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Have you been noticing a rise on reported aerial visual and auditory anomalies? Weird sounds coming from the earth and sky seem to be reported from different countries throughout the past few years. As recently as this month, there have been a few reports from Canada and Ukraine in which people describe either strange mechanical sounds emanating from the skies or a combination of low rumbling and low frequency hums.

YouTube has an interesting collection of videos in where people record these strange vibrations and noises. For example, the following compilation of this strange phenomena was uploaded by fidockave213 over at YouTube. It starts off by showing the famous Kiev, Ukraine, "mech noises" and goes on to show some interesting footage of other noises that are similar but heard throughout different parts of the world. Interestingly enough, the video also shows footage of the Windsor rumblings that were reported here on GhostTheory earlier this week.

What is causing the strange noises being reported? Is this part of hoax? Or is this some sort of secret technological weapon being developed and tested by some obscure military division? Could the rumblings, vibrations and sounds heard in Canada be a product of this technology?

Several videos posted here:

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Earth Groans Or HAARP Warfare? - The Strange Sound Phenomenon

September 18, 2011 08:14

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by Zen Gardner

This strange sound phenomenon is being reported more and more frequently from diverse places on the globe, and sometimes just preceding earthquakes. And not just by a few individuals, but by stadiums of people and even whole cities.

The day before the big Northeast quake in the US the weird sound was heard during a baseball game and caught on TV. (see below). It's also been reported in Russia, Canada, also preceding an earthquake, and other locations.

More video clips at the above link, including weird sounds during a televised baseball game.  Gotta wonder where the sound is coming from and why it precedes earthquakes.  Sound is, afterall, vibration. ~ Noa



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This strange sound was televised, and happend the day before the "earthquakes":

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At the 2 minute mark, there is an ominous flash of light that coincides with the sound.  I'd like to know why no one has reported hearing these things until recently.  Weird!


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