Cool video supporting transformation

Check out this cool, short video supporting transformation on

With much love and joy,

Wendy's picture

Hi Fred-

I couldn't get the video to play, any ideas?


Eyejay's picture

I loved the site what an amazing resource, I sort of felt the video was a bit of a Facebook advert though. Maybe I'm being over analytical and cautious, I deleted my Facebook account quite some time ago.


hey Ian,

I heard on the radio at the end of a news buletin that a "recent study" had found that if you have a facebook account and a smart phone it shows you are more adaptable, have a higher IQ etc...basically you are all round "better" and if you didn't have them, you are more prone to schizophrenia......serious, it's what the news reporter read.......hehehe

I deleted my fb account but my dog still has have a smart phone....not sure where that leaves me.....but does this mean the simple answer to good mental health these days is social media?.....thank god the study didn't include no TV......psycho ward for sure......




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I don't know why it isn't working for you, Wendy. I just checked and it worked fine for me. You might try again. Take care.

With love and joy,

Noa's picture

Yeah, the video didn't play for me, either.  Maybe it's hit or miss.

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