Mothering Instinct Overpowers Nature in Inspiring 3-Minute Video

What happens when natural enemies enounter an overpowering mothering instinct in the animal kingdom? Watch the amazing video below to find out!

With much love and joy,

P.S. Thanks to Norma for sending this one and asking me to post it here.

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Thanks Fred.


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So good for the heart.

We, as the alleged "the superior species", should be so kind.

Loved the enigmatic scenario of the baboon kill immediately followed (leaving the kill unattended) by the instant motherly instinct.  Made me think on the complex and sometimes hard to explain behavior of mankind.

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Dear Fred and Norma,

May we all be this compassionate.

Thank you for posting. Love,Mary

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What a beautiful story!  Thank you for posting!

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awwwwww..animals and mommys!:)


animals are ascending with us:)




thanks for sharing this story:)

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That clip brought tears to my eyes. I think that I will go set a sprinkler in the yard. See who comes to play!


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cool..thanks for making me cry:)

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