Divine Expression Through Music

Music is a very important part of my life and a source of guidance and wisdom for me. Lyrics are very important to me, if not the MOST important part of the listening experience for me. I believe that we all posess the power to create from and express the divine parts of our nature and I look for the universal truth and divine wisdom that often comes through during this creation. When I listen to songs I find deep meaning in the words to the point that sometimes listening is a spiritual experience for me and helps me to connect with my own divine nature. I also play a little game which might sound silly but that I've done since I was a teenager. I ask the universe/God a question and then the next song that comes on the radio provides the answer/guidance. I also do this with certain books...ask a question and then flip to whatever page feels right and look for the answer/guidance within the page I have turned to. 9 out of 10 times the message I recieve is completely appropriate...obviously I don't base important life decisions on the random answers I recieve, but it is amazing the insights I can gain...and it's fun!


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  It is only the last couple of years that I have started to "hear" lyrics in songs. Most of my life,,I only heard the music,,or,,,the sounds,,,or,,,the spaces between the notes...For many years I thought I must be strange in some way, as no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't focus on the lyrics...But, I had a channeling of sorts with a woman from the Cayce Institute some years ago, and she brought it up! She said that I had lived a spirit life with the "music makers", and that  the basic essence in the creation of music was, the space between the notes! I did radio for 15 years and just never,or rarely, heard the lyrics. So I wondered why some songs were so popular, even when they had the dumbest, cheesy lyrics. But there are certain tones, and rhythms that attract people, and this helps explain that. and of course, there are sounds and notes that affect and even heal the body......Now, I search for songs with great lyrics to play for my students in China. Music is the best way to reach them, as they love to sing here. So this has drawn my interest towards the lyrics more, and opened up some different doors for me....I would like to try your game,,it sounds like fun!,,,,L,,,,T

There have been quite a few music posts and lyrics on here, a search should find them.......I think some of the most profound things ever said were in songs........its amazing so many people pay no attention to lyrics...and like you, sometimes I can't help but think they are talking to me.....hehe....freaky how well they can fit but....

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Thanks for that most beautiful song, Jennifer. Music has been a profoundly meaningful part of my life, too. And I also love to listen for the subtle whisperings of Spirit which can come in many ways. Though I find songs sometimes speak to me in magical ways at just the right moment, I haven't ever thought of asking questions to the unvierse and then listening to the lyrics of the next song I hear. I will try it soon. Thanks for the great idea!

With sacred love and warm wishes,

I pretty much ONLY hear the lyrics...obviously I hear the music, but it's kind of just background noise to the lyrics for me...it's hard for me to distinguish the notes...space between notes...complilation...but at the same time the music affects me very physically....it's like you said, certain tones and rythems attract certain people...and in the same sense can repel certain people...I can't listen to anything to complicated and certain types of music, no matter how good the lyrics might be...gives me anxiety! Do try the game, it is quite fun!

Jez, I've yet to use the search feature of the site but surely will have a look and see what else has been posted...would love to listen to some new music! Music does speak to us...there's a universal language there and it's expression through music conveys emotion and thought...sometimes when I play my game I get freaked out at how much the song that plays next is an appropiriate answer to what I was asking for!

You're very welcome Fred...I hope that you find some benefits in the practice...I personally believe the universe is always communicating with us...in every moment of every day...there are signs always there if we choose to be receptive to them! I have a hard time believing anything is left to chance...there seems to be perfect order in the apparent randomness...even in something as simple as what song happens to be playing on the radio at any given moment!

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sounds like someone who's had formal training or voice classes.  You know, that asking a question of God and then finding the answer in the next song or page is exactly the same thing i read in Neale Donald Walsh's Conversations with God, Book 1 if I remember right.  I remember reading that and thinking it made so much sense and was so simple that almost everyone misses it unless they're really taking the time to breathe and appreciate the beauty around themI still haven't really put it to practice myself but glad to hear it works!

I was exactly the same way Todd, I grew up not hearing the lyrics in the music at all, or only the most pronounced and repeated ones (My Sharona from the Knack comes to mind):  But I felt such a strong affinity with specific songs where the music resonated with me that I used to get really upset with my older brother for singing along with those songs - I just couldn't stand someone ruining a good tune with singing - ha!  Honestly it wasn't until I experimented with mushrooms and acid in high school that the lyrics really began to penetrate.  Until then I never understood why people liked the Beatles over say Hendrix, Zeppelin or Sabbath, yet I loved some of John Lennon's solo work.  I'd say I still lean more to the music side of things because it just carries me somehow, but if someone writes awful lyrics, like top 40 or something, then it's a deal-breaker.

And I've had some profound fleeting moments where I understood it was the silence between the notes that made the music soar and not the notes themselves.  Of course I couldn't elaborate now, like I said, those moments were fleeting.  I guess something to do with everything being space in essence and giving it time to breathe or pulse.  Anyway, that's great that you brought that up because I've never heard anyone mention it before!  Thanks.  Oh, snwdream, try Laura from Bat for Lashes, hopefully it won't give you anxiety.


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For years I had the same affliction as you, Todd -- not being able to concentrate on (or remember) lyrics.  As a lifelong singer, it was a handicap.  But for some reason, recently, I've started focusing more upon lyrics.

While I was a music major in college, I learned that music and art precede cultural change.  Take note of this.  When you see more artists addressing social and environmental issues, for instance, it's a sign that humanity is changing in a similar direction.

I never realized, until I bought his video collection, how many songs Michael Jackson wrote about healing the earth and being kind to one another.  Here's one of my favorites: 



Is there supposed to be a link to your music, Jennifer?  Nothing shows up on my screen.

Francis, I would like to read that Conversations With God book! I have heard of it...might have to put that on my to do list when I finish the current book....which is taking me 13 years to finish. lol. No seriously though, I've been trying to get through this book for 13 years...picked it up again recently and determined to finish it before I let myself read anything else! It's so odd for me to hear about people who only hear the music and can't listen to the lyrics! I am like that with very few artists...for some reason I can't hear anything Tori Amos says without having to exert effort and concentrate...not sure why that is. I did give that Bat for Lashes song a listen...very beautiful...lots of emotion in the music itself and she has a beautiful voice. Thanks for recommending!


Noa, there was a video in my post but it looks like you were having some issues when you were logged in...your post showed up a zillion times! lol. I agree that a lot of Michael Jacksons songs have really beauitful and meaningful lyrics! He was truly gifted and despite being so obviously mentally ill I think deep down he had a beautiful heart that he expressed well through his music. It's a shame that his illness led to the molestation of those boys as Jez pointed out...though I guess the only people to know the truth in that is him and the boys. I wouldn't say he is a monster...I think that's a little harsh though I completely understand where you are coming from Jez. It's hard not to stand in judgement when people commit acts that violate another person, especially someone innocent like a child. I wouldn't call anyone a monster though...though some may comitt atrocious acts I think this can be attributed to mental instability and disease of the spirit...deep inside everyone is divine regardless of what their outward actions reflect, right?

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as an affliction,,,,words are weak compared to notes, which can affect the soul just as deeply,,,or deeper, and initiate just as much change,,,,only on a deeper subcinscious level.....

Snwdream - loved the music, thanks.

As for MJ, before deciding guilt or innocence one should look at the larger picture.  First realize that what we see and hear on the MSM has its reason for being there and it is probably pushing somebody's agenda. This is a point often pointed out on these posts.  I, too, felt like you did, Jez, until I heard that if MJ could have been convicted of pedophilia certain entities stood to gain a few hundred million dollars(had to do with stipulations in contracts), so it was to their advantage to try to destroy him so they could reap a hugh reward.  To me, this throws a much different light on the stories in the news.  I don't know the truth but I know that money can be used to destroy anybody thru fake stories, innuendo, paid actors, etc.  Since I cannot know the truth, I choose not to condemn.  Perhaps the full story will emerge someday.

Hey Todd, you lost me lol....., did you just say you don't see pedophilia as an affliction?.....

Ha....lol.....jeez... Jez.....hehe

Yeah, I don't disagree but what gets me is people celebrate him, almost worship him and I don't think it is deserving. Clearly he was doing something with kids....I would prefer people remembered the person who from a child was used and abused...if we keep that in mind maybe wee can recognize it earlier next time. his is a tragic story and it is a story we can learn from, to manipulate it and put him on a pedestal of wonderful person just isn't right in my books.... 

And jenifer, monster is probably harsh, but as above, just bugs me when people go all Gaga Michael Jackson, ....gets me everytime....lol...

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  Jeez is an old expression,,,,I was talking about not listening to lyrics,,,,it is not an affliction by any means. One can be attracted to music through both. Some songs have a lot to say. Other songs affect us subconsciously. Most of my music back home is foreign. I have no idea what they are saying. It is a collection I made through the way the music affects me. Hundreds of songs, many Native American, some didg music,sometimes it's just piano. The music industry knows this, which is how so many rediculous pop songs topped the charts for a long time. Just the right rhythm, or guitar riff,,,and boom, people don't even know why they like it,,,but they do...

Yeah, in Australia we spell it....geez.....hehe....there are lots of words spelled different in the US.......and I listen to some native American and Japanese music, have no idea what they are saying but enjoy it very much

For me the true "listening experience" had been unavailable for the last 4 years but since Christmas I have it back in my life......and it goes somethin like this.......

Dark room, empty house, my carver 450w a side magnetic field power amp ,  same one MJ used in his Aussie concerts 20 odd years ago mind you he had 1400 of them in series....lol....my signal runs through an old 8 chanel ahb mixer, clean as and nothing digital about it, speakers....15 inch tanoy dual concentric ...and while unfortunately I sold my Lyn sondek turn table, diamond tip, moving coil.....resort to CD, mp3s too but for the true experience I think an albumn start to finish is the only way to go..........lol

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I've gone back and forth on the MJ pedophile issue.  When the news first broke, I believed the press, so I destroyed my Thriller album.  Since his death, however, more information has surfaced that the PTW were trying to manage him, possibly by painting him as a pedophile via the media.  His accusers could have been paid to lie.  Who really knows for sure?


I agree that he had some problems, but I'm reluctant to go as far as calling him mentally ill.  MJ had a childlike innocence about him.  It's possible that he did nothing more than show love and affection to children by cuddling with them.  Now I agree that this is not wise (in the eyes of society) for a grown man to do, but I'm not totally convinced that he was a pedophile.

And there is also some evidence that he was murdered.


LaToya's comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kd9sADSWYA8 

Michael eludes to conspiracies:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuqoaiCLOYg

Michael exposes conspiracies:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwYQtQlGmGo

To my mind there's more to this story than we're led to believe.




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I love the way music penetrates me so deeply-so much more deeply than spoken or written words . Her singing rings in my ears long after it was over-such emotion. Playing drums allowed me to meet my best friend Tom (also a drummer). I'm a sucker for movies with great music. Have you seen "Super 8"? It's SF for kid's really but Spielberg produced. Or how about Close Encounters? gets me every time.

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