew ahead of time that I would put myself in that place and time but that's where the free will ends. Then it feels like something directs my thoughts to the memory and then litterally takes control of my body so that I will be looking at the real world experience at the correct time so that the new thought or idea will be created.

This is my facination with the character Gollom in The Lord of the Rings stories. It's like I have 2 entities in my head - a self serving and a service to others and all. Free will is to choose who to listen to BUT it only feels to me like one of these entities is actually me and even then it's more like the good guy is like a parent or a lover - so close that I identify with him/her but not the same as me. The cranky self serving entity varies from feeling like me to feeling like a complete foreigner. I have to wonder where I end and begin when I think about this because it makes me wonder who I am or if I even exist at all.


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Althought this is obviously something else very different this reminds me of something I spent a little time researching, nanofibers. Some say nanofibers are in chemtrails and that is how we are breathing them. Basically they are SUPOSABLY teeny tiny wires we breath in and they make us more susipitable to suggestions of HAARP, ELF, and other forms of mind control. They are suposably causing a disease called morgellons (the medical community call this a "delisional disease" but I dont think wires coming out of peoples skin really can be a delision, just my opinion though, Im no doctor lol) in which peoples bodies are rejecting the wires and trying to push them out. There is a test you can do to see if you have them, you gurgle red wine about 10 times and keep spitting it out eventually little black and red wires will start being visible in the sink, I TRIED IT, IT WORKED!!!

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actually Noa, I do apologize a quick seearch on the site for post about nanofibers and morgellons showed that you already know too much about this subject! Is there anything you can share with me about you experience? my deepest regards!

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The red wine spit test is widely shared on chemtrail information sites. I've recently discovered that gargling with apple cider vinegar and spitting it into the sink also reveals the same results.  Using these methods my saliva 'tested positive' for these 'fibers'. I'm not totally convinced that this test is actually indicative of chemtrail exposure... maybe the little squiggles are something else.  I do, however, believe that Morgellons Disease is caused by the toxic chemicals, viruses, and other nonsense that they're spraying on us.  The fibrous skin eruptions are too weird to originate from ordinary causes.

Nano technology scares me.  The particles are so small that they can be inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through our skin without our awareness or consent.  In the hands of the psychopathic ruling elite, virtually anything - toxins, viruses, vaccines, microchips - could potentially be implanted into the population through deodorants, toothpastes, shampoos, or food.

What once was dismissed as sci-fi paranoia is now being exposed through alternative media outlets, as entirely possible.


* If you're interested in learning more about my original post, you can use the search box on this forum and type the word, "archon".  The search function isn't working for me at the moment (happens frequently).  But you can also find my posts on archons from my profile page.  Also click on the above web links.


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OH THERE IS A MOVIE....have you seen it??? GAMER came out in 2009??? It is about nano technology I actually just saw it like a month in 3D....basically people breathe the nano fibers and where "wired" then they made video games where you could control "volunteers" in a virtual SIMs like game and feeol and experience virtually everything that you mind control you "character" to do, and then they made a game where they took death row inmates and had them controlled by "players" and they would fight to the death. At the end of the movie it was very reveiling, the maker of the game talks about how we are ALL wired, even him from breathing the nano tech.

The red wine test was positive for me, my boyfriend, and 3 friends I had over as well! Those things scared the shit out of me, and the weird thing is I am very heavy "conspiracy theorist" and they are not into this stuff like I am, they just entertain me with it, I had like 10xs the amount of those little squiggly things then any of them!

And thank you, I will certainly do more research into this craziness!

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I've also read about the squiggly test by spitting into a glass of water - a lot of squiggles could indicate that you have thrush, an overgrowth of yeast in the throat. I really felt that I had an overabundance of candida yeast - coated throat, sores in the mouth, bloating, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, frequent yeast infections, frequent urinary tract infections, rashes on my skin. For a while I had cut out all my sugar and starch intake, and it was remarkable how much better I felt - and I lost six pounds in about three weeks without changing my exercise routine. Going off the sugar and starch really was like going off an addiction - withdrawals, obsessive thinking, and everything - and after the Christmas indulgences, I slipped back into having sugar and starch again and I haven't cut it out again yet.

I'm less convinced about the validity of the spit squggle test now though - if the same test is used for all three of these conditions, it sounds more like a hoax designed to scare someone into believing something than a legitimate test.

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Trish, I wonder the same that is why I do not put to much credibility on the test just because it worked on everyone, because, well, it works on everyone lol and who knows what they really are. It is a very scary thought though if this nano technology is real we are in trouble! but just like the movie I references displayed...human will power is an amazing thing and I believe nature will find a way of beating anything the elite decide throw at us. Smile

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Are these the archons, ya reckon?


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