Computer technology first to produce spooky action up close. Two possible states operating simultaneously, yet independently.

This whole thing, was just great to watch and understand ...





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wow !!!!

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finally got time, and the techie mood to watch this. It's so interesting to see how this generations' minds work. I was most interested in the point where quantum effects ceased to manifest. The man says that they had only been observed in micro sizes,,,,,,like the famous wave particle experiments. Then these guys created quantum effects with superconductors. Still tiny,,,but that line they crossed was huge! That was where he got the idea to build a quantum computer. I don't find it interesting because I have some great interest in computers. I find it interesting because I see them as some twisted "physical" version of what we are capable of. It's like we have to build it physically before we can conceive of doing it ourselves,,,,of accessing that part of our self that has always been capable of manifesting matter, or so many other things we think are impossible. So,,every time I read of some big "breakthrough", I wonder when,,,and what, the mind's next step will be! And the quantum breakthrough was around the year 2000. Now,,,,being in the physical realm, and even with all the steps taken to speed up development, it is still in the baby stages. The news we see every day doesn't reflect the evolution of our minds,(we get the same old crap,meant to stall that evolution), but when I look around and see all the amazing children coming here with focus on their life's work, and even more extraordinary,the people who drastically change themselves, even after a lifetime of bombardment of "propaganda,,,,,,I think it may be true.We are taking the same steps in our growth of consciousness as a race. Even if they do learn to access parallel worlds, or universes,,,it brings the possibilities to the light, and on some level, maybe we start to "remember" that we don't need billion dollar computers to do this. Our nature,,,especially in the west,is not to believe anything is possible until we "see it with our own eyes". That fits here! Now, if we don't lose sight of the fact that we, our bodies and minds and consciousness ARE supercomputers,,,,then what's to stop us? It's not about funding! Just development, and like the quantum computer's need to be free of any interference, our minds need to be free of all the "interference" put in front of us on a daily basis, then our"quantum effects" can begin to manifest! Whew!Just imagine what we can do!

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"It's like we have to build it physically before we can conceive of doing it ourselves,,,,of accessing that part of our self that has always been capable of manifesting matter, or so many other things we think are impossible"

I have thought the same thing Todd for some time now!!! I hope it is true, build it physically to finally reveal that we have the inherent capability to transcend the physical equipment.

The two major hurdles for any developing evolving intelligent humanoid species, the splitting of the atom and the evolution of technology (do we get lost in the jungle of technological advancement, or learn to finally transcend it for the most part and retain our sovereignty, or do we hand sovereignty over to the advancing convenience factor of developing technology...)

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Right on Chris. I think we all travel to parallel worlds, or universes every night. Of course, we have to be completely quiet, in sleep mode, no interference. The quantum computer is the same way,,,,18 layers of shielding, super low temperatures to negate anything else from interfering. It's interesting that they say they're producing temps colder than space, down to 3 kelvin. So that whole giant box is just a super refrigerator with that tiny chip(processor) inside. Did you see them uncover it? It was like the Pineal gland in the middle of all that cauliflower,ha!
I had a teacher in high school who told me to go to sleep every night on my back, staring at my hands. It was pretty hard,holding my hands up in front of me,ha. At first, I would fall asleep, my hands would drop, hit me in the face, and wake me up,ha! but,after a few weeks, I started to wake up floating above my bed,,,then,eventually was able to leave my room, then down the hall, then the stairs, then out the door. I was so dumb,,,all I had to do was think myself anywhere I wanted to go,,,,but I would spend a week just trying to think myself through the door... By the time I was 21,,I had lost it,,,consciously anyways, as I let myself get caught up in all the drama of everyday life. But,,,,to me, that first time I woke up looking down at myself was like when they made the jump in creating quantum effects in the macro versus the micro. I guess the veil we live under is like that line we need to cross. Then, once we see that there is more than the 5 senses we overload everyday, and how much more "real" they are, we can get on with it. Maybe we are far ahead of where they are with these quantum computers,and we just don't know it. I guess that would bring us to your point. When they start showing off these things to us, will be just let them link us to it,(because it's easier), or do the work to bring out our own true power..... Looking around, my guess is that most will take the easy way first,,, then eventually it will be "cooler" to not need to be "hooked up", like being "all natural",,ha. I hope we make it!

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I think a remnant of primarily indigo millennials are quite naturally well on their way toward the next evolutionary leap. It is the way of the Novelty Engine Cosmos, the First Source Modus Operandi,
the Preeminent Primordial Original Intent, the Prime Directive,

To forever evolve, cooperate, generate, translate, transition, transform,

octave after octave, pleased to have no end in sight...

may we jog our genetic memories to remember what we already know...

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