on hearts and minds


the above film "On hearts and minds" encourages me to understand and learn control of my own emotions (one of my greatest challenges thus far) for the health of both myself and our world. 

The article introducing this film can be found at http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/03/05/brain-heart-emotion.

"Science documentary filmmaker David Malone explores the human heart, juxtaposing the modern scientific view of the heart as a mere pump, versus its long history as a symbol of love and the center of innate wisdom and human character.  The interplay between your brain and heart can be seen when looking at how your emotional and mental outlook colors your health — especially your heart health. Intense anger, for example, boosts your heart attack risk five-fold, and your stroke risk three-fold.

Intense grief after the loss of a loved one also raises your risk of having a heart attack. The day immediately following your loss, your risk of a heart attack goes up by 21 times, and remains six times higher than normal for several weeks."


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Will watch the Video with interest when I am home tonight, thanks for posting it Kristyne.

Interestingly I viewed a Deepak Chopra vidcast on Facebook recently, apparently the Heart is the first organ to form in the fetus, and is fulling functioning before the brian is formed.

I had a check up the other day and my blood pressure is 110/75 doc said it is what he would expect from a teenager, and I said to him yes hmmm what were you expecting I feel like a teenager...........LOL


As we feel with our heart so we are ........


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Fantastic video.

Very satisfying contribution/presentation to/of understanding.

Hummin' good during and after.

It just gets there doesn't it?

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