2012 Transformation

Hi fellow humans! 

Have you heard of David Wilcock?  Here's a new video he's put out.  He seems to be doing good work.  The metaformosing is quickening!     :-)

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I hadn't seen this one before.  Wilcock has appeared in these forums before, although not for a while now.  Thanks much for the update.


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This is a new set of videos and is an excellent introduction to his new book 2012 Enigma.  Thanks for posting this Waakzaam.  Also for those of you who are not aware of what David Wilcock is doing, he is at this moment (actually for a while now) in the process of producing a new movie to be out sometime early next year, called, Convergence.   This is going to be a winner as the screenwriter is the same as did Contact and other excellent first rate movies. Also on November 8 Sunday evening at 8 o'clock David will be on a one hour special on the Syfy channel and if I'm not mistaken Richard Hoagland will be on with him. I will keep you posted on this.

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I said that it was at 8 o'clock. That is central standard time, so adjust for your particular time zone.  It is a two hour program and it is called  "2012: STARTLING NEW SECRETS".

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