What's everyone make of these? Elenin?

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Found this interesting..Wendy..(just thought I would use your new name..LOL...and Love/Light...


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Interesting - definitley the same object - at least looks to be. Not sure about a comet though - they normally wouldn't look like that, but then Nibiru would be no ordinary comet either! If it is that visible in mexico, then we should be able to see it here as well in the US. My understanding is that Nibiru was coming in from the South - and so was only really visible from south AU or NZ - so that makes more sense then seeing it now in Mexico...

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     The NZ video ,{if it were split in two}, would look very much like comet Hale Bopp did from Taos. Actually, hale bopp was much bigger looking, and a little more colorful, but the angle always makes a difference. But that would have to be a double tail,,whatever it is, it is spectacular looking

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