Simon Parkes: Oct. 2015 Q & A

"Connecting Consciousness"  is a group created by Simon Parkes to connect people of like mind in order to create positive change.  It's also the name of a monthly interview program he does with a guy called JP.  (I find JP detracts from the message, but your experience may differ.)

In October's interview, Simon says that major funding for chemtrail spraying has been pulled. Consequently, there has been a significant reduction in chemtrails.   Has anyone here noticed such a reduction of aerial spraying in your skies?   If that's true, it's fantastic news for the entire planet!


Simon talks about other fascinating topics in this 2-hr interview, such as CERN, the pope's announcements, etc.   The Q & A session begins at minute mark 7:00.




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I din't listen to the interview yet. I just wanted to report that if anyone had asked me about chemtrails in October I would have said yes, I believe they have been reduced. I thought this whole past summer, there were many days when we had a nice deep blue sky but also still some days when there were obvious chemtrails. I just noticed the past few days they are back at it though, today was pretty bad.


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I still see them over Spokane, WA

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       there was no spraying here for almost three weeks, thought it was the change of season....then,,,last night,,they started again,,,a new pattern,,,single lines,,parallel to each other, but very far apart.I watched them start and stop over and over again, until the sky was full from horizon to horizon. I am in california where the subject was hot this summer,,,it just wouldn't rain here. But in the last three weeks we got over the seasonal average. I check it out every night, wondering why they are doing it at night...In Taos they used to do it early morning...was thinking that it is intended for someplace downwind from us...I see them long enough for them to fan together, but I think they are drifting east, over yosemite......questions,questions,questions???

in Indiana - just the other day I went out at 9:30 a.m. to a beautiful brilliant blue sky, what a wonderful sight!  I went about my errands and the next time I looked at about 11:00 a.m. they had it covered. Trails were everywhere and the sky had become that dull, milky blue. Disgusting!  I have looked at a number of sites that promised the end of chemtrails, the bad guys were being arrested, or removed, or funding has been taken away, but the trails keep on coming, so I will only believe they are gone when we have clean skies for 6 months or more.  Here's hoping.

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