UFO's over Manhattan on Oct. 13

In case you haven't seen this, dozens of videos have been taken of apparent UFO's over NYC last Wednesday, October 13.  It made the news.


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It turns out they are just balloons.  I can't believe the camera men (assuming they have a zoom function) couldn't tell they were balloons. I gotta wonder if the balloons were even released by accident or if it was all part of a plan to discredit ufo believers.



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On well... I'm glad they weren't  weather balloons anyway.  What we really need is video evidence like they had over Mexico City in 1997 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H6sEbDLb1o ). Thanks for the post.


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are at it again.  Listen to this interview on Coast to Coast (10/14/10) with Timothy Green Beckley (begin at minute 12:20),


He gives evidence that the timeline was just too long to be balloons, that people were seeing these things all day long.  Also, there are some videos out there.  I include one that hints at another strange coincidence concerning this event:


I haven't done too much research into the subject but this is what I've found.  To me it reeks of debunkers.  If you watch some of the other videos out there, when have you ever seen that many people get that excited about balloons?  Especially New Yorkers!


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Thanks for this.  I was unaware of the timeline.  If the balloons were released right after lunch at the school, then what were the sightings in the morning about?  And, the objects do seem to stick around and stick together a lot longer than you'd expect balloons to that are floating free in the wind.  Reports are that people were watching these things for a a few hours.  By 4:00 pm they were gone.

Here's a longer video of the Manhattan event:


And a comparison of the Manhattan event and a similar event 2 days later over El Paso:


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