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This sounds like wishful thinking to me; what do you think?  I hope the aftermath of the impending financial collapse is as smooth and easy as he says.


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Wasn't trying to be a Debbie Downer there. Just bein real.

Exhibiting and modeling what we've learned and know is MOST important, but gathering and increasing in numbers as well...

My wife and I are trying to still keep our eye on the dream and have been discussing the vision more. Sos we can manifest it. Also takes time...

We're wanting some land with orchard and gardens where we can invite community and others to come share in the magic. Not sure exactly what that looks like yet.

I've used the words "healing center" before too, but we don't subscribe to any certain discipline, nor would we. Plus, that's sorta pretentious. I think it could still BE that, you just can't tell people that's what it is. Slip it to em when their guard's down and they aren't expecting it. THEN it works.

I think that's why peeps have a problem with James and even the original WM material. The tone isn't always inviting. Some of us understand abstract thinking more, so we can peel away the layers of fluff. But, if most can't get it, it's not really that helpful. Gotta make it so the average Joe on the street can hold a conversation about it. 

Oh, that's the other WM thing I've been considering more. ONENESS. With all. "Good", "bad", all those peoples out there struggling through it the best they can (under the circumstances)...

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I remember how I felt after realizing all the shit going on right under our noses, and then how hopeless it felt when I found that not many wanted to know about any of it.  depressed, scared, pissed, excited, impatient.

The Wingmakers stuff was and is a godsend, I can be patient because all things being equal (and they are), who am I to say "hurry up man!".  I can honor my brother's/sister's individual pace.  Nothing is really in any danger.   Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoohhmmmmm

Nothing left to do but be kind and enjoy the experience of being spontaneously patient......

Patience is so unlike me all my life, so right now feels pretty damn good...

Blessings fellow fractals

p.s. love the garden/orchard healing center idea!  and the James thing - I love that he tells people to take what they get from it, morph it and make it my/your own.  so few tell people that when they are sharing something intended to help them spiritually.  I am soooooo relieved to be free of the "fear of god" that my religious backround instilled in me...

when people stop fighting about which religion is the right one, and instead begin to ask themselves "why in the world am I worshipping anyone or anything???"  It's down right irresponsible at its core.

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