Battle At Kruger

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I am still dealing with difficulty posting videos so have to make comments subsequently.

This is a good portrayal of what the majority standing up to the few who want to keep us in fear looks like. I love this video and post it for those who may not have seen it yet.

The energy exhibited here is what I was talking about in the other thread about the pot coming to a boil. It is not happening to just us homosapiens, but to other traditionally oppressed creatures like the Water buffalo by the Lions.  Enjoy this video and cheer as these creature own their own power.  Huzzah!!!!


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That is really something to see! It starts out so horribly but the end is such a triumph, so inspiring! I feel drawn to share a link (embedding was disabled) to a video by Massive Attack, depicting how one man decides to respond to being chased by an angry mob. In one way an opposite, few standing up to a majority, but I felt the same feeling of inspiration watching the "Battle" as I did from this:

(Those who don't care for the music just turn the sound off, but check out what happens at the end! Wink)

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