flying without radar

just curious who owns/runs/manages the website...  have been reading the poems almost daily on our SW adventure.  passed by the eastern side of the chuska mountain range in nw new mexico on our way to a hot and dry experience of chaco culture np.  pretty amazing though!  until that large limestone rock wall started falling on their buildings...  head's up!

didn't have the bearings to go off into those mountains on a possible wild goose chase.  but will revisit sometime.  july we will be back in CO continuing the adventure and hopefully finding a home (house) at some point.  everywhere we have been has felt like home to us.

going to compile a wingmakers book from the materials of the free site for personal use.  sort of difficult to get the full experience without having the paintings to meditate on as well...  NOT using the .com site for anything so far, except to note the STRANGE differences.  because of the very existence of the .us site, i know those materials to not actually be the creation of what's-his-name and welcome any sort of funny interactions that might come from that camp.  truth vs. fiction vs. egos...  or free information to possibly assist people in their own personal process.

good times!  glad all seem to be doing well here and sharing views openly.  so much "news" out there to report!  good luck and bless you all.

love, christopher

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You'll think I'm weird or being dense or something but I want to ask you about your feelings about the wingmakers stuff. I read some stuff a long while back about alien tech being uncovered etc. Had it explained it was just a story-not real. If that's so, can you tell me how do people take comfort in it? I'm so about literal things most of the time. Maybe it's just too personal but can you tell me what it means to you? No judgment here. I just have to have things explained to me sometimes. Thanks.

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Fred saved the original Wingmakers website before it was taken over by James (I may have his name wrong), and apparently there were changes made after that that weren't consonant with the original.  I don't know much about that because I spent time with only the original material.  However, I have some doubts about even the original, and everything I say here is about the original.  Most of the material hit me as being excellent -- not provable, but it resonated.  But two things that I can recall now (and I've forgotten a lot by now) really gave me pause, and made me wonder if the site had been co-oped and the message had begun to be changed even before Fred saved it.  Here are the two things:

The text says somewhere that by 2008 we would have a global, digital currency and that we are not to fear this.  I can tell you that was a huge red flag for me because a global digital currency is one of the major goals of the NWO -- central, absolute control of all the money in as fiat a form as it can possibly be.  The predicted event is 6 years overdue, so let's hope that it won't happen at all.

And the second thing is the form of the rooms in the rock that the art work and artifacts were found in.  The walls are smooth and flowing.  As I remember, the explanation was that there was some kind of amazing future technology that did this.  But since I first saw the photos of those rooms, I've seen photos of other formations in other places in the West that look exactly the same, and the geologists' explanation is that flowing water created those shapes over time.  And intuitively, that seems exactly right -- just the kind of shapes that water would create.

So I don't know exactly where this leaves me, except that some of the Wingmakers' material seems right on (a good deal of the "philosophical" stuff), while something else just seems not right.  I think it entirely possibly that the NWO people co-opted the entire Wingmakers' project and bent its message to their purposes.  I think Fred would disagree with me here, and you may, too.  But I'd like someone to at least address these two matters that leave me doubtful. 

I want to say here that I've noticed in some folks here (including myself, in all honesty) the marked tendency to believe amazing and wonderful things without apparently looking very critically into them.  To tell you the truth, I really wanted to believe the Wingmakers' material, and I was well on my way to swallowing the whole thing when these two odd things (and a few other elements of the story that I can't remember now) just wouldn't let me.  What concerns me is that the apparently effective method of mixing disinformation and other perception-manipulators in with facts and truth may have been applied here, and in our eagerness to absorb the good stuff, we also take in elements that will harm us in one way or another.

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Yes, I am the one who posted the website on the Internet after I saw how the original website had been distorted. On the home page of, I've posted a link ( which tells all about the changes and how I came to do this.

Bob, I don't remember any description of the walls of the rooms on the original website. Are you sure that was there? And I've copied below the quote from the glossary to which I believe you were referring about a global economy. Obviously this predication did not come true.

"Intelligent networks are able to operate from a single language with translation interfaces that enable global intercourse. This means language is no longer a barrier to communication. Intelligent networks will introduce a meta-language that translates both real-time written and spoken applications. It will revolutionize the genetic mind's global construct, and facilitate the digitalization of your global economy.

"There will be many within the Hierarchy, who will object vehemently to the notion of a global, digital economy, but we will tell you, it will happen regardless of the complaints and registered concerns. Your most powerful banks, computer manufacturers, and software companies will merge to create this momentous technology, and the One Language Intelligent Network (OLIN) will become the standard operating system of all the world's computer-based systems.

"This will not occur until the year 2008, so it is some time before you will encounter this globalization of your economy, but all of the systems and architecture are already being designed and conceptualized in the minds of some of your brightest engineers and scientists. We assure you, this is not something to be feared, but rather embraced, and not because of the economic values, but because of the way the OLIN technology will facilitate the development of a global culture."

For me regardless of whether the whole story is true or not, the WM philosophy is the most profound piece of writing I have ever encountered. I still read the full 17 pages once or twice a year and invariable find myself inspired anew. That said, I'm very aware it doesn't do much for most people. Take care and enjoy.

With much love and warm wishes,

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in that I am very inspired by much of the philosophical and heart-based writings offered under the name of "James".  I also came to a personal conclusion that the vast majority of the WingMaker story and the top secret technology and BST story is a fictional story purposefully intended to be the fictional vehicle for introducing some very real embedded truths and methodologies, especially about the compartmentalized secretized methods used to keep the general public in the dark about just how far a possible breakaway civilization has come as far as technological advances are concerned.

And I suspect that we are (we being the general public), and have been for a long time now, the recipients of diluted forms of technological discoveries and that we would be amazed if we could see what has been discovered and is in use in secret, including some form of over-unity free energy technology, possibly providing the energy needs of some of the underground bases and cities, if that story is real...

A fictional story is a good vehicle for embedding quality information.  I believe those running the WingMaker and Lyricus websites believe this - at least believed this in the beginning.  If it has gone into some form of "mission creep" since the original intention I do not know, but every time I read any of James' writings I am unavoidably inspired and lifted.  So much so that I just plain don't care anymore about the details of the WingMakers story, whether any or all of that amazing story is true or not...

The Creator of the WingMakers Materials

James Mahu, residing in upstate New York

In His Own Words

Perhaps the best way to understand James Mahu and his role in bringing this work to realization,
is to read, in his own words, how he explains his role. The following quote is an excerpt from the
Author’s Preface in the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

“Whenever one is asked to explain something as vast as the cosmos and its relation to the
individual entity, one is tempted to throw up their hands and expel a deep breath of resistance.
Why me? Why now? Haven’t people more capable than I done it a thousand times before? The
answer to those questions is sometimes hard to understand, and other times hard to ignore.
In my case, it was the latter.

“I have said before that this was a commissioned work. That is to say, I was asked to produce
these materials by an energy field I met when I was a young child. I call it an energy field because
I had, at the time, no other way to describe the WingMakers. Over the years, I grew to understand
their intelligence and creativity, and ultimately their purpose and how it was linked to my own, and
by extension, to each of you who are reading this.


“I was given visions of this work when I was yet in my early teens and I could see that its trajectory
was not concerned with the production of a text-based treatise. It would require multiple forms of
content and technology to include visual art, mythological storytelling, music, poetry, video,
philosophy, and ultimately a global community that could embellish these works with its own
perspectives and insights.


“However, regardless of the many layers, complexity, and scope of these works, there remains a
core essence, and this essence is spiritual equality. This is the equality that is found in the deepest
layers of the human heart, living free like a mountain stream—uncrystallized and unconformable
by social programming or even human experience. You could call this quality of equality many
different names. In my own work I’ve endeavored, and, in some cases, struggled, to name it, define
it, describe it, compose it or paint it.


“This quality of wordlessness and imagelessness is its real essence. How it has survived over thousands
of years of persecution by those who would try to own it, enslave it and make it into something it is
not, is proof of how carefully it is protected by those who would have you enlightened by its existence.
In part, because it is unseen and unspoken, this spiritual equality runs through the DNA of all life as
its template of existence—its distillation or quantum essence. It is what survives all time-forms and
though it is hidden in the mundane, it is expressible. It can live in our actions. It can have force in our
lives. It can become us.


“The beauty of this inexhaustible essence is that we—living as human beings—orbit around it like
planets to their solar centers. It is this essence that activates us to live a love-centered life and to
express the virtues of the heart into our local universe just as the sun expresses its light and energy
outward without condition. Spiritual equality is the activator of the highest frequencies of love on


“This essence or quality of equality is what is coming to this planet. We are all evolving into it, and it
into us, and not necessarily because we are consciously trying or because some all-powerful force is
orchestrating it. It is simply a natural outcome of the process that is designed into life. It is the design
of an intelligence that arises from our collective sovereign essence. We are all a piece of the design
whether we are conscious of it or not.”

This document consists of the interview between Mark Hempel and James Mahu in April 2013. It is a phone interview. It can also be downloaded as an audio file from the website in the Creator section. Transcription by Mark Hempel.




Mark: One of the main questions I think most people have… and it’ll probably come across as naïve, but I’d like to hear your view on it anyway. What’s the purpose of this whole thing called humanity? Why can’t we get along and live together in some form of relative harmony?

James: Have you ever seen the show Dancing with the Stars?

Mark: A couple times. I’m not a big fan of dancing, as my wife will happily tell you.

James: (Chuckles.) Spaniards love dance. It’s a cultural essence. Anyway, to answer your question, I will use a metaphor, and in that metaphor is the concept of the show, Dancing with the Stars. The show pairs up experienced, professional dancers with inexperienced celebrity dancers… although it’s debatable how much of a celebrity they are in many instances, but for this sake, let’s call them celebrity dancers. On each show, one pair is eliminated… until a victor is revealed on the last show.

So, with the framework established, imagine that the entire earth is a dance floor. On the one side of the dance floor you have the celebrities. Now, to be reasonable, these celebrities are not necessarily famous. On the other side of the dance floor you have the experienced professional dancers.

The celebrities… well, they’re the old guard. In a way, they represent where humanity has come—our past journey. They’re the part of humanity that lives dominantly in the left brain, the reptilian brain, the ego personality, the temporal shell. They live to enjoy, but also to fear. So this group, as you might imagine, is concerned with scanning their environment and seeing threats, problems, analyzing their environment, seeking to solve problems, structuring their world in conformity… toeing the line. They prefer to fall in line, to be a part of the story of three dimensions: be successful, acquire things, be a cog in the wheel, and try their best to not rock the boat.

On the other side of the dance floor we have the professionals. They represent where humanity is headed. Its future. They’re the part of humanity that live primarily in their right brain—they are more intuitive, heart-centered, creative. They’re the part that is seeking the tone of equality and oneness. They have a sense of the energetic fields… that ocean of energy that we all live in. They are the change agents, so, by definition, they rock the boat.

So, you have these two groups roaming the dance floor called earth. The music, the thing that makes these two groups begin to dance and interact is the subtle vibratory fields that our solar system moves through as it conducts its grand cycle around the galactic core of the Milky Way galaxy. This music, if you can call it that, is bringing all of humanity together… in this dance. Now, at this stage, it seems awkward… the dance… that is.

Are you with me so far?

Mark: Yes, I follow you. Are these two groups similarly sized?

James: In terms of ratios, there are about 650 celebrities to each professional dancer. However, it’s not simply that these are two groups. This dichotomy or duality also pertains to the individual, as well.

Mark: Okay, there I think you lost me.

James: Within the individual—one person—you have this dance floor at a microcosmic level. Remember we live within a holographic universe. This is why ratios play such an important role in this whole dance… but I’ll get to that later. For now, think of yourself as a dance floor. On the one side you are a celebrity, you have a reptilian brain, your left brain. You’re a survivor… a logical conformist. These are not bad things. I’m not labeling celebrities as bad, and the professionals as good. You need both to have the chemistry. It is the ratio of their presence in the decision-making that’s the critical point.

On the other side, you have your soul, heart, right brain, higher mind, intuition. When these become activated in your life—and by this, I mean you’ve summoned them through the practice of the heart virtues—you can reach out to that part of you that is a celebrity. The part that is hard-coded into your human instrument that scans the threats, that tries to survive, that is ego-selfish, that sees three dimensions and nothing more. You are dancing internally.

So you have this dichotomy. This duality. And it’s all inside you. In the same way… it is all outside of you on the larger stage called earth. So your local universe has this dance floor, as does the non-local universe—the earth part.

Does that make sense?

Mark: Yeah… I think so. Back to the Dancing with the Stars metaphor… who’re the judges?

James: Before we get to the judges, let me explain one more thing.

Mark: Sure.

James: The professional dancers teach… not only by words, but by behaviors. They show the dance moves. They exhibit the movements or practices that come from the heart and soul. They show the creativity of the right brain. They don’t preach it. It’s a demonstration. Part of this demonstration is to accept the awkwardness of their celebrity dance partners—either outside themselves or inside themselves. The celebrity part of humanity is crystallized into behaviors that have served them well in the three-dimensional world. In order to dance with the professionals they must be willing to accept the new behaviors, the new movements, and really listen to the music—to feel it.

This requires a remodeling of their belief systems. Something that is not easy for a large percentage of the human population—half of whom subscribe to a world religion. So the professional dancers must have compassion and understanding. Patience helps, too. Otherwise, they get impatient themselves, frustrated and even angry.

This is true with the individual as well, but it’s directed at themselves. It’s a form of self-judgment… even ridicule, sometimes.

So this dance is going on in the non-local universe and the local universe at the same time. The professionals, within themselves are feeling this dichotomy of the new guard and the old guard, the right and the left brain, the intuitive and the logical, the soul and the body, the heart and the ego. But these are the two dance partners, and when they become entrained to the music, the new guard shows the movement, practices compassion, the two can dance as one!

(8:07) Pause…

the remainder of the 2013 interview is on the website listed above - one last excerpt from the interview:

There are other domains of consciousness that operate outside of our four dimensional construct of spacetime, where time slows down, or speeds up, or ceases to exist altogether. The higher fields of consciousness—where humanity is one being—this is a different form of spacetime than anything on earth, and yet this is the spacetime we are headed into. When earth arrives in this spacetime, we—all humans—will feel it as a visceral experience that’ll reshape our attitudes and perceptions of what constitute the meaning of humanness. We’ll transform as one being, and yet, every expression or projection of individuality, remains sovereign.

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of the 2013 interview with James:

Mark: I know you’ve talked about the MEST universe before, which is the Matter, Energy, Space and Time universe. One of the things I don’t understand is that you’ve talked today about spacetime, but haven’t gone into the same detail about the other two elements of that acronym, Energy and Matter. How do these all fit together in terms of the puzzle we call the three-dimensional world?

James: MEST is an acronym for Matter, Energy, Space, and Time. Some would call this the four dimensions of existence within three-dimensional space. Now, as I said before, it’s very easy to think we are stationary, static beings in terms of our spacetime, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We go to bed each night and think we are in the same space—our bed—but we’re not. Where we slept the night before is quite literally 12 million miles from where we sleep tonight—and that’s just in the context of our solar system. If you take into the equation our local galaxy group and its movement, the number is an order of magnitude higher. It’s also a different time. So our spacetime is perceived as static and routine to our human instrument, and yet we’re in completely different coordinates every moment of our existence, because we’re riding a planetary-solar-galactic spaceship.

In Lyricus we have a saying: Different spacetime; different energy. Different energy; different matter. In other words, if you change your spacetime, you encounter different energies, and these different energies influence matter—material existence—and cause changes. In life forms, we call this change… growth, aging, memory, or life cycles. But it means much more.


Let’s say that as you go through new spacetime you see your breath as a way to infuse this new, ever-changing spacetime into your human instrument and consciousness.

Mark: Like Quantum Pause?

James: It’s an example, yes. Quantum Pause is a breathing technique that structures a certain rhythm onto the breathing process to… to make more awareness of the breath and its integration with the human instrument. You can find it in the paper called Spiritual Activism. You have that paper on which site, Mark?

Mark: Um… let’s see… it’s on the website in the “What’s New” section. People can download it there for free.

James: It’s a good paper for anyone who wants to actively shift into the coming paradigm of interconnectedness… which, as it turns out, is one of the main themes of this conversation. So, it’s good you brought it up.


Now, back to spacetime and Quantum Pause, and by the way, one doesn’t need to practice Quantum Pause if they find it limiting in any way. Conscious breathing will work fine, too. You don’t need techniques, and even Quantum Pause can be adapted to your particular needs, so try something and mold it to your own intuitive sense of what’s right and what works for you.

When you’re practicing conscious breathing, feel how it pulls you into the present moment. In this state of nowness, use your awareness to really feel that you’re in a brand new spacetime—one you’ve never been in before, one that has new energies, new potentialities.

Imagine that as you breathe, you’re infusing these new energies into your human instrument, and that this is creating within you a sense of openness, flexibility, coherence, clarity that allows you to be more resilient, agile, giving, intuitively alive, and so on.

Breath relates to spacetime, and this… this brings new energetics into your human instrument. These new energetics can be experienced as new behaviors. So, energy, in this context, informs matter, and matter in this context is behavior.

Mark: Why is behavioral intelligence so important in the WingMakers philosophy?

James: Because seekers are easily confused. One seeker is told that re-incarnation does not exist, another is told the opposite. The two meet, and they confuse and confound one another. One seeker is told that God’s name is Allah, another is told there are many different Gods, the two meet, and confusion results. One person discovers particle physics and another is born again in Jesus, the two meet, and they paint each other into isolated corners.

My point is… there is very little agreement with words—with what goes on in the mind. Very few people really trust their intuition. They prefer to trust experts, but the problem is that the experts don’t agree, so confusion results and no one can feel secure in their beliefs.

Behaviors don’t care about the mind’s opinion. If you can practice the behaviors of conscious breathing, of accessing your heart’s virtues and expressing those into your local universe, all of the beliefs, all of the words you can use to describe your beliefs, don’t really matter. Behavioral intelligence matters. It is a universal language and it never separates or argues or analyzes—instead, it applies compassion, appreciation, understanding, love and so on to all circumstances.

Now, some would argue, I’m sure, that this is naive. There is right and wrong. Truth and falsehood. For example, either reincarnation is true or it is false. It cannot be both. And if that is the case, then truth must be defended. But you see, this is how one loses their perspective on the important things like heart virtues, conscious breathing, love, equality and oneness.

We defend our beliefs. We polarize others. We try to be on the right side. The side of the dance floor that stands for truth. But our universe is multidimensional. It has stories encoded within stories within stories. It is, in other words, hyper-complex. It is not knowable with the human mind.

So, when the human mind seizes a “truth,” and then defends it with the words of so-called experts, it invariably becomes little more than an exercise of the ego. The energy invested in this exercise could have been placed on conscious breathing, or fostering a relationship with the universe and Creator, and then expressed in behaviors of compassion, forgiveness, appreciation, and so forth.

It’s interesting to have a philosophical core. To feel that you have a sense of the workings of the universe, but everything we think we know today—in terms of cosmology and physics—will alter as we change our spacetime. Everything...


The point is, where you came from, or what you’ve done or accomplished in the past, doesn’t really matter. That’s time-based. You’re always shifting in spacetime, you’re always capable of connecting with the universe and Creator—Source Intelligence. You can summon this higher consciousness within you and transmit it to those in your local universe. You can be a student of your heart.

If you fill your mind and ego with all of these personal details of your past self or future self, what does it provide you? Clarity or confusion? I can assure you that if you get ten readings from ten different sources, you will be confused. The overlap will be 10-20% and the rest will be divergent and impossible to decode into a meaningful picture or purpose.

So, I would advise spiritual seekers to place their attention on behavioral intelligence. Practice this. Don’t fill your mind with complex details that confuse and confound and separate. Behavioral intelligence is what you’re here to learn and express.

Mark: How does conscious breathing help in developing one’s behavioral intelligence?

James: Well, let’s say I practice Quantum Pause, and while I’m breathing, I become conscious of the new spacetime I’m in—that unique part of the universe that my local universe intersects with in that exact moment. I choose to breathe in the feelings of compassion. Every breath I inhale, I imagine it to be compassion, which is to say that any in-breath can be imbued with virtue. I summon it to my human instrument and let it saturate me like an internal waterfall.

…You could be in a jail cell or a villa in the south of France, the spacetime that intersects your local universe can be modified by you. You are the alchemist. The creator. You can use your imaginative power to imbue your in-breath with a virtue like compassion, forgiveness, humility, valor, understanding, joy, love, whatever you would like. You’re the creator, and the new spacetime is your canvas.

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According to Wiki, Bit coin was created in 2008 & introduced in 2009. I'd definitely call that a world wide digital currency.

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Fred and Chris.  Indeed, I remembered the global currency piece very partially, and so thanks for pulling all that up for us to look at.  And I appreciate your work, Chris, in pulling all the James material up.  I will indeed look over what you both have brought, as I do resonate with the essential messages of Wingmakers.   I hadn't really thought of it as a fictional work, and I understand your not caring if it's fictional or not.  Sometimes fiction carries more reality than proported "reality".  It's just that I thought it had proported to be reality. Note, though, that Fred does mention the distortion of the original website. 

Fred, you say you reread the 17 pages periodically.  Do you use the new material at all?

As for the formation of the caves, I can't recall just where I read that, and I doubt if I'm gong to take the time fo find it again.  So I'll just let that one go.

Wendy, interesting about Bitcoin being invented in 2008; it wasn't invented by the PTB, either.  Boy, I wish I'd bought some of that at the time!

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I just skimmed your  "Changes..." essay on this topic, Fred, that you mentioned above (at )  I've read it before but forgot the detail with which you'd researched this.  So in light of that, I assume that you don't use the new  "James" material. 

Interesting, though... if this is a work of fiction, that would explain the changes to the website as well as the advent of the website being co-opted by the PTB, although, given the departure of the new material from the old, I tend to go with the co-opted scenario.

Still, I will read what you just posted, Chris, with I hope an open mind, vis-a-vis Fred's "Changes" essay.  It's all pretty potent material, so I recommend that anyone who isn't familiar with this to have a look, but it's probably best to begin with the original website and the philosophical essays (the 17 pages) at the links given by Fred above.  (The 2 philosophical essays are at this link: ). Here's a paragraph from Fred's "Changes" essay:

For a number of years I was concerned and even alarmed that the WingMakers materials were changed in ways that I believed diluted and even distorted the power of the original writings. Yet eventually, as I examined my own role in creating this fear, I was able to find compassion and trust for all involved. In recent years, I've been quite encouraged and even excited that the current website and the other websites it has spawned seem increasingly to be coming from a place of the heart, though I still find the original website to be more profound and transformational for those who are ready to journey into their own inner wisdom.

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Thanks for your thoughts on this, Bob. And yes, that last paragraph of mine you quoted pretty much sums it up for me. I've found somethings on the new website to be quite good and inspiring. I particularly like the Quantum Pause and continue to use that powerful method of breathing in conjuction with others I know. That said, I don't spend much time exploring the new materials and still find the old philosophical essays to have the most transformative power for me. Take care, and enjoy the explorations.

With much love and warm wishes,

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thank you all for responding in some way...  i can honestly say, from my perspective, that i have no idea what "truth" is for anyone other than myself.  reading the poems over the last several weeks. i almost feel as though it was i who wrote them.  they speak of longing and loss and a striving toward something higher that most are not acknowledging or unaware of.  since i was younger, i have always felt that there is something greater afoot than any of us can define or barely conceive of (individually), and the Flower of Life materials (as well as the x-men comics when i was a boy ;) about 13 years ago reminded me that we are capable of oh, so much more.  the majority of humanity is afraid of or in denial of this shift in potential.  as i have been sharing these (wm) materials lately, i have stressed (minimally) there speculativeness, but i have always been a fan of mystery and adventure (a.k.a. "indiana jones") and so, technically "truth" does not matter to me.  i heard it echoed somewhere that we will be living the mythology more, the archetypes behind all of our played out dramas.  the ta-rot.  the royal road.

i know that i love the dance.  it speaks to my entire being, more as a whole, and i respond to the music and the rhythm when it is "full of soul".  regardless of whether the ancient arrow site actually exists or not, or whoever wrote those words or painted those pictures, it speaks to me on a basic human level.  and i agree with fred.  i have read and studied many different philosophies and viewpoints, and this (wm) is the clearest and least biased and most in line with anything that i know to be "true".  religion, politics, science, sociology could all benefit from taking that philosophy to heart.  and if anyone wants to expand or expound or elaborate on those basic tenets, as long as they stay true to it, their steps will not falter.

sort of like the bhodisattva vow in conjunction with the LoA/secret (check out the schwaller de lubicz'), if it is in the best interest/support of all life everywhere, not just a selfish/self-centered agenda, the universe/all will bend time and space and laws of physics to back you up.  just like our favorite stories from childhood and the ones that still touch our hearts as adults.  we're never too old or f'd up or off track to witness and partake of miracles and wonderful things.

but it is nice to see and witness and engender them now and again...  ;)


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Howdy there, all... some tumbleweeds blowin by, coyotes howling in the distance. ... metaphorical reference,  not actual. In NC right now visiting the wife's family and the beach. Echoes of Atlantis rolling in from and out to sea... still spending time with the WM stuff. Looking to connect more and more with past/future "me" and my "higher" calling/application of Self. Oh, so profound. Paradigms ARE shifting. Slipping and sliding around at first, but it's on! Scary AND exciting! Hope y'all are well and chins up/above water. Keep on keepin on


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In direct response to your tendril of this thread if my former responses were too vague or ambiguous. I don't take anything literally or for ultimate "truth". Whether it's a news post or a tv show or talk about aliens, angels or demons. It's all just stories. Some better than others...

So, I unfortunately don't take comfort in much of anything, information wise or other. It's more like whether the underlying vibe has meaning for/makes sense to me. And this material (philosophy) definitely does. I have read much in the area of religion and metaphysics and the relationship thereof, and there is usually glaring contradictions or something missing that clues one in to the limited viewpoint or that someone just "made it up" or changed it and something was lost in translation. I have a good b.s. meter because I'm such a great ;)

And my main goal with all of it ever since the FoL work and D.M. and the mer-ka-ba meditation stressing the relationship with guides and higher Self and taking responsibility for the co-creation of one's reality... is just that. Opening my connection more and more with my "overself", "archangel", "fairy godmothers" and what-have-you and ALL. I've just taken a VERY circuitous route with many diversions, distraction, backsliding and hypocrisy. Glad to meet you there! Good times! :)

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Nothing more than feelings... I still place and agree to the strong influence on the WingMakers philosophy. And understanding that before taking any of the rest of this into account. 

And then we can assume our rightful position and steer this sphere back on track.

Would like to consider the topic of the other six alleged global WingMakers sites as well. And whether we think we can help to unearth them and make them public within the next decade. 


Trish's picture

Maybe this site is one of them ;-)

Or maybe it will be, when its manifestation and transformation is complete...

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