The Great Awakening

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Just finished downloading a .wav file utilizing the ancient Solfeggio tones used in Gregorian and Sanskrit chants, ut-396, re-417, mi-528(love), fa-639, sol-741, la-852.  the "ti" and "do" we heard in My Fair Lady was a way for the state church at the time to cover up the available power of these tones.

here is the Dailymotion short clip featuring the Solfeggio tones, and also the link to the .wav file for anyone wishing to use them.

Dailymotion - Saviors of Earth - The Solfeggio Ascension Frequencies - a Life & Style video

just "right click" the .wav file and choose "save link as", and then locate where you want it...

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I just listened / watched this video, and it was sure powerful!  I could feel my whole body in vibration.  Even now, as I type, the back of my head is abuzz.  Pretty neat.  There is always so much more to learn!  Thank you, for all your posts!  I find them so wonderful, and informative.

Much love and light,


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