a cure for 'what ails ya'

Since I'm still having trouble inserting images, I've added a link to what is maybe the best 'ad' I've seen in along while.  I hope you'll take a minute to view. it's a gentle reminder of something we really need and sometimes don't get enough of!  Enjoy-and remember!  love, kristyne


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Looks fun! I want to be there!!!

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Here's the commercial:



You can watch their other videos at:  http://www.nature-rx.org/award-winning



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Love it, Noa!!! I'm going to share this with all my friends and with our email lists. Thank you!!!

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thanks for posting the vid Noa, I do not have a clue why I can't embed them, but with my new puter it just doesn't fly!

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Hi Kristyne, I have had problems posting photos and vids too. So I use Firefox for browsing at the gathering it seems to work much better and allows me to post Vids & photos Cool


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I recommended this video to our WantToKnow.info list of almost 14,000 subscribers. Thanks again!

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