The Event


This sounds like wishful thinking to me; what do you think?  I hope the aftermath of the impending financial collapse is as smooth and easy as he says.


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Hi Noa,

I don't want you to think I'm ignoring your posts; I generally tend to read more than I watch videos because it's easier to skim and get a gist of what something's about, and my home internet connection isn't that great. So a lot of the time I will skip watching videos that are more than a few minutes long, unless I get really hooked in. Do you have a "Coles Notes" sum-up of what Robert is saying in this video? :-)

Cheers, Trish

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seem to be dovetailing right now.  I would love for the Event to happen, though I'm not exactly sure what it is, except for the possibility of throwing all the scoundrels in the klink and taking back our rightful heritage, learning our true history, reclaiming clean energy sources, healing technologies, water sources and food production, etc, all that stuff that helps make life worth living and fruitful.  On that note I gotta say I'm pretty fascinated by this talk from David Wilcock, especially the last two-thirds of this video.  I've read some similar stories but his contacts appear to be laying it all out:

Would really love to see the actual video of this, so if anyone knows how to get ahold of that please let me know.  I tried the Conscious Life Expo site but I can't find where to pay for just this video.  I've been doing a lot of research on the giants over the last few years and his contacts have some pretty wild info.

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You can also check out these cool sites that are linked in

It seems pretty sound to me. The "truth" has kept changing the more our world has transformed and this seems to stick to the "script" so to speak- in other words, what facts I have regarded as truth after all of my research appears in these ideas of an "event".

Pretty much, the idea of what's going on here, is that benevolent ET's have rid the solar system of the reptilian influence and all that remains are the ones still on earth, controlling the mechanisms of our society to keep humanity enslaved to ideals not suited for our true nature. These ET's really don't want the remaining parasitic influences to escape. When it is time, financial systems will cease to work. When you go home there will be a message on the screen that the powers that be are aware that the financial systems aren't working and will recommend that everyone stays inside and pretty much just chill out. At that time, all of the remaining members of the cabal will be swept up and arrested, every single one, so they can be tried for their crimes or, if they are under mind control influences, healed. For about two weeks, everyone will be rooted to their television as truth after truth will be revealed- "most of the people in the news corporations were under mind control, there has been a sociopathic oligarchy controlling our society for the past 26000 years, our true history has been hidden from us, etc, etc." Those responsible for most of the pain and suffering of the world will be in transparent, public trials to reveal their crimes to the world.

Soon, other ET's will come to the ground to disclose their presence to us all and show that they mean good will. Money systems will be changed to either a gold based or resource based economy. Governments will print their own money. There won't be borders anymore.

Thank you so much Noa! I was fascinated by this most of yesterday.

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Thanks for sum-up, Cameron, that sounds pretty awesome. My jaw would just drop if that happened, what an exciting upheaval that would be! We would sure have our work cut out for us helping all the people who didn't see it coming and who would now be in complete shock. As cool as this "big event" sounds, to me it feels like it might happen more slowly, where people will gradually wake up and just stop participating in the system as it is now, and instead connect together directly and co-create a more holistic and life-affirming paradigm.

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But probably won't, happen that way. In the galactic protocol that you can't pull the veils from others' eyes, only your own. Respect. Free will. Etc.

Cannot impose or negate belief systems, either. What humans choose to believe is totally up to each one of them. 

I've been comparing and contrasting the WingMakers websites again (.us & .com), and discovered another interesting difference. On the original .us site, I noticed a signature is obvious at the bottom of many of the paintings! Surprise! And on the .com site, they have been removed along with the recoloration... hmm...

So, even though I don't fully "get" or trust "James", I also can't discount much of what he says, because it rings true on another level. With that said, check this out. It's lengthy, so you'll need to be a quick reader or allow yourself some time. Should clear up a few misconceptions persisting and being perpetuated around here.

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I finally finished it. It was incredibly eye opening. I'm going to have to try the quantum breathing asap. It really made a lot of sense. There was so much information, I'm still transmuting it into my system haha

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I was feeling foolish today, thinking about the lead-up to 2012, waiting for some big event. So I think these things could happen gradually over the course of a few hundred years but I tend to doubt they would happen all at once. This scenario doesn't require any responsibility on the part of the people to stop complying with the current system.

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Right on, Cameron. And glad to have you "back". I'm trusting your adventure is an exciting opportunity for growth...

Awesome interview, btw. I finally finished it this morning, reading it on my phone. The quantum pause breathing technique is powerful! I'm going to attempt to employ it whenever and wherever I can. Accelerate the bridge-building, iykwim. Resonates with much of what I have read and studied before, from other sources.

"I'll meet "you" out in that "field"...

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Wow, Chris, that was an amazing interview.  I confess that I don't entirely trust James, either.  But honestly I can find no point of disagreement with what he says. 

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Love reading this interview again - its been a while.  It always resonates so well.  In fact, so well that, if I were paranoid I might succumb to suspecting that I was being fooled by a very erudite and saavy individual with a hidden agenda.  Of course I do not believe that.  I believe what James says about our true "Sovereign Integral" nature of being, that it has no agenda in its thoroughly natural state, other than simply Being Itself.

Love the last part of James' answer to question 16:

"(This) Forgiveness is not a Biblical expression or religious platitude; it is the nature of the Sovereign Integral to remain inaccessible until the individual in the human expression (HMS) rises up within themselves and announces to their local universe: NO MORE! No more will I be part of this deception. No more will I contribute my energy to the works of deception. No more will I stand idle while others suffer. No more will I shake in my self doubt and allow those in power to decide my fate. No longer will I be sucked into the distractions of the Elite. No longer will I reserve my activism for a future time… the time is NOW." (thought of you Noa when I read that)

"If you do this – not only in words but deeds – you will see a space open up in your life; a sort of emptiness and stillness that lacks human embroidery or definition. This is the place in which you can stand-up and radiate the oneness, equality and truthfulness of the Sovereign Integral. This is the activism that will change the world. It will not be the organizations, the sects, or the militias that bring change. They cannot stand up to the Elite. Only the Self, the Sovereign Integral, operating in harmony with Earth/Nature can stand-up to the Elite and usher in the era of transparency and expansion."

"When you voice the genuine and sober self-assessment in all of its textures and subtlety, you are inviting the new behaviors of the Sovereign Integral. These are all signs of authentic forgiveness; they are not the sanctimonious, over emotionalized capitulations of a guilt-ridden follower who intones the ritual of forgiveness like a machine. In apathy, blindness, or utter devotion to the Money Power Grid, it is all the same relative to accessing the Sovereign Integral state. You will be shut out. Forgiveness is the active formula of self-assessment of your present situation and the application of new behaviors that are in resonance with the Sovereign Integral."

"Look upon your life every moment and see if you are operating in the HMS or are quietly going about the business of cutting the threads that bind you. If you feel your behaviors reflect a state of oneness, equality and truthfulness, then you are in resonance with the Sovereign Integral."

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Well, this is just it isn't it? If we're all to experience oneness, (big difference from saying we're all one) then there will be no deception. To function as one, open end access for optimal communications and intricate perspective will be essential for each and every participant. If you have no deception, then you might be considered of integral and transparent intention. Only a sovereign being could achieve such integrity. Telepathy based communications also would, I think, render all secrets null and void between parties. So ... people + transparency (no veil of deception) = no fight(fear) good vibes, you could say "groovy" It takes people with integrity to integrate humanities sovereignty. Only Sovereign Integrals might acheive constructive consensual cooperation and rise to new levels of awareness, together. That's totally out with the old and in with the new. No leftovers, what good would they be ... ?

Or something close to that.

Great last comment chrisbowers

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I just read through the whole interview, and it overall left an interesting impression. I have not read the Wingmakers material, new or old, but I've seen it referenced here and I've heard the story of how it changed and Fred's interpretation of it.

Now, please take this as my own impression and evaluation, which I share while also respecting your own interpretations and resonations of the material.

I think that when it comes to human expression of any kind, be it music, song, speech, or written language, it is the intention and the heart-space in which the communication is made that transmits the most information on multiple dimensions, and the content of the message comes secondary to that.

In this way, it feels to me that the 'encoding' of intent of this interview did not resonate with me, although I agreed with much of the content. My feeling was that there was not much love in it, and that although the message was about realizing divine sovereignty and unity, its impression seemed ultimately to be promoting further polarization, separation, and distrust.

Underlying his message is an arrogance and contempt for any perspective that is not his own. This does not seem like a reflection of the love, peace, and compassion that comes from being connected with the Kingdom of Heaven within.

He seems to admit to lying and changing information several times with the Wingmakers material, and justifies it by saying he wanted to attract more people before introducing them to the Soverign Integral concept.

He says that Jesus and Buddha have not realized the Soverign Integral, only a fascimile under the HMS; how does he know this?

He also makes some assumptions about Buddhism and other spiritual and religious practices. He talks about humanity's innate fear of the inner stillness within and equates that with obsession with spirituality, which can certainly be true - ultimately all addiction and distraction is some form of running away from the inner stillness within. But the purpose of some forms of Buddhism and other spiritual practices is precisely to strip away all illusion, attachment, and resistance, to realize for oneself what remains. For example, the book Mindfulness in Plain English describes the method of Vipassana meditation, which focuses on the breath as a means of dismantling thought structures and quieting the mind, with the ultimate goal of lifetime mindfulness and the transformation that can come about when you realize your true nature. The breathing technique sounds a bit like James's Quantum Pause.

Overall, his explanation of what's 'really' going on sounds complicated with a lot of made-up words, but there's enough truth sprinkled in there to make it seem credible. In the end, what I think is important is listening to what resonates within, and if his message does for you, I fully respect and honour that.

For me, I resonate more deeply with a perspective that ultimately, we all chose to be here, to learn, experience, and evolve. Yes, there are elements of manipulation, self-suppression, deception, and other dark forms of manifestation. But there is also illumination, hope, forgiveness, gratitude, self-realization, and other light forms of manifestation. Perhaps we are creators in training, and life is our customized course, designed to repeat its lessons until we reach a deeper understanding within and strip away self-deception. For me, the lesson is that all I am is love, and there is no separation - all is love.

This made me think of a Bible passage:

1 Corinthians 13  New International Version (NIV)

13  If I speak in the tongues [ a] of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge,and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.  If I give all I possess to the poorand give over my body to hardship that I may boast, [ b] but do not have love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part,  10  but when completeness comes,what is in part disappears.  11  When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.  12  For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13  And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

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It appears that a lot of this information has been doctored to bring us back in hierarchal ways of thinking. Reading through the original website, as compared to the newer, there are many changes to the information. Is it true that James simply updated the information to reflect a more open-minded public, or is this Dr. Anderson with his memory wiped, now trying to guide us into the ACIO's agenda? I don't know honestly. My intuition says we were given a giant truth, and then it was attempted to be "fixed". Humans with this sort of knowledge can be dangerous. But what can we do about it? That's the frustrating part. Once again, we regular citizens are being kept in the dark, having to sift through secret and fake-secret information.

We already have determined we can't trust James. That isn't to say we cannot gain any insights from reading his material but he is guiding us towards certain cynical ways of thinking.

Coming back to the event Noe brought up, and starmonkey shot down, I think we all need to keep our minds more open. What is my truth, is not your truth, is not his truth. But that doesn't give anyone the right to shoot down our personal truth's. I still think that the event, the way it was laid out, is possible. Because think about it this way- when the French revolution happened and all those citizens were being treated like crap, there were still citizens who said we should just listen to our monarchy. No matter what, there's always going to be disbelievers and people who just want to sleep walk through their lives and not deal with too much change, because they can't handle it! This doesn't mean that the rest of us, who are aware, and yes, even angry, are going to be forced to live in the matrix still. I don't profess to know how that will work- I am of the opinion that the majority of us,, who are supposedly more aware, are still cynical about the majority of the people in the world. Start opening your minds to the possibility that just because people all around aren't talking about how messed up our current system is, doesn't mean they aren't actually aware of it. Most people are afraid of how others will look at them, but we need to have more courage and trust that there are a lot more awake people than we think. Someone needs to take the first step, and that's already happening. And we need to stop thinking our truth is the only truth, because that is what messed up religion in the first place, right?

If we all create our own reality, we can co-create a better one. We should focus on transparency most of all. There's almost too much information on the internet, because we don't know what to trust. I am choosing to focus on my belief that change is happening right now, now, now, and now. It's happening faster than we thought possible. We are our own worst enemy and we need to get out of our own way. Anything can happen. Humanity is waking up, don't think yourself superior, because if you really are, if that's the reality you choose to believe, we're dead in the water. There is an infinite number of ways the great change we are waiting for can happen, so don't block yourself from allowing that possibility to happen. Allow. Keep an open mind and an open heart, and yes, be optimistic! That's the only way to a world that I really want to be a part of.

From my heart, to yours,

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IS that an elephant in the room? It's too dark in here to tell. Maybe I'm in a different room altogether...

Or maybe a bomb went off that I wasn't expecting. Oh well. It's all there between the lines. Some folks notice THESE words and some folks notice THOSE words... Is anyone out there paying attention to ALL of it? 

Whatevs. Was almost just going to let it all go (getting closer, don't worry), but somebody needed to say something. I read through it all several times, and got what I needed out of it. Mainly, that this reaction and fallout makes total sense, given the approach. It's there right at the beginning. Some aren't ready for that sort of view. The useful information amidst all of that chaos, is the breathing technique and following the link to the six heart virtues. Beyond that, the rest may be superfluous to many of you.

I apologize for any confusion. Try again 

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Good luck prevaricating with that old pesky pachyderm. I'm gonna ride the thing. Aloha

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I'm sorry Chris, I don't understand what you're saying. I honestly can't rell if your 'blurrgh' post or 'ppp' post was in reply to my post or not. If it is, could you please be more specific? I'm not sure what elephant, reaction, or fallout you're talking about.

I agree with you that the breathing and the heart virtues are the useful bits out of the article - I'm sorry if my interpretation came across as too negative or judgemental - the overall 'info' wasn't new to me (I like the Matrix trilogy), but I was just trying to describe a feeling of unease I had about James' delivery or 'encoding', if you will.

Peace to you, have a good ride man.


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Collapse theories seem like expressions of fear but may also be rational (ex. this recession nearly took the world economy down). Personally, I fear the fear so I dismiss these scenarios as fear alone. Friends who feel the bible is real find evidence to support their theory that the end is nigh. they talk about it alot. I also know people with more modernistic ("new age" maybe?) theories that say the same-that we are about to experience a collapse/cataclysm, lots are going to die, the good people will be transported and protected to live on and you know what? I don't think there's the slightest evidence for it. I think these are just bitter feelings toward the world and the shitty people we have to deal with. It's all a revenge fantasy. Screw those evil people and save me and mine. I don't believe one word of it. I find it too convenient an escape from realities that we are struggling with or are afraid to face.

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The interview was full of a bunch of words responding to questions on a site with interests similar to this one. It does probably freak a lot of people out, but he wasn't really saying anything new... And it wasn't overtly negative, per se, just challenging to some viewpoints and belief systems. There IS a positive message in there that isn't just his perspective, and that's to get in touch with or gain a solid connection with your "higher self", "oversoul", "sovereign entity", "archangel" or whatever you want to call it. Then none of the rest of that stuff "matters". At least, one no longer has to operate from a place of separation and fear. Empowered to ACT to the benefit of all without the faulty and limited perspectives that we now employ. 

Other b.s.s or p.o.v.s have called it "the chariot" or the mer-ka-ba or link with the soul. We could get caught up in many definitions and interpretations. Mainly, I think it's about realization and activation and not getting too enmeshed in dramas, terrestrial or otherwise

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The elephant thing was just me being cheeky and clever (and a bit of a jack-ass) in reference to what you said (Trish) during the shock waves post fiasco. About the blind men... I think we can agree we're ALL blind here and groping around in the dark until we can start to make those lasting higher connections...

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as it so obviously would and should be, given the belief systems it is inviting the listening audience to surrender in favor of one's own sovereign integral individuated fractal Self expression of the Oneness First Source all of this is alleged to be (in context of this discussion).

I still have similar questions that Trish alluded to, like the elephant in the room for me personally:  How the hell does "James" know all of this structural stuff about Anu's original intentions to set up a human mind system and god spirit soul complex to ensure fear of death after inticing spiritual entities to entertain the concept of taking on a physical body to experience all of the pleasures therein (probably didn't mention the pains in the original pitch).

It is entirely possible that James does have an ongoing relationship with what he calls the Lyricus Teaching Order that has been assisting in situations like this for eons.  It is also entirely possible that James is full of shit like all the rest that have come before and will surely come after.

But remember this key point in James' message, that he is inviting us to rid ourselves of the teacher/student paradigm and the need-of-a-savior mentality.  He is not asking anyone to believe in him.  He has gone to great lengths to ensure that he does not become a cult of personality.  I personally highly suspect that he is on to something.

In any case, I am using the quantum breathing exercise.  If nothing else, it is a great breathing exercise.  If it is some form of pathway to my higher self, all the better.  I have a few nagging questions coming from my left brain, but my right brain is quite inspired by so much of what his core message is, regardless of all the details that so tempt me to wonder again,

how the hell do you know this stuff James???

he is saying that we will not find our way until we stop projecting our response-ability upon saviors and teachers.  He is not even being a teacher - he is simply asking his audience to become, each of them, their own guides and teachers.  And saying that there is no other way out of the maze we have gotten ourselves into in this multi-layered distraction we know as the physical world.

I propose this question for the fun of the ongoing discussion:  what does he have to gain personally from projecting a deception?  he's not asking anyone to join his cult.  he never makes a pitch for donations in any interview...

If he represented the PTB above the PTB above the PTB that we can see, why would he propose that we become Self-sustaining critical thinkers about a system that has us allegedly thoroughly entrapped?  This would not serve the ongoing slavery drone sheeple intention...

There will always be a question of authenticity concerning such esoteric subjects alleging to be authentic, but the WingMakers and Lyricus Teaching Order material, along with the six heart virtues and heart centered writings of James remain for me the most interesting find in the esoteric offerings.

If James is right and authentic, we wont even remember this material when we finally get to the quiet place of our sovereign integral origin that he alludes to...

reminds me of A Course in Miracles where it says, trading in bad dreams for good dreams, and finally, good dreams for none....

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and this is just my opinion which should remain virtually meaningless to the reader if we are to follow what James is getting at about finding our own way, each of us.

I heard James being interviewed by Mark Hempel (website guy for Wingmakers) on youtube years ago.  must still be out there somewhere.  James has a kind of Eastern European accent with a hint of aristocratic nobility to the accent, as if he had grown up in money somewhere.  But he never sounded arrogant, just simple and sincere without ever a sound of a sales pitch in his voice.  He has the kind of humility that sounds like simple integrated spontaneous humility, not the contrived "humble-sounding" kind that you can smell from a mile away that makes me go yuk and turn the dial or channel or whatever.  He just sounds sincere and very, almost boringly (if it were not for the interesting subject matter) matter of factly with no hint of pretentious authoritarian BS.

So much so that if he is a fake and not actually authentic, he is stoned cold bat shit crazy.  no middle ground here.  he is either authentic or belongs in the loony bin.  He was being interviewed in NY

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My role, as single-pointed as it may seem, is to re-introduce the Sovereign Integral to humanity. It is an encoded word concept that has many, many layers to it. Some people will immediately resonate with the concept it contains, not really knowing why or what the word means. While it was introduced ten years ago through the website, it was only disclosed at a certain level. Now, through this communication, and those that will follow, a new layer of its meaning has been revealed.

The Sovereign Integral is the transparent Being of expansion, uniquely fit for the era in which we have begun to enter. It is the portal through which the individual can experience First Source in unconditional oneness, equality and truthfulness. It is not the soul or spirit. It is not God. It is not affiliated with the God-Spirit-Soul Complex. It is outside of this construct of the Human Mind System. And this is precisely why it can be a challenge to understand what the Sovereign Integral is, and why it requires significant preparation to experience its incomparable qualities and dimensional expressions.

The Sovereign Integral is outside of the prison, and yet it does, due to its infinite nature, encompass the prison. As an encompassing element of the human body it is as near as your breath, circulating within your human instrument, yet it remains in its own quantum existence in emptiness and stillness. I know that the description of emptiness seems unfulfilling, and to some, a bit frightful, but the emptiness I speak of is simply that it is empty of illusion – the deceptions and separations of the Human Mind System.

In closing, since this was your last question, I want to add that I realize my answers to this set of questions may cause a sense of being lost in some people – perhaps not at first, but over the days and weeks ahead, you might come to this place in your process. I want to assure you that this is normal. This feeling of being lost is a consequence of letting go of the things that bind you to your Human Mind System, and anything that cuts these threads that bind you, that asserts that your extensive, multi-lifetime beliefs have been based on programs of deception, is a very hard thing to accept without a sense of loss or a feeling of being lost.

All I can tell you is that for some of you, when you feel you have gone astray – uneasy in your every thought and feeling – you are the closest to being found. Let this recognition comfort you. The realizations of the Sovereign Integral come in waves for most people, they are like layers being peeled, one at a time, that gradually allow the full realization, and when this realization may occur for each of you is a thing best left in the mystery. You will not know when it will arrive, but in the new era, the conditions are favorable and the process is quickening with preparations like Quantum Pause.

Please be patient with your process.


Each of you must ask yourself the questions: Who would I be if masters, or God, or Light, or an extraterrestrial savior did not exist? What would I do if I was all of these in my world? It is time to take responsibility for your self. To rise up and embody the oneness, equality and truthfulness of who you are, because you cannot stand behind a Supreme Being or Master and truly express the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

(Hey, maybe he's Mormon! LOL)

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He says in one of his responses in the 2nd set of questions:

Ascension is not an individual process because the individual is not separate from its core essence, nor does it require an intermediary to reacquaint it with this essence, what I’ve been referring to throughout this interview as the Sovereign Integral. What the individual truly requires is to become disentangled from the artifice of the Human Mind System, and all this requires is the evolving awareness that is born and sustained during the Quantum Pause, or its equivalent.

The cause behind the era of transparency and expansion is multi-faceted, but let me speak to its purpose before I suggest its cause, as they are always related. The purpose of this new era is the transfer of knowledge, relative to the Sovereign Integral, so that humanity can begin living – through authentic self-expression – the behaviors of the Sovereign Integral here on Earth. In other words, the deceptions that have persisted in this world, the systems of cover-up, will be gradually dissolved, and as this macro-process unfolds in parallel with the individual knowledge transfer, First Source may inhabit the dimensional worlds for the First Time.

Let it Be!!!!

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Yes, I totally jive with all that stuff about personal responsibility and finding one's own way. It's why I inherently don't trust all the other gurus out there. They've invented complex systems or claim some higher level of achievement or standing or are worshipped by their followers or adherents. 

Trouble is with old James, you still have to read between the lines. The articles and interviews still usually come about from some other perspective or basis, so you have to weed through all of that other stuff to get to the core. We all have limited viewpoints and certain questions to ask, to the sometimes exclusion of the more valid ones. Even in the heart virtues paper, it can get confusing or cumbersome if one doesn't stick to the basic focus and decide to be interactive and employ it's use. Like the "when-which-whatever" scenario. I.just sort of breezed over that part. Because one can get too analytical and critical and miss the point. Mainly that you don't know the best way or response until you're in a given situation. So you have to be willing to explore those more heart-centered interactions. Familiarize with the concepts and energies to be more ready and available from that space. And balanced and responsive to the needs of others, whether they're clearly communicating them or not. The golden rule... everyone has a heart! Some are just more in touch or in tune with it than others. Need more "heart mechanics" out there, people! 

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I was watching/listening to some interviews on YouTube yesterday and I hear what you're saying, CB. I initially got into conspiracy stuff with the Montauk Project books and the Philadelphia Experiment. I love Peter Moon's books. Highly entertaining and thought-provoking, regardless of their "truth". Anyway, there's a LONG interview on YouTube with Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron which was the start of PM's writing about such. Very interesting to watch. Al Bialek, who was also supposedly on the ship of the PE, has several videos as well about time travel and such. In one, he mentions going to the future and the WingMakers. Check it out and let's discuss later.

Oh, I also loved books about Bigfoot and aliens and the Loch Ness monster as a kid. Book fairs were so exciting for that reason! 

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James says this toward the end of the interview relating to personal experience and response-ability - he says this after again referring to the importance of the breathing exercise and its innate ability to assist one in connecting/bridging to the higher self sovereign integral:

It is also important to understand that everything I bring forward for an individual’s consideration should be treated as a framework, not a prescriptive technique that should be followed rigidly. Individuals need to take responsibility for establishing their own exploratory techniques, methods of expansion, and new behaviors of disentangling from the HMS. Quantum Pause is a framework, not a specific system. With the web (an analogue of the Genetic Mind), there are ways to share your adjustments, add-ons, alterations, and new techniques, and I would encourage people to do this.

One last comment on the application of Quantum Pause, the big “wow” experience is not the fish you are trying to catch. You are not trying to attract anything to you; you are not trying to learn new information or become more knowledgeable; you are not trying to move energy around in your body; you are not trying to leave your body; and you are not trying to commune with your higher self or God. Your purpose, in applying Quantum Pause, is to pull down the walls that separate you from that state of consciousness that you are, and will always be, and have always been.

Quantum Pause is designed to align you with the transparency and expansion of this era of which we are all a part.

and the last part of the interview comment:

To use my previous metaphor, they are now landing at the “airport.” They are seeing the exotic land of the Sovereign Integral from their airplane seat, looking out of a small, glass window into a vast, new world. Remember, the First Point, as you step from the plane, is your breath, your heart and the virtues of its wisdom, as this is not a destination where the language is anything more than breath and virtuous self-expression. It is this simple.

I realize there will be those who will read this interview and a hundred more questions will flutter about them, perhaps only two or three will really matter in the moment, but the desire for more information and knowledge is a powerful addiction of the HMS. I would advise that you turn your attention from the acquisition of information and knowledge, and apportion it to the application of the heart virtues to yourself and all others within your local multiverse, and then simply listen to your breath, and each time you turn your attention to your breath, lean a little closer to the Being inside you, in the centermost point of your existence. Feel this bond strengthening and have the conviction that any walls that have been placed between you, or will be placed between you, will be torn down.

If your focus is there, you will find access to everything, including the language of the Sovereign Integral and how to reawaken its culture within you, and live among its dwelling places.

It is the era of transparency and expansion.

Starmonkey's picture

I knew all that already, I was just sharing a perspective with the others should they be lacking in discernment or attention or context clues. Mainly that all of the other information about global cataclysms, Annunaki, etc is really superfluous, and he says so. He's just responding to the interviewer. I did read through it a few times and didn't really miss a thing, but it helped to bring it all home for me. And then I made a point to just focus on the quantum pause breathing and six heart virtues. The core point of the whole thing. 

I've spent a LOT of time on the site and material, so I'm very familiar with that philosophy. You want to know my impression regarding James? He didn't originate the material, obviously. The discrepancies prove this. But he took it and tweaked it and expanded upon it and it had an affect on him. Transformed him. That's why this interview seems to have inconsistencies with old information. Because he was changed and he realized the priority IS people's realization of their sovereign integral state. So now he focuses more on that than the other material. 

This gets into the whole quantum dilemma and the illusion of time/space. Almost to the end of Lost again where they jump through time... Since it's all an illusion, who's to say that he didn't create it IN THE FUTURE. And that you and I weren't also cocreators, because of our involvement with it NOW. The quantum moment. Connecting past and future NOW, affects all. And shifts it. Electrically and magnetically aligning with something and resonating on that frequency. Kicks the old ego right out the window to become a coauthor of reality

Trish's picture

Thanks for clarifying the elephant thing, I can be a little slow sometimes :-)

And I agree, we are all blind to some extent, and it's hard to gauge emotion and intent over written form - for example I didn't mean intend to preject out fear or anything, and for the most part I agree with James' message.

In my groping in the dark, my intuition tells me, this info is more complicated than it needs to be and the feeling of the message lacks heart and depth. In essence my 'gut' is saying the same thing you guys are saying - all the noise and details are superfluous and James shouldn't be 'followed' or 'listened to' as an authority (and so also his message is - look within as the only source of authority). So in this context is mistrust appropriate because I'm turning to my own wisdom as recommended?

As the quote says "The Dao that can be spoken is not the Dao." So I am wary of anyone who seems to be certain that they 'know' and are trying to tell it to others - because the only true 'knowing' is your own - which could include knowing that you know nothing :-)

Still, I think it's good for people to share their knowing and affirm it in others, the problem comes with believing that only one version can be 'right' or 'wrong'. And they're shifting all the time too. What I might say my 'knowing' is today might be different than tomorrow, but both would be true for me at the time of the telling.

Anyways, enough philosophy, back to work!

Love, Trish

Starmonkey's picture

To summarize the references I alluded to above, and tantalize with a far-out story...

The Philadelphia Experiment was done in the 40s, using technology developed by Tesla, to see if the military could render a ship invisible to radar. Trouble was, it wasn't perfected, and nobody knew what would happen. It created a zone around the ship and warped it out of time/space. And that energetic displacement affects organic (living) material differently than non-organic (metals and such, especially alloys). When this happened and the reaction started to get out of control (there was a feedback loop, and some of Tesla's inventions were self-perpetuating- they only needed to get going and then they KEPT going and, in this case, picked up speed and power), the ship and the crew achieved disharmonic resonant frequencies and began to go out of phase. Crazy shit happened after that. There's a cheesy 80s movie loosely based on it that's fun to watch, several books from different sources, etc. The part that's possibly relevant to us here is that two men panicked and jumped ooverboard and were teleported through time and space to the future. 2137, to be "exact". One of these men (Al Bielek) reports on the society operating at that time, post-global-apocalypse of some sort. Similar to ours, but after some system collapse and a huge population reduction. He says those responsible for its formation called themselves the "WingMakers". He also goes on to reference the findings available on the .us site... He defines it as a semi-socialist state and says it seems somewhat stale in its endeavors. Later, he goes a few thousand years further into the future and reports even less people globally and the same basic situation. He says the people lack general motivation, because all is provided for and there's no need for much work or creativity. A "sad" state of affairs. 

Relevance? I believe this is a possibility, based on the conditions at the "time" of his experience. They are probably somewhat different now, according to the global consciousness. We are creating it and assuming those roles now. If we can awaken, and in turn awaken humanity to our collective and individual unique beauty, and to everyone's special gifts and abilities to add to the melting pot/stone soup, then we can paint a totally different picture. A more diverse and colorful one. But it takes recognizing individual responsibility to self and others. And recognizing each other's gifts to add to the mix (like Trish said), and then promoting and using them for the good of all.

I don't think the sovereign integral state takes away one's individuality. Quite the contrary, I believe it enhances it. But the prerequisites described through the six heart virtues make one prepared to embody the proper energies to be of service. "With great power comes great responsibility."

WE are the WingMakers. Who's with me?

ChrisBowers's picture

I was just posting some parts of the interview because I am so inspired by them, not as any specific response to anyone's posts...

here's the 2008 interview with Mark Hempel

Creator | WingMakers

ChrisBowers's picture

I mean, I'm in, LOL

and here is another little tidbit expressing where "James" is coming from, literally and figuratively:



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James Mahu, residing in upstate New York

In His Own Words

Perhaps the best way to understand James Mahu and his role in bringing this work to realization,
is to read, in his own words, how he explains his role. The following quote is an excerpt from the
Author’s Preface in the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

“Whenever one is asked to explain something as vast as the cosmos and its relation to the
individual entity, one is tempted to throw up their hands and expel a deep breath of resistance.
Why me? Why now? Haven’t people more capable than I done it a thousand times before? The
answer to those questions is sometimes hard to understand, and other times hard to ignore.
In my case, it was the latter.

“I have said before that this was a commissioned work. That is to say, I was asked to produce
these materials by an energy field I met when I was a young child. I call it an energy field because
I had, at the time, no other way to describe the WingMakers. Over the years, I grew to understand
their intelligence and creativity, and ultimately their purpose and how it was linked to my own, and
by extension, to each of you who are reading this.


“I was given visions of this work when I was yet in my early teens and I could see that its trajectory
was not concerned with the production of a text-based treatise. It would require multiple forms of
content and technology to include visual art, mythological storytelling, music, poetry, video,
philosophy, and ultimately a global community that could embellish these works with its own
perspectives and insights.


“However, regardless of the many layers, complexity, and scope of these works, there remains a
core essence, and this essence is spiritual equality. This is the equality that is found in the deepest
layers of the human heart, living free like a mountain stream—uncrystallized and unconformable
by social programming or even human experience. You could call this quality of equality many
different names. In my own work I’ve endeavored, and, in some cases, struggled, to name it, define
it, describe it, compose it or paint it.


“This quality of wordlessness and imagelessness is its real essence. How it has survived over thousands
of years of persecution by those who would try to own it, enslave it and make it into something it is
not, is proof of how carefully it is protected by those who would have you enlightened by its existence.
In part, because it is unseen and unspoken, this spiritual equality runs through the DNA of all life as
its template of existence—its distillation or quantum essence. It is what survives all time-forms and
though it is hidden in the mundane, it is expressible. It can live in our actions. It can have force in our
lives. It can become us.


“The beauty of this inexhaustible essence is that we—living as human beings—orbit around it like
planets to their solar centers. It is this essence that activates us to live a love-centered life and to
express the virtues of the heart into our local universe just as the sun expresses its light and energy
outward without condition. Spiritual equality is the activator of the highest frequencies of love on


“This essence or quality of equality is what is coming to this planet. We are all evolving into it, and it
into us, and not necessarily because we are consciously trying or because some all-powerful force is
orchestrating it. It is simply a natural outcome of the process that is designed into life. It is the design
of an intelligence that arises from our collective sovereign essence. We are all a piece of the design
whether we are conscious of it or not.”

fredburks's picture

Hey all,

I just took a look at this thread for the first time. Fascinating discussion! I've met Alfred Webre a few times and had a number of personal, face-to-face conversations with him, starting back in 2003 and continuing until about 2008 or so. At first, I was quite impressed, particularly as he was one of Steven Greer's witnesses, and he had fascinating personal experiences of being messed with at the Pentagon.

Then Alfred started to get increasingly strange and in my opinion paranoid. In 2011, Alfred initiated a petition on the White House website (which anyone can do) and in an article made it sound like the White House had initiated the petition and not him. When I gently questioned his integrity in this matter, he became quite angry and attacked me both in personal emails and on the Internet. Here is a quote from a personal email he sent me.

"You are the only person who reacted that way and expressed yourself that way re that article.  Because of your actions, you triggered a spate of negative comments on this story that took me a while to clean up. My experience of you is that you are still involved in the NWO coverup, because of mind control, whether witting or unwitting. Hence I treat you as a 'guided missile' apt to go off at any moment against workers like me in the Truth movement. That may be a bitter truth for you to swallow, but it is confirmed by people in the Berkeley CA community as well who have come to me unsolicited over the last 5 years and expressed this evaluation about you. To this community, you are fronting for the main stream media coverup. You may 'shift' all you want. Stop attacking me as a target."

In 2012, I responed to one of his many group emails with "Please unsubscribe me. Thanks, Fred." His response was simply "No." So I had to block emails coming from him. I have a number of friends involved in the transformation movement who have had similar exchanges with Alfred. We've generally come to the conclusion that though he has a good heart and want to do the right thing, his paranoia and not carefully checking facts has made him an unreliable source.

Regarding James and the WingMakers, I highly recommend reading my research on this at Below is a key paragraph:

"It is most interesting that James, who claims he is responsible for both the original and new WingMakers material, mentions on the changed website in question nine at this link, 'In my dominant reality, I am known as Mahu Nahi.' Yet it is stated on both the original and changed website that 'the leader of the Corteum mission to earth is called -- in English -- Mahunahi.' This same webpage describes the extraterrestrial Corteum as beings which 'stand nearly three meters high and have very elongated heads and bodies. Their skin is very fair ... almost translucent.' So if James is being honest here, he is claiming that he is a 10-foot tall alien."

I agree with the general tone of the comments above that the teachings of James have some really good stuff. I love the quantum breath. Yet it is also peppered with hierarchical beliefs and a sense that James knows the truth and we should just accept it, while we can sign on as his students - again old paradigm thinking. You can find lots more on why overall I don't trust James and the improved website at the link above.

I invite us all to open to our own inner and higher guidance as we explore these matters. These are certainly most wild and crazy times we live in!

With much love and warm wishes,

Starmonkey's picture

Will destroy ya...

Interesting stuff about peeps freaking out! I assume it's just going to happen more and more amongst those in those positions (and others too). Good thing you got out, Fred!

I think the cosmic rays and instant karma coming down the pipe so we can work stuff out and evolve to the next level/experience will be challenging many who don't have trust or community or real friendship. They'll just get crazier and less trusting. And be fighting tooth and nail to perpetuate the lies and illusions that have "defined" their existence. Panic at the wall coming down. The veils pulling aside will force them to look at things they've tried not to look at. Mostly in themselves. 

I would like to strike up even MORE discussion on the WingMakers, if some are into it. It's what initially drew me to this site (thanks, Fred!)...

I've read through the entire .us site, some of it, like the philosophy and poems and paintings several times. I know most of you haven't, but anyone that wants to engage in more conversation should try and read through all of it, or as much as you can that inspires questions or ideas. But starting there, with the original story, etc and then we can go on to check out the .com site and compare and contrast.

I think, in the response to Fred's post above, read the background story and intuit into what you believe the Corteum's purpose and involvement to be in relation to the Ancient Arrow site and humanity waking up and embracing its potential. 

Reformatting the page or printing out the materials can make reading easier than that narrow column it first appears in...

We can take up the discussion in another post that I'll start after rereading it later

ChrisBowers's picture


I am revealed to you in hopes that you will reveal to others what you have found in me. Not by sanctimonious words, but rather, by redefining our relationship and living in accordance with this new clarity. In so doing you will release what I have long ago stored within you—a fragment of myself, a dagger of light that renders your self-importance a decisive death.

Truly, this is my central revelation. I am here, beneath this mythology, to awaken your animal self to our relationship so you may slay your vanity. This is the distortion between us. It is not space or time that separates us and diminishes our conscious relationship. It is your desire to excel within the cave of your existence and derive gratification from this and this alone.

I will leave to others to define the psychological wisdom and common sense behaviors of success. My words penetrate elsewhere; to a place within you that is susceptible, innocent, faithful, and ever listening for a tonal hint of my presence. When it is found, this part of you—like an instrument entrained by a powerful resonance—will vibrate in accordance to my voice.

All of your religions teach the worship of a deity and a doctrine of human salvation. It is the underlying kinship of your planet’s religions. However, I am not the deity that your worship falls upon, nor am I the creator of your doctrines of human salvation. Worship of me in coin or moral consideration is unnecessary. Simply express your authentic feelings of appreciation to my inmost presence within you and others, and you broadcast your worship unfailingly into my realm.

This is the feeling that you should seek to preserve in the face of life’s distractions. This is the revelation of my heart to your heart. Live in clarity. Live in purpose. Live in the knowledge that you are in me and I am in you, and that there is no place separate from our heart.


Starmonkey's picture

I honestly agree with you, CB. I don't find any deceit or subterfuge underlying James' intent. I only find the discrepancies interesting. Like, why a 24th chamber? Of which, the poetry and the paintings ARE different than the rest...

I also don't distrust Lyricus, as they are probably part of the offshoot or root of the 72 galactic orders dedicated to assisting humanity. That IS still part of the hierarchy though, as regards the WM lessons. 

The trick is being discerning in the information we take in and choosing those that support our Self realization. Free will is still the catch phrase of our experience...

Also a challenge to be aware of that and break free of the student-teacher ordering that we've been so conditioned and accustomed to. While still making use of what we learn from all that. 

I'm definitely part and parcel of the 73rd percentile... I take some, I leave some and I don't accept or embrace any one perspective whole-heartedly. Except maybe that one. The "whole-hearted" view.

So, I concur on the quantum pause breathing and six heart virtues being the focus and letting the rest of it ride as garnish and trimmings and trappings. And being open to any and all with our hearts, alien or angel or demon or what-have-you. They're all members of our galactic family!

ChrisBowers's picture

Actually read that email exchange again yesterday.  Haven't looked at that since 2008!  I actually think James did an excellent job of answering many of your primary concerns and again brings it back to the individual doing their own exploring and personal response-ability work with some of the heart-centered tools and six heart virtues and breathing exercises, and not get so lost in left brain details that one loses the forest view because of that big tree that's in the way.

I also tend to believe that there really is a Lyricus Teaching Order that assists in situations like this, like an older brother helping a younger brother without taking anything from the very essential personal experience.  Reminds me of the Law of One stuff, how careful an assisting race would have to be when considering helping another race that's a bit stuck in the proverbial mud generation after generation.

I understand why James and Mark declined to answer any more questions from you because the questions asked after James took the time to answer your first set of questions were virtually the same questions and concerns all over again.  James had to have felt that you simply did not accept his answers, did not believe or receive what he had to say in response.

In any case, if one did nothing more than just focus on applying the six heart virtues and practice the quantum pause breathing exercise, one would at the very least be much more healthy physically and mentally.  I believe James had the childhood experience he speaks of and I believe he is, to the best of his ability, faithfully moving on his personal path as per the work that initial experience has led him to.

I sense no deceit at all at this point and do not sense any concern about old hierarchical paradigms.  It makes sense to me that there would be others further along the discovery path that would naturally want to assist others in the process, and do it in such a way that would not diminish the vital personal experience.

James continues to put it back on the individual to do the personal work and not be followers of self-appointed gurus or believed-to-be saviors.  He offers tools and ideas to assist one in the process and readily admits that there are others ways to get the same work done.  The WingMakers/Ancient Arrow saga has been a wonderfully exciting experience to say the least...

"As the species operates from soul consciousness, what the WingMakers call the Sovereign Integral, they are able to condition space-time so they can assist the earlier stages of humanity. It is somewhat analogous to an adult who is able to move backwards in space-time, and whisper ideas or insights from their adult perspective into the mind and heart of their body when it was only a child. The child part of them would think of these thoughts and ideas as original, as their very own, which, in a way, they are, though they originate from their future self."


"The Priorities of Practice—In Lyricus there is a phrase called Priorities of Practice. We use it to describe how an individual places their focus on the practices that matter, not in the sense of achievement, but in the sense of wielding the energy of the heart to the needs of the human family."

"The practice of living from the heart and the six virtues equates to the vibration of equality, sometimes called the tone of equality. In simple terms, this means that all human beings are equal in Oneness, Equality, and Truth, despite the frailties and weaknesses we all possess. By holding this, the attitude of the Sovereign Integral in all our daily encounters, we are being asked to work from the Love and Light of the heart."

"In this age of high technology and immense information access via the Internet, the priority of heart practice may seem like an effete and naïve activity, but this practice is the most compatible energy system relative to the energy of the dimensional shift. This is not a shift to more knowledge, even to the hidden, so-called higher knowledge of the Incunabula, but instead, it is a shift to spiritual Love."

"As pointed out in this interview, the world doesn’t need more knowledge at this critical period of history, but rather it needs more love in the form of understanding, forgiveness, and compassion. The world needs attitudes and expressions of humility, appreciation, and the valor to defend individuals from the injustices and prejudices running rampant through society—producing violence and untold misery and suffering."

"The heart virtues are accessible and simple. Their potency is an order of magnitude greater than the mind’s energies. They are a connected force, and there is nothing new about them. They have been the constant in the soul’s incarnational life."

"This reality requires a constant dose of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness in order to maintain equilibrium. There is but one antidote to judging another person: bless them. If we bless people instead of judging them, we operate more genuinely from our hearts, and untether ourselves from fear."

How could any of the intentions and gentle guidance expressed in the quotes above be considered deceitful or misleading in any way?

"True wisdom never comes to an individual until they are ready. And when they are ready, is not in the hands of any human or organization to decide. When a person is ready, truth will find them. They don’t require a search party or a mantra or a guru or a mountaintop cave. True wisdom is in the heart, sober and unencumbered, and ever waiting, and there is no power on earth that can create a barrier between this true wisdom and the individual who is properly prepared."


"One of the fallacies of enlightenment is that it is personal. It is me learning the secret knowledge, and somehow, knowing that knowledge, I become a better person. Perhaps I become a better writer, a better parent, a better business person, a better human being. However, the heart wisdom of behavioral intelligence, what I refer to as the Six Heart Virtues, is done for everyone. It is not personal. It is seeking the connection to all. It is the rediscovery of the vibration of equality—that symphony of integration that defines humanity as One Being."

"It is this discovery we are struggling to understand. And its discovery is assured."

fredburks's picture

Thanks for sharing those beautiful writings, Chris. I find them quite inspiring. I'm intrigued, as I've done some exploring and can't find some of these quotes on the WingMakers websites. I've found them instead on the Website of a J. Harmon Grahn at Do you have any more information on this? I am most intrigued!

With much love and warm wishes,

Starmonkey's picture

Hear that, brother. I straight up think of that about myself all the time. Lists, lists, lists of "what's next?", etc. Like the three desires outlined on the heart virtues paper. 

In all of my searching and seekings, it was the WingMakers that stood out to me as the most unique and having the deepest implications. I.can't even remember when I first heard about it, but for some reason, about a year and a half ago, I decided to Google it and look it up again. After thoroughly exploring the site for a few months, I finally followed Fred's links to his sites and the TC... The rest is "history"!

I find it interesting that the other alien races involved with us don't have the technology or know-how that we possess in our biology. Like they're imperfect copies or reflections of us. Even the Corteum and the Grays and to some extent the Labyrinth group can't figure it out. Too much fear and control issues. It's US that need to do it. Seems so obvious rereading the whole story/scenario. That information and site were meant to empower and activate humanity. Individually. But their fear and distrust always get in the way. WE are the bst missing link. WE are the only defense and protection this planet needs. But we have to love each other and all life, and in order to do that, we need to first love ourselves. But we've been trained and conditioned not to, to believe that we're bad or unworthy of love or that the love we give is imperfect. Not so.


ChrisBowers's picture

Lots of untraining to do, but I don't have anything more important or imperative to do, so let's go!  Have been suffering much lately from the overwhelming feeling that nothing I'm doing amounts to anything more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  The WingMakers stuff really gives me renewed hope that I actually could be doing something that mattered.  I feel that very much rekindled after participating in the subject matter of late.

Couldn't agree more about the WingMakers and heart-centered stuff standing out more than anything I've come across to date.  And I say that after reading all the Law of One stuff which is so profoundly touching that I was in tears at times from the experience.

But not even the Law of One instructions are as simple as the no brainer heart-centered exercises that James/WingMakers provides that refines and expands behavioral intelligence.

Justs those simple words "behavioral intelligence" are so profoundly meaningful to me.  Very few words touch me as profoundly - not even the word love, or any of the six heart virtue words.

I imagine the six heart virtue terms will be more and more meaningful and touching in as much as I put them to work.

Starmonkey's picture

What I've read of the Law of One resonates with me as well. But is sort of (but not) like Course in Miracles or Urantia or others in that it's way too wordy for me to keep following. I like the simple underlying message though. 

I also agree about the simplest methods are often the best. Although our monkey minds love variety and complexity...

I guess that is the next step in the equation, after we get our hearts aligned and kicking in the right direction. Then we can harmonically engage the machine which is still capable of far greater things than anything we've invented

ChrisBowers's picture

at the end of the interview with Conscious Media, that we need to use the heart-centered stuff, refining behavior intellience, to "steer" us collectively to the place where we can use the "higher mind" for the next leg of the journey.  For now it's monkey minds gearing up for the higher mind with the heart-centered behavioral-intelligence-training along with a great breathing exercise.

He's a friggin' logistical genious!  LOL

Anyone can do this - only a matter of willingness at this point.  We will fade the current whatever as a collective when enough of humanity is doing this work on behavior intelligence.  In the meantime, no judgment, only blessings.  judgment stifles progress is an understatement.

no revolution required...

Starmonkey's picture

Not to be side-tracking again, per se...

But, IF the actuality of the physicality is more of a mythology (I.e. virtual), then how does that relate to what "Dr. Anderson" says about being in the chambers being a more powerful experience? And what import does that have for a potential six other sites around the globe?

Do you think this is a place we can create or get to/meet up in another vibrational space? Are the "six other sites" really just code for the six heart virtues and engaging the "matrix" once they are activated/up and running? I agree that it's possibly just a mythos to excite us and get us looking more, but the elaborate details (more clearly in the .us version) show different personalities and viewpoints in relation to the AA project and go into such explicit detail that would seem unnecessary. 

I still sense an inherent ability of the paintings to be used as portals. But the quality of the pixels/images with the original colors (.us) is too poor to blow them up to any useful size and make one able to completely engage. I'm not interested in the .com versions, as they are altered...

Maybe this question is superfluous, but I'm still curious! 

ChrisBowers's picture

I really enjoyed reading the Ancient Arrow story, but even all that temporal excitement fades in comparison to what James is getting at about the work we can actually be doing here and now without waiting for any more updates on anything concerning the WingMakers story.

As he says so well, everything is already right here, right now.  We don't need to be teleported to anywhere.  Everything we are really looking for has never left and there is no distance from "it".  We are trying to wake up from a very realistic dream that seems so real that we have forgotten things...

This density is so strong and influential that others from other densities that try to help have to be careful not to stay too long in this gravitational field or they run the risk of getting as stuck as we are presently.

But even the stuckness is part of the overall plan of personal experience - to be able to thoroughly forget who and what we really are, and then progress back towards it with the help of our future selves.

It's basically a Oneness Enhancement Exercise....

Starmonkey's picture

Surely. It's what I intuited about possible threats or invasions, as well. Like our country's pathetic fear-mongering techniques. There is no enemy but the one we create or project from ourselves. Hollywood and CNN and Fox just can't mature beyond that point. These are silly games we played as children in grade school while testing our power and influence in the world. It's not real. We just felt so small and powerless in the shadows of our parents and "adults", that we decided to contest it with beings more our size when confronted with more options in school. Pack mentality. And people never seem to grow out of that paradigm. Once they are "grown up" they are given license to be the abusers or authority, and never think to question where that skewed perspective is coming from. Scared to look within and shift it to love and acceptance and helping one another. Every man/woman for his/herself! 

Glad we're swinging it in another direction! 


ChrisBowers's picture

They are from several places on the new wingmakers site, and also from the interviews with James.  Every time I came on some passage that really hit home for me I placed it in the post above via edit function.

I'm still finishing reading the interview with James by Conscious Media, what a great interview with great answers from James!  Most of what I was reading yesterday is in the Resources section of the WM site.  Resources | WingMakers

Got to thinking this morning again about ongoing concerns with the possibility that the site was co-opted in some form or fashion.  Regardless of what happened or didn't happen, we all would still have to be doing the internal personal heart-centered work concerning behavioral intelligence that James refers to constantly in his writings and interviews.

Even if for some reason we were not being told every detail about the WingMakers Ancient Arrow story that would enrich our understanding and bring us left brain satisfaction, we would still be left with having to do the work that will ultimately bring humanity on this planet to a collective behavior intelligence vibration that would have us collectively prepared to journey onward into the other dimensions and densities that are allegedly teeming with forms of Conscious life, the greater community that awaits our entry upon becoming prepared as a harmonious benevolent collective.

James says something interesting in one of his interviews about how so many of us move from one interesting/intriguing story or religion to the next all our lives hoping to find the perfect vehicle for each of us.  Than he mentions the statistics concerning what people actually do when they are given the opportunity to make use of an exercise like the practice of the six heart virtues and the quantum pause breathing exercise.  It boils down statistically to 2 people out of 100 that actually stick with it and the other 98 are off to the races looking for the next amazing thing that tickles their fancy.

What a great point he is making about human nature and the lack of willingness to just stick with the simple mundane thing that might just bring them to the place they are actually trying to get to.  No story can save us and no teacher can make me do the required work.  And no savior can prepare me with behavioral intelligence so I can actually appreciate being "saved".

As so many have said so many times, We are the one's we have been waiting for.  That line always bored me because I was just not yet willing to really commit to the work that James speaks about every chance he gets in every interview.  I am so tired of waiting for myself to be willing which is making me really willing....

fredburks's picture

Most profound for me has been continually applying the three principles of transformation in my life, and particularly seeing the divine in all. This has powerfully shifted my life and relationships. Thanks for resurfacing this powerful material.

With much love and warm wishes,

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I love your enthusiasm, Chris. I hear you on erratic human behaviour - I see it a lot in myself, sometimes I feel like a pendulum. But I also have this feeling that I'm connected to the greater whole, so these erratic emotions are not just mine - they are everyone's. And it feels like if I do the work to accept and breathe through the waves and come to more of a balance within, that it does affect the greater whole as well. I feel like those of us in the world who are doing this with intention are slowly turning the rudder, and the ship is moving, slowly. There may be those who are deliberately setting out intentions toward fear, separation, and domination, but I really feel like the 'positive' intention trumps the negative by a large margin. I don't know this, not at all, that's just my feeling at the moment.

Let's keep encouraging each other!

Love, Trish 

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The resurfacing of this most powerful material has inspired me to work on my behavior, improvement and consistency.  There's something very mathematical about all of this relating to human behavior...

As in there cannot be much of a transistion while human behavior is erratic and out of balance with itself as a whole.  It's exciting to realize that it really is important and imperative at the individual level, this thing about behavioral intelligence that steadys the ship of human development, progress, evolution, introduction to the greater community already there excited, hopeful and awaiting our collective choice to join the party already in progress...  I love feeling legitimately hopeful again!

a quote from The Shawshank Redemption

"Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies"

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I love what James has helped me understand, that I am not earning my way to "Heaven", rather I'm doing my exciting part to be a better "fractal" part of the whole of Humanity.  I never again have to succumb to the temptation that there's no real good reason to even try anymore given the present condition of Humanity and world we find ourselves navigating.

James in his interview with Mark Hempel from 2013 uses the analogy of a dance floor with the left brain "professionals" on one side and the right brain "creative thinkers" on the other, and that at the time of the interview the ratio was approx. 650/1 left brains to right brains.

This helped me to see the whole of humanity as one entity working it out, coming to peace with itself in a polarized duality atmosphere.  and any and all will and do have their moments of tripping on the dance floor, but need only get up brush off and keep dancing instead of feeling guilty or discouraged.  We have the dance floor for as long as we need it, and all are equal, enduring, sacred, indestructible, individuated fractal parts of First Source.

Never apart from Itself while Being an Infinite number of individuated parts to more fully and richly experience every possible aspect of everything forever and ever, amen....

The late Terence McKenna called the Cosmos a novelty engine - I really love his take on it...

The whole of Humanity is irresistably destined to ultimately fade the current despotic paradigm.  It will not happen by endless revolution, a paradigm within the paradigm (like thinking you took the red pill when really you swallowed the blue pill without realizing it).

It will happen quite naturally when the they we have given our power to (while thinking it is them that took our power) simply cannot get our attention anymore.  I saw this in a epiphany moment Saturday night in the most seemingly unlikely of places.  Was watching the Independent Spirit Awards when Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein show up to talk about how they are now going about doing their show Portlandia.  They said that their new approach to the show is a switch from common human scenarios to actually studying human behavior, why people do what they do.

They sounded like they would make excellent therapists.  My epiphany (was stoned at the time - personally my favorite time for small moments of enlightenment) was realizing that people that talk and think like Fred and Carrie probably don't spend much time worrying about alleged powers that be, but simply go about their business doing what is fulfilling and enriching to them personally.  Choosing not to be distracted by fear-based notions that drain emotional power and dull behavioral intelligence.

When enough of us are behaving this freely, lovingly and independently the so called PTB will no longer be able to keep our attention.  No one can take our power - we can only allow someone to utilize it until we decide to take it back.  Back to the dance floor....

here's lookin' at ya Fred n Carrie

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It's been a little over three months for me... Pregnant wife that no longer partakes makes its presence in the domicile less frequent. Plus don't know any tokers here and nearest retail is 40 minutes away in Ridgway... Sad times, sad times. 

But anyway!...

Nice musings, y'all. The hardest part for me is PATIENCE. With all of it changing. And people. That's where the WM wisdom of experiencing timelessness comes in. And envisioning it while realizing it still might be a hundred or so years away. Tryin not to rush it! Everyone is definitely not ready yet. Got to slip it to em slow and easy, so their heads don't explode. 

We all need to have those posters with the cat on our walls... "Hang in there!"

Mine would have Grumpy Cat on it. Saying "no". And letting go. 

Not of the dream/vision. Just of the desire to control/force anything. It just doesn't WORK that way...

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