Setting History Free - David Wilcock and Graham Hancock

David Wilcock's new interview with Graham Hancock - who was himself recently featured in the History Channel Ancient Alien's series (highly recommended!!)

I Haven't watched this yet, but I assume it will be in the same vein as the AA series. Interesting article to acompany the video at this link:

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Thank you for posting this Josh!  Here is the youtube link since I could not figure out how to get the video working at DivineCosmos

YouTube - Setting History Free (1/10): Graham Hancock & David Wilcock

or the whole enchilada in one link

YouTube - Setting History Free: Graham Hancock & David Wilcock

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Further to my last - Just sent this out to most of my friends and family:

Hey all,

Just watched this documentary (more of an interview really - interspersed with lots of supporting footage/images/ and some music - I would say its nearly the quality you could expect from a History Channel special or something)!

Next time you have an hour and a half, and feel like veging out a bit and watching a movie, consider checking thsi out. Especially if you have any interest in the following topics (all covered in some amount of detail)

- The Pyriamids of Ancient Egypt
- The Sphinx
- Underwater Cities in Cuba and Japan (and elsewhere)
- Geography pre/post the last Ice Age (ties into the above)
- Mayan/Aztec history
- Ancient vs. Contemporary knowledge of Astronomy and Geology (and how they also tie into the designs of much of the above)
- The Arc of the Covenant
- Shamanism and Ayajuasca Visions in South America
- And a hint of 2012/Knights Templar/Free Masonry/UFO Conspiracy stuff for good measure (only about 5-10 mins total on this stuff)

I highly recommend this video - as far as "whacked out conspiracy stuff" goes - this is pretty tame and scholarly. The guy on the right (Graham Hancock) in this video is a fairly well known historical researcher and tries to avoid the "really out there" stuff as much as possible. The guy on the left, a somewhat prominent conspiracy / 2012 type researcher - though I assure you he doesn't say too much haha.

For those who want to go a little bit further down the rabbit hole, check out this documentary series from history channel called Ancient Aliens - don't let the title fool you, by the end of it you might even be agreeing with a lot of their theories - this series covers a lot of the same ground as in the above interview but with a bent towards the "paranormal" while still presenting a lot of solid research and good facts. I would suggest watching the interview above first as it gives a better overview with less "crazy." Theres a few dudes in the Ancient Alien's docu series that are a little bit too out there even for my tastes.

Note - If you've never used Ninja Video you will need to know that you must click on the "Helper" Link at the top of the page for video's to work. Also if you decide to check this out - Don't bother watching the pilot episode (Episode "0") - the first episode and subsequent ones just rehash all the same info anyways.


Feel free to copy and paste the above and forward widely - I found this interview to be a great "primer" for people who aren't into conspiracies - but aern't afraid to turn off the TV/Radio/Whatever and think for themselves nonetheless.

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Thanks Josh for posting this.

It is I think one of the better videos which David has put out recently. I don't include his recent 2012 film which was also excellent in my view.  Graham Hancock is a wonderful researcher and I enjoyed watching this video immensely.  I had thought to myself, that unlike the Avalon and Camelot videos which so often are presented, David did NOT interupt Graham's commentary and allowed him to complete his flow of thought.  Huzzah to David.  I am very impressed. When he did ask questions, it was very precisely to lead on to another important subject.  David is an excellent interviewer in this video and I applaud him.




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Hi Josh-

Thanks for this very interesting post - great interview. I couldn't get the Ninja video to work though - it sent me to some comedy video site.


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Ninja Video has a lot of pop-ups, you need to make sure you close down the pop-up's then they appear so you can go back to the actual site (theres either a button at the top that says return to Ninja Video, or just close the window)

Also you need a certain version of Div-X installed to run the videos - they recommend which one you need on the site I linked I believe. Once installed, the video's should work. they have instructions at the bottom of each video (or a link to them at least) to help get it working. It's one of the more convoluted sites to get working but its free and works well once you learn the "procedure" haha.

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Thanks again for the links.  I finally got the History Channel segments to play after downloading the DivX stuff (had to send popups packing as needed).  There were times in the History Channel series where certain parts came off a bit cheesy.  And other times when there was some subtle debunking going on (I guess to come off sounding more fair and balanced).

Still don't quite know what the History Channel's core motives are, but is obviously either sincerely trying to put us on to some "quality" information, or attempting to desensitize and numb the general public with what soon becomes the new norm that finally doesn't even get them (the desensitized) to first base of constructive/intellectual/intuitive curiosity because they have now seen the somewhat bland and at times silly presentation on the History Channel.  They are left with the memory of been there done that, and are free to re-enter the Matrix "already in progress".

I guess you can tell what I think the History Channel may be up to, but I still hold out hope for all of these media sources to awaken with us, for in Reality, there truly is only One of us here, represented by a near infinite number of "individualized Soul fragments" playing in One Awesome playground.

I found this inspiring passage earlier, and didn't quite know where to place it, but felt strongly compelled to share with you all for a kind of inspiring-boost-uplift-frequency-raising-ahhhh kind of feeling.... (forgive me Josh if it isn't quite in line with the present forum thread - can we call them digress mulligans, LOL)

"I am another of the many grateful forum members who appreciate the loving message given by you. I wish I had discovered this thread before today. It's given me much comfort. I was running out of strength but now feel as though I might just be able to manage now. My gratitude is eternal. From this little spark to that one: Thanks for the light, mate."

"You are very welcome, we are glad to have been of Service. You actually 'feel' very familiar to me. If for the reasons I am feeling this to be the case, consider this message to you our part in our Soul Agreement fulfilled. Take the guidance in this message into your meditations, and also seek information from your Dreamtime. Test these words deeply, and take them into your heart, only if they 'feel' right, and truthful to you. If they do, then act upon them, and allow nothing or no-one to deter you. Arise and play the part that you volunteered to be here for right now. It's almost time."

That had such a good feeling to it I had to share it...

Thanks again Josh for posting that excellent excellent interview with David and Graham!!!!

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I foudn teh HC series to be a bit of rehash, and certainly a little bit cheesey it parts. The thing I find is, that it is presented in a way that the "general public" will buy into it. At least a little bit. I watched the whole series with my wife who is not into this kind of stuff at all and she found it interesting. One of hte episodes has something about one of the egyptian pharoah's being an alien human hybrid (ep. 2 I think) and that was a little far fetched for her - but all the biblical "debunking" i.e. angels/the gods = aliens got her thinking. The Erich Von Danniken stuff was all very interesting, maybe its just that I come from a generation which wasn't aware of this stuff, but I think its a good thing that its ON TV at all. It will reach a broader audience and perhaps stimulate discussion or deeper investigation into these topics. All journeys start with a single step - and I think that due to the non-threatening way that they are presented both Ancient Aliens and the Wilcock/Hancock interviews both have the potential to get people to take that step.

That being said, I'm convinced that this series (AA) was released as a 'pre-disclosure' type prepping. Maybe not as sinister as "dumbing down teh population" though I did notice elements of fear cropping up at times (the music specifically helped to achieve this at some points). Once I watched the overall series, even though they had presented the possibility that ET's could be "bad guys" at a couple of points - the series left me feeling positive about the whole thing, near the end of one of the last episodes an interviewee says (paraphrasing) "If ET's have the technology to get here from wherever they are, the idea they would be here to kill us and steal our resources is ridiculous - they obviously have enough resources to do things we can't even dream of." I think if they had ended it ona  negative note I would be much more suspicious.

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Good points Josh.  In the end, those who want to pursue will and those who don't won't, no matter what they are watching.  Some of the dumbest most silly resources have been the starting point for many a seeker, and some of the best resources have fallen on deaf ears like water off a duck's back...

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I enjoyed this interview and just wanted to say thanks for posting!


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I just wanted to add that I found this interview to be most amazing and enlightening. I am now a fan of Graham Hancock. For those who want to watch it all in one place, you can use the link below:

With lots of love and joy,

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Just watched this and found it to be really intriguing and exciting.  Thanks, Josh!


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