Healing in the 9/11 truth movement

We Are Change UK did an excellent job with this interview and I thought this was a wonderful example of the beginnings of healing with the 9/11 truth movement. We Are Change began in NYC with Luke Rodowski basically using ambush journalism to "get" interviews with various people who probably had involvement in the 9/11 attacks or their cover-up. I don't want to criticize Luke because I think when he began the movement, we were all weirded out by what happened and just getting people to look at the information was difficult. His efforts were heroic in many ways but this interview style is so much more effective at getting the truth out. This interviewer reassures this BBC reporter that he isn't trying to accuse him of wrong doing but just trying to get at what happened. I think this is a good wake-up video to pass on to those who may be ready.



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I heard two excellent points made the other day on community tv. there are only a few demo companies worldwide that have the skill level to engineer a steel structure high rise to implode and fall perfectly into it's own footprint.  point a: can one reasonably expect the alleged terrorists to have possessed this skill level (not to mention allegedly getting the job done by simply flying one airliner each into the two towers), and b: even if they had possessed such a skill level, why would a group of terrorists want to fall the towers and building 7 into their own footprints?

it can be reasonably assumed that terrorists would want to inflict as much damage as humanly possible to Manhattan and the USA.  the only group of people who would want the world trade center buildings to cause as little damage as possible to surrounding real estate are the group of real estate investors that twice attempted to get a demo permit to drop the towers, but were denied by the port authority because of the asbestos fire proofing (and the asbestos abatement cost would have been extremely cost-prohibitive to say the least).

it is safe to say (for any critical thinker) that those involved have gotten away with another major false flag event.  The scary part of this is not that they are so good at false flag events, good enough to fool the masses, but that humanity as a whole is so willing to readily accept the official explanation and move on with their lives.  As long as the majority of humans remain blue pill mentalities we can expect "them" to get away this every time.

It even occurred to me that (if there truly is some form of "God" that orchestrated this Consciousness & Novelty Engine experiment) the Creator's design and program accounts for false flag events such as this as a periodic self check point to gauge where Conscious Awakening is in It's process.

I look forward to the next one with eyes wide open....

might even be the fake alien invasion false flag event to justify trillions in war machine defense spending...

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