Fear is a heavy vibration and a low frequency. In contrast, peace, calmness, love and harmony are light vibrations with a high frequency.

Anger and rage are low vibration energies. Underlying them is always fear and a feeling of powerlessness or vulnerability. When we stay calm and centered, we sustain a high vibration. We are empowered. When we hold this energy we can speak our truths and live with integrity and be our authentic selves.

Animals respond to frequencies of which we as humans are not aware. A dog growls if you are frightened of it, and a horse will immediately know if you are scared and will respond accordingly. If you are feeling strong, confident and loving, all creatures (humans, animals and plants) will respond positively to the high frequency you emit.

Angels have a very high frequency vibration. Thinking of them or connecting with them raises your consciousness and vibration.

To do something because you feel obligated or pressured, or that you ‘should’, is a heavy vibration on a low frequency. Guilt and/or obligation are not good reasons for doing things. When you change your attitude or make the decision to do what you genuinely want to do, you radiate high frequency light and energy.

Lack of self-worth comes from negative self-talk and sometimes negative talk from others. It is a heavy and dark vibration with a low frequency. Self worth and confidence radiate high frequency light and energy. All you have to do is realize, recognize and accept that you are a being of light and your vibration will lift considerably. When you realize this and act as a master of light, you radiate a high vibration.

When you live your life with charm, grace, joy, integrity, generosity and any of the other positive qualities, you will automatically dissolve the low frequency emission of others and raise them to a higher level. And under the Law of Karma, wonderful things will start coming back to you.

Thoughts of jealousy, anger, violence, abuse, guilt and swearing (and all other forms of negative emotion) form heavy, dark, low frequency vibrations. Love, joy, compassion and forgiveness transmutes the energy and raises it to a high frequency energy and vibration.

Illness and disease have a heavy vibration which blocks the flow of vital life-force. Healing takes place when high frequency energy is channeled to that person. It transmutes the heavy vibration of the illness and allows the physical body to return to good health.

Your name also has a vibration. When it is spoken it calls in your life lessons. Before you were born you chose the name and vibration to suit your life purpose and lessons, then telepathically imparted the name you wished to be called to your parents. Numerologically your name carries the energies and vibrations of the relevant numbers it is made up from. Each letter has a corresponding number and the total of these numbers gives your First Name Vibration number.

In order to draw love and light to our planet and it’s inhabitants, invoke columns of while light to allow angels and higher beings to enter. With your thoughts, create bridges of light to people and places so that help and healing may go out to them.

The lower, heavier vibrations can always be transmuted and raised higher by the light vibrations of love, compassion, joy, kindness and light.




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Beautiful, Eric! Thanks for sharing those thoughts and inspirations.

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