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Hi folks,

Here's a link to a video inspired by a poster from the Zeitgeist Movement that Josh and I are in the process of finishing.  It is in a temporary place in one of my web sites, so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that will be when uploaded to YouTube, but other than the sound it is fairly finished (unless a whole bunch of suggestions come back)   Sealed

Please let us know what you think.


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Kudos. I found it very straightforward and to the point. I will share it with my chess player husband later in the day. The way you've produced this feels easy for the 'masses' to actually hear it and that is a good thing.

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This was great!  Thank you.  I'd love to see it again when you're all set with it. 

Lots of love,



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Thanks,  that's good to hear.  We are trying to find a form that will encourage others to join the flow, as opposed to simply "playing to the choir".  Josh is now working on some music and improving the narration. I think music holds one of the keys.

What will break through the mental divide?  Ultimately I know that when we "see the face of Christ on our brothers" we will know we have arrived, and that can only be done through our internal work, fixing our perception mechanism, but while we are working on that, there may be some other ways with which we can encourage the movement in that direction.

Thanks again.

Much light and love.


Thank you!

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Isent you a personal message concerning the ZM...Hope you get it.

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of a quote from Ram Dass..."Treat everyone as is they were God in drag!"

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... to the way things work in "the world".  The images you chose were effective.  I especially liked the cartoon of the guy sitting in the circular (stone was it?) enclosure, on the walls of which are projected the ideal of the America we're supposed to believe in, while outside, beyond the walls (of our perceptual prison), is the reality.  That was actually brilliant.

The video stands well as it is, although there is another, invisible element in the game.  The metaphor of the chess game accounts for all the visible players -- the top ones being the king (heads of government) and the queen (monetary system).  And there is mention of one invisible player -- "you" (us, the people, who, paradoxically, are also the pawns).   The other player is implied although not mentioned: the faceless Elite at the top of the pyramid (a different metaphor) who control their king and queen. 

Thanks for making this and sharing it with us.  Be sure to tell us when it goes on YouTube.

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Hmm... that would be a good sequel.  The influence of the invisible hand of... the "Taker" meme?

I don't think I want to do an Illuminati/Masonic/whatever expose.  Those are a dime a dozen and I don't get the impression they convinces anyone.  However, if we were able to convey the idea that our own perception machinery (influenced, manipulated, indoctrinated, bamboozled, deceived, and otherwise abused by external interests) is the reason we see this world as dangerous and evil, and that if that is so, then all we need to do is change our mode of perception, change our mind (which is the easiest thing to do IF one wants to change his/her mind), then that would be a good video to produce.

Good train of thought to get on-board of.

This may be something we can come up with together... all those great minds/hearts floating around here. 



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OK, we got it done  :-)    Here it is:

Please let us know what you think.  Can it be a good tool to help our fellows through the transition?  How can we improve it?  Are the links provided in the "Description" of any value?  Would you like to suggest any others to add?

As some of the resent threads have been saying, it is not what we think, or what we say here at the forum, but what we DO out there in our community, with our family and friends, our companions.

And BTW, I'm with Wendy in not trusting ANYTHING that is sponsored, or even supported, by any corporation.  By the very nature, its original seed, a corporation is ONLY programmed for profit.  If they are a "person", as they are legally recognized, they are then sociopaths, and not to be trusted.  Would you trust a person you knew whose ONLY goal in life is to make a buck?  Literally, the only goal of a corporation is profit. NOTHING else.

Check out the film "The Corporation" to understand the reason why it can not be any other way (link to the free version in YouTube is also given).  As FairyFarmGirl has suggested, I'd give my loyalty to the Intenders instead.

They are more trustworthy, I believe.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling good.  All is on schedule.  We are getting there.

Much love.





Corporations in the purest sense are not about profit instead a Corporation is a group of individuals who come together to create products of excellent quality that are built to last.  Money is a paradigm that is on its way out... as we are in the backwaters of the Cosmos we are taking longer to get with the new paradigm that the rest of the Cosmos is using.  I like the description of a corporation for the highest good of all concerned as it is depicted in the Argarians that I posted awhile back. Corporations are best owned by all and shared by all for the Good of All.  An form is only as good as those using the form.  For instance, a knife can be used to heal, to create and to injure.  It is not the form of the knife that is the issue it is those who are using the knife.


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Bob, I think the changes you made, especially at the end regarding our escaping our identity as pawns and creating a whole new game, were just what was needed.  And that's really where the hope lies, doesn't it: in walking away from the chessboard, which we can see as a creation of the benighted elite, operating from the darkest, smallest rooms of the human mind.  (Of course, we're also responsible for the existence of that game, since we allowed it and therefore had to play it.)  Because if we don't play, the game dies,and we step into more spacious, light-filled rooms of our being. 

Good job.

Elizabeth, regarding corporations: It's true that we could regard a corporation as a neutral tool, like a knife, that could be used for good (common good) or ill (profit above all else).  And I like your ideal of a corporation (although I'd say "business" instead of corporation.)  And surely in a community of more enlightened (in whatever positive sense) people, corporations would serve a nobler purpose than just making money.  But in such a community, I don't think corporations would even exist because they wouldn't have to.  In fact, the very purpose and structure of corporations grew fairly recently out of the dog-eat-dog world of cut-throat chess (to use Bob's metaphor).  Chess is a game of war.  And, as we know, corporate executives are at war, in fact; they're marinated in the culture of competition and squeezing ever more profits out of the people and wresting market share away from competitors.   A corporation is a legal construct, and it has a number of purposes, some of them positive, but one of its mabe not so positive purposes is to act as a suit of armor, built for battle and to protect the individual inside from harm  -- that is, from liability for harmful/illegal decisions made.  As you know, you can't sue an executive or board of directors personally; you can sue the corporation, but the people responsible get off.  Therefore, accountability suffers.  Are corporations necessary?  ("Corporation" does not equal "business.")  Well, they didn't even exist about 150 years ago, so we had thousands of years without them.  It was the high-powered profit-driven business culture of the mercantile and industrial age(s) that spawned them, finally, in the late 19th century.  It seems that some sort of business organization has to exist for services and products to be provided efficienly, but I firmly believe that the modern corporation is becoming obsolete (like the suit of armor) and needs to be dissolved, and then we build some other structure(s) from the ground up, based on wise, compassionate thinking.  And then what you say, producing excellent goods/services for the benefit of people, will be a reality.  I'm sure this will happen as a result of the transformation we sense that we're in.

Corporations replaced the Guild.  A Guild was a corporation in the purest sense as well as a political entity.  Guilds gave way to corporations with the rise of competition and increasing Globalism.  Some Guilds had thousands of members and set prices based upon the guild members and guild elders wishes.  The Guild rose from the ashes of feudalism following the bubonic plague. The bubonic plague evened out the playing field and was a major contributing factor to the demise of the Feudal Lord System and the rise of the Middle Class and New Money.

Guilds built goods to last and last.  This was a corner stone to thier goverence within the guild.  Each guild assisted the other guilds as all the guilds were interdependent on each other for good and services.  This is how I see the corporations in the future.  Owned by humanity, run by guild-like members and creating good and services for the Good of all in harmony with our Earth and all humanity and the cosmos.  I see these new corporations as the manufacturing sector of our global economy where the primary objective is to create goods that improve the lives of all for all and is given freely to all.  A system of exchange would be exchange of goods and services amongst all the corporations and producers--- everyone would be part of the creation of goods:  either as a producer of raw materials, transportation engineers, builders, plant operators etc. 

Business is not evil.  This is what I see as major blind spot to all the conspiracy dabblers. They label systems evil call for their downfall... with extreme cynism and fear and do not a thing to create anything to replace the system, create a new system, transform a system or assist in a transitional system.  All I hear is noise from the extreme left conspiracy dabblers and extreme right Corporate Elitist.  It is not a system of exchange that will resolve anything.  Resolution and Transformation of this dynamic takes cooperation (a hallmark of corporations) and interdependence, and consensus building as well as peace making.  I have yet to see any conspiracy theorist actually invest in a peacemaking process.  What I do see is extreme cynism that sounds like the same noise as Conservative Neo-Right.   Both sides deny each others humanity. 




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Did you understand that I share your vision of the future as you've laid it out?  I'd like to to clarify what I said (or attempted to say) because I don't think you understood:  I did not say that business is evil (read back).  And I mentioned that business and corporations are not the same.  A corporation is a relatively recent legal construct applied to business, nothing more.  And, as this legal construct has been made and applied, it certainly is capable of plenty of evil because it protects those in business who are willing to do evil for profit. 

Guilds have, traditionally, built goods to last.  And although this sense of integrity does still persist in some degree, notably among some artisans and small concerns , business logic, as greed for capital has largely overcome the commitment to integrity, has embraced the intentional cheapening of the quality of goods and services.  This isn't conspiracy theory, it's fact.   A high-profile example: Analysis of the steel used in the construction of the Titanic revealed an inferior grade of material, which could well have contributed to the breaking up of the ship.  In the 1950's the concept of planned obsolescence (making junk that will fall apart) was introduced, first in the US auto industry.  And it has spread and is the standard today.  When business abandons greed (profit to the exclusion of other considerations) and develops a conscience and a sense of integrity again, then it will have returned to the ethic of the guild.  I believe this will happen. 

I will admit that your last paragraph bothers me.  (Your judgment is pretty sweeping, so it's hard to know just how to respond.)  I'll tell you why.  People who point out the negative, destructive aspects of the system or corporations or whatever are not necessarily cynics or conspiracy theorists/dabblers.  Some may be cynical, but most, I think, are responsible people trying to make sense of things and who do want something better.  They're identifying problems.  Don't they deserve some respect for that?  If some of them (us) come from fear, well, that doesn't help, but we can well understand why they might be fearful.  Not everyone has gone beyond fear.  If they don't offer a solution it may be because they don't know yet.  Solutions can come after problems are identified, not before.

Almost everyone uses the term "conspiracy theorist" or "conspiracy theory."  "Conspiracy dabblers" is new to me.  Are we aware of when these terms started to become part of the common language?  They may have existed before, but I don't remember hearing them until 9/11.  Since then they've been used by the media and government spokespeople to discredit those who question the official story.  "Conspiracy theory" has come to mean "unfounded notion of conspiracy."  And "conspiracy theorist" means "nut case."  These terms were worked into our minds again and again, with the convenient result that we (the population) tend to turn our minds off every time we hear them (like Pavlov's dog salivating at the sound of a bell) and turn our eyes away from official wrongdoing.  It's part of "perception management" of the masses.  Do we see how we've bough into this?

History is absolutely replete with conspiracies; this not a theory, it's a fact.  And we know that conspiracies have happened and are happening at this moment. They happen at governmental, financial, and corporate levels.  We know this.  Many of us have woken up to this.  People who point it out are not automatically cynics or nut cases who are focused only on the negative and who have nothing to offer.  They offer awareness.  Thank you.  They are part of all of us, trying to navigate these times, and they are performing a necessary function; it's part of what has to happen for change to occur.  Let's be grateful.  If someone else has a possible solution, great; let's be grateful for that, too.  Calling people conspiracy theorists or dabblers is playing the game of the PTB.  We can and certainly will disagree with someone else's view, but it would be so much better if we could drop the loaded terms and just refuse to use that divisive currency.  Then we won't be dividing ourselves (us and them) within the community of people who actually agree on the fundamentals of what's happening and where we're going.

I apologize for the misunderstanding.  I understand now we are all envisioning a similar outcome.  I believe the misconnect was over my understanding of a corporation.  To me a corporation is a large group of manufactures sharing resources and manufacturing facilities to create goods or services enmass.  Since there are quite a few people on this planet... I can not imagine how we would all want to return to planting our own food, harvesting our own grains and produce, individually milling it.  Then baking our own bread in our own wood fired oven from wood that we cut all on our own... etc... The labor is exhausting... Thus, I see manufacturing and automation a way in which to save humanity from labor intensive repetitive and unfilling work and allowing for time to focus on the finer points of life and creative pursuits... a system that allows for all to be cared for with the very best of all for the All and each individual.  This is how I see corporations. 

I see that my understanding and my understanding of what you were illustrating is lacking.  And for that I apologize.

I see conspiracy theory dabblers as rabble rousers... no different than the conservative right.  I have a deep respect for whistle blowers who are often labeled as conspiracy theorist when in fact they are not as they have proof. 

I will illustrate.  Awhile back in the late 1990's- early 2000's hidden cameras at intersections became common in some cities in the USA.   The conspiracy theorist dabblers proclaimed it was the shadow government!  When in fact the cameras where an attempt by local town/city and/or state governments attempt to cut down on collisions at intersections due to impatient drivers who were running red lights and causing accidents or running people over.  There was also a need to generate more revenue through tickets.  The reason for installing the cameras had nothing to do with the Federal Government or the Shadow Government.  The reason was not malice.  But, here I was at every intersection terrified that "they" were going to come and "get" me.  It never did happen.  Still has not happened.  At one point I was so paranoid that I thought the new red lights with the lenghtwise blinking white line was a camera continuous snapping pictures of everything.  When I was shown that it simply was a red light designed to alert people that it was indeed a red light to stop at... I was at first incredulous.  How could I have been duped?  No way... that was not the truth even though I could see that it was.  Even now I am wary of red lights that are blinking.  This is the power of Conspiracy Theorist.  Not all are for the Good of Humanity.  Many are only rabble rousers and in fact have more in common with the Dark than we give them credit for.

When you say a legal corporation are you speaking of multinational corporations operating in export processing zones? 



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Thank you.  I hate to have discord where none need be. 

I'm just saying that a corporation is a legal construct which can be applied to a business (and there are other applications, like towns).  Any business, or even one person in business, can be incorporated.  I'm not distinguishing between small corporations or multinationals.  Here's the Wikipedia definition:

A corporation is an institution that is granted a charter recognizing it as a separate legal entity having its own privileges, and liabilities distinct from those of its members.[1] There are many different forms of corporations, most of which are used to conduct business.

Corporations exist as a product of corporate law, and their rules balance the interests of the management who operate the corporation, shareholders, and employees who contribute their labor.[2]  In modern times, corporations have become an increasingly dominant part of economic life.

An important feature of corporation is limited liability. If a corporation fails, shareholders normally only stand to lose their investment, and employees will lose their jobs, but neither will be further liable for debts that remain owing to the corporation's creditors.

Despite not being natural persons, corporations are recognized by the law to have rights and responsibilities like actual people. Corporations can exercise human rights against real individuals and the state,[3] and they may be responsible for human rights violations.[4] Just as they are "born" into existence through its members obtaining a certificate of incorporation, they can "die" when they are "dissolved" either by statutory operation, order of court, or voluntary action on the part of shareholders. Insolvency may result in a form of corporate 'death', when creditors force the liquidation and dissolution of the corporation under court order[5], but it most often results in a restructuring of corporate holdings. Corporations can even be convicted of criminal offences, such as fraud and manslaughter.[6]

Although corporate law varies in different jurisdictions, there are four core characteristics of the business corporation:[7]

(What's not said here is that although the corporation can be sued for fraud or manslaughter, the owner or an executive of a wrongdoing corporation does have some protection in terms of limited liability, usually financial liability.  I imagine that he would still be liable for criminal wrongdoing, if it could be proved that he was the source of the wrongdoing.  But in a corporate structure, much can be disguised and hidden, or blamed on some clueless vice president who just signed something he didn't read carefully.  I understand that this is a complex issue with no pat formulas, and I don't pretend to have but a shallow understanding.  If anyone in the group can add substance to this, please do.)

When you talked about a corporation as co-operating businesses, did you mean a conglomerate.?  Here's Wikipedia again: "A conglomerate is a combination of two or more corporations engaged in entirely different businesses together into one corporate structure, usually involving a parent company and several (or many) subsidiaries. Often, a conglomerate is a multi-industry company. Conglomerates are often large and multinational."  Whereas "A cartel is a formal (explicit) agreement among competing firms. It is a formal organization of producers and manufacturers that agree to fix prices, marketing, and production.[1] "Cartels are supposedly illegal.

As far as "conspiracy theorists" go, I will admit that some people see conspiracy in everything.  It's as if they have on conspiracy-tinted glasses.  It's a mindset.  But where there is real evidence of conspiracy -- or even a reasonable indication of one -- I think whistleblowers deserve to be heard and respected.  As far as those surveillance cameras go, I recognize the safety aspect, but I honestly don't know if or how they may be used in other ways.  What you describe was evidently just a safety measure.  When we were in England, we saw them practically everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  A number of natives we asked about them grumbled uneasily that there were far too many of them.  But there are cameras, and there are also other cameras.  Who knows?  So I'll hold any opinion for now.

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First off... thank you for the kind words of encouragement Bob.  I hope it may be useful in some way.

The other thing is that your dialog, FairyFarmGirl and you, reminds me of a common mistake we tend to make.  We need to remember that words are not numbers.  A number has a definite value, it means only one thing (when speaking of quantities)  1 is always 1, 5 is always 5, and so forth.  When we  communicate numbers we can be fairly certain that the numbers will be duplicated in the receivers mind exactly as the quantities the numbers mean.  When we string a bunch of words together, we tend to think that the recipient will know what our meaning (the value we give) of those words is and therefore grasp the meaning intended.  But as your dialog demonstrates, it is not so.

The way to diminish the misunderstanding is the use of a dictionary, or in this case Wikipedia.  Then, even if my understanding of the word is different, at least I have a chance to know what the other person is trying to say.  Our communication transaction is done with a "common coin".  So it is a good idea to do as you suggest about slowing down before jumping to a response, for it may be that we are agreeing with the concept communicated but "our words get in the way".

It so happens that the initial image in the video is from the Mondragon Cooperatives, a conglomerate from Spain, which is probably one of the closest organizations to the idea of the guild that you propose.

As for "conspiracy dabblers"... I think that, as always, we need to practice discernment.  Some indeed are just rabble rousers, with no other purpose but to enturbulate our emotional state, but some are not.  I don't believe that you'd place the scientists, engineers, architects, high military officers, diplomats, etc. calling for 911 truth in the same category as all other "conspiracy theorists" (with the derisive meaning TPTB intend), do you? 

As to the need to go into that subject, it is simply to loosen the loyalty many people have to those institutions that are not geared to further their survival.  Like the video says, the large pieces are not interested in our well being, but only to use us to further their own aims, we are their pawns, because, like the peasant in the middle ages, we are the ones that provide the means for them to carry on with their activities.  Then, at the same time, provide other possible institutions to which our loyalty (energy, chi, power) can be given, that are designed to be helpful and more life and liberty friendly... so that we don't become pray of other nefarious organizations, masquerading as alternatives, operating with the same dominator principles.

Peace and Love.


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I like the video very much. Esp the walled-in guy watching projected American images! Brilliant. I like the video for the chess analogy and for your clear points. It doesn't require understanding motives of elites or spending time formulating your own analogies. So good job. At the end you play a little music-good. In fact it was a relief from exclusive focus on a voice alone-doesn't matter if it was a movie star talking-it still is taxing to listen to a voice for an extended period without a little variety thrown in for the ears-just human nature I guess... But I'd add some more music during the narrative-as you discussed earlier-maybe some recognizable stuff for the simple fact that it will engage more people. If you're done-no worries, it's a fine flick as is!

 I liked the fact there aren't a lot of "conspiracy" issues for people to get hung up on, so one can inject your own version of causality and remain open to the solution. Great ending BTW. Hope is the most important thing(I've been learning lately), and freedom everyone's desire for their life.

Nice Work. I'd like to see more videos made along these accessible lines.

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Thanks Brian.  Josh suggested that also, the recognizable sounds for a few of the scenes... but, since we are working on our spare time, and he has a full life, with family, work and school, I was too impatient to wait.  My fault.

I do want to make other videos.  I hope Josh will be willing and able to do the audio.

I'm also wondering if it would be possible, and some of the folks here at the gathering would be willing to write some stories cooperatively?

For example, I have the kernel of an idea for another video from Bob's suggestion above, about the invisible influence, the "elite" not mentioned in the chess game.  But I have the idea that it is our perception habits that don't permit us to see the benign Universe before us (the actual elites are thoroughly, 120%, immersed in those habits, and that's why they can do what they do).  So, I would like to write a draft of a script and present it to the group to get some feedback, make corrections, clarifications, make it more understandable, more accessible, lively, and so forth. 

Would any of you be interested in a project like that?  Perhaps do it in the Transformation Community forum? (so that we don't get any accidental trawlers coming into the exchange)

Also, other short, more zen types of videos.  Really short videos that would be something like the Holy Cow cartoons we saw during the course.  This guy has inspired me (I'm learning the software the uses). He's a brilliant animator:


A Holy Cow type would be a bit more positive   :-)    but you get the idea.

What do you think?




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Hi Bob-

I would certainly read a video creation forum advidly and make any sugestions that came to mind. I like the short videos/zen idea too.

I think your video is great and also love the picture screen inside the rook - fantastic idea. My only sugestion for a possible improvement would be that I thought the script could be read with a bit more enthuiasm or inflection added to the voice - a very minor comment - the video is really excellent overall but it sounded like you were looking for sugestions for any improvements. Thanks for all the work you are doing, it is very appreciated.


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Thanks Wendy.

I'll keep you informed when the project come up.



Hey Bob,

What software are the animations done on? I used to work with 3dmax, these days mainly CAD, I haven't really done any animation, I do photo realistic images but I have fiddled with the animations from time to time and might be able to help with that or some modelling and maps, 




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I'm sad to say I haven't had a chance to watch the final version until now, I like it!

I'd certainly be interested in Collaborating on some more projects,  just let me know. I've got a few songs recorded if you wanted to do a music video - lyrically they are mostly about the kind of stuff we all talk about on these forums, so I think the creation of the video would be a natural process for you :)

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Hi Bob

I must apologise too, I have only just watched the final version - it's very good.  Not too in your face so wont put people off, just get them to think.  I will show it around and get some more feedback from others to see what they think.

I liked the ending of the first version too. 

Great idea and I would love to help in any way I can.

with sacred love valx

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The 2 small animations were made with ToonBoom Animate, a 2D animation program designed by and for traditional pencil and paper animators, a not too expensive commercial product with lots of excellent fast productivity features.  A lot of good free tutorials also, but as always, it takes time to really learn to do the stuff.

But I'm trying to make up my mind about whether I should focus on this 2D animation program or a 3D animation program, Blender, which is open source (free) and fully featured, just as the very expensive commercial programs.  I used to do 3D animation in LightWave, probably more like your CAD work Jez, and I loved doing that, but it was more for tech illustration, showing how machinery works.  But now that I want to do cartooning... I'm not sure which would be better, how much work goes into doing a good 3D cartoon character as opposed to a 2D one.  Maybe I'll learn both   :-)

Anyway, yes Josh, send me your songs.  Maybe I will be inspired to make a visual track for them.  I'm glad you liked the final    :-)

And yes, I'll be posting a couple of projects in the Transformation Community forum pretty soon.



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