The Work of Love Is to Love

My life being quite chaotic at the moment, this article spoke to some of the issues which are currently whirling about me - amongst other things, the challenge of compassion and the way of making a difference by dealing with the small things at hand ....

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Good article. More coming around to join the FAMILY in every aspect of life. Every nook and cranny. Definitely time to hold one another and the planet.

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Your buddy Jane Roberts is mentioned near the end of Only Planet of Choice.
Information through the Nine seems similar to Ra and the Law of One...
Both sources state "the opposition" or "others" try to taint the more positive among us with DOOM and GLOOM visions or outlook if they can't corrupt us in desire for power and control. Best not to give in to that trap.
Birth pains, people! Birth pains! Breathe! Breathe!

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