Music on the Brain

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Nice to see you Noa, and thanks for the wonderful piece.  I'm very aware of how music affects us in many ways that we don't yet understand from my own experience with drum circle and the brain entrainment it evokes and healing it can bring about.  I haven't had time to watch the entire video yet, just the first bits, but I'll be back and will be passing it along as well. I had a grandmother with dementia and elders I know now going through the same-this seems so promising as an adjunct to other therapy options.  

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Thanks Noa,

I sent this to my choir director.

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Thank you for this Noa. When I saw those old people it really made me sad, my mother died at 92 and was a stranger at the end. If I had known this perhaps I could have helped more.

I read a study once, from Harvard I think, of a group of old people who dressed up in the clothes of their prime, were in a place that was decorated the same way (red vinyl and chrome) and played the music of that time for a week or two. Their brains and attitudes changed completely and they held the change - powerful transformation.

I have been doing sound meditations for years from Tom Kenyon and they have the power to put me into a spacious meditative state in seconds. I feel so blessed to have found them. There are many free mp3s on his site. I have been to workshops with him where ancient beings and ETs have sung through him and it is really amazing.

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