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Larken Rose is fast becoming my new hero.


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Thanks Noa,

I hadn't seen the "If I were King" video. Larken Rose does keep you thinking.

I often look at my local UU church as an example of how a voluntary society would work. We maintain a building, pay a few employees and fund a lot of local good will projects on a completely voluntary basis. And I don't live in a wealthy section of the state - I would depict our community as slightly below middle class.

Maintaining an entire community this way - the roads, the policemen and firemen, schools or whatever else the community decided it was willing to fund on a voluntary basis might be a bit of a stretch but I sure would love the challenge of finding out how to do it by living in such a community some day.


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When I was a very small child, that's how I thought the world worked... everyone volunteered and just pitched in their talents where needed to keep everything up and running.

Indigenous tribes use councils to represent them.  Today, we also see land cooperatives with volunteer fire departments and such.  This idea can work in modern society by rotating council members on a regular basis, so that no one lives in a "governor's mansion", gets too powerful or catches the greed bug.

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