Music, sweet music...

This brightened my day...

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Thanks for this, Bodhi.  I think this could be my new favorite vocal group.  I like everything about them-- their modern vocals and their progressive look.  Some of you may not realize that every sound you hear is produced vocally.  There is no instrumental accompaniment.

Mmmmmnnn.   How sweet it is.

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      I brought this video to my classes in china last year and they allwent nuts for it. Singing is the national pastime over there, so they were in awe of these cats. I guess they won some tv contests here and their careers kind of took off from there...Thanks again,,happy holiday

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Thanks man ...

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Great to see you here again, Bodhi! And yes, amazing song!!! I love it!!! I'll definitely share it. 

With love and warm wishes,

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Thanks! Beautiful.

I found this one too that I like.

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  I had to listen to a few more after that one,,

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And one more just for fun!!!

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I agree Wendy! Here's another one I like:

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Thanks Fred! Glad you enjoyed it.

In gratitude, joy, and love,


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Awesome Harmonies!  Tanks Mucho Bro

Since I just posted on another post about "gracefully fading" and "peaceful non-compliance", that singing gave me the image of everyone around the globe, everyone from all sides and perspectives stopped what they were doing, laid down their weapons and began to sing along.

They did so until all the manipulative dark agendas had no support or power and realized that they always had their sovereign power, that it could never be taken from them, that they could only give it away freely and willfully.

So the people of the world came together to sing every once in a while to remind themselves of these eternal sovereign truths about the makeup of their being, the laws of the Cosmos, the way forward...

Oh, and since much of the conflict in the history of the world is fueled by religious differences, I wanted to share a cool image from the movie "Lucy".  For those who have not seen this movie, Lucy is a girl that gets caught up in a drug transport "mules" scenario.  The drugs sewn into her stomach get ruptured when she is beaten by some of her captors and the result is a heightened and accelerated use of and access to her brain.

When she is approaching 100% toward the end of the movie there is a scene where she is reaching out to touch fingers with an ape man.  Reminded me of that famous painting of God reaching down to touch the finger of man.  It made me think that the creation of man's notion of a God may very well have come from a future form of ourselves, much like the WingMakers story.

Wouldn't it be a hoot to find out that we have been fighting each other over different perspectives and details about the very same origin of man's concept of God, that origin being a fantastic amazing past meeting with our future Self...

How the telling of that story changed over time and became an unintended and fractured motive for separation, division and conflict...

but I digressssss.......

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Part of the appeal of Pentatonix for me is that some of the male vocals are high tenor and the girl is a low alto, which makes it difficult to distinguish between the male and female vocals.  This makes an excellent blend, IMO.

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Thank you for this wonderful 'medicine'.  The energy flowing through these beautiful songs stirs something very deep and has helped in this moment to center me in the most exquisite Peace.

My world is noisy, my day crowded with things to be done, outside my walls there is unrest in the world, but centered here in silence letting the gifts of these youthful singers settle over me I AM Peace and so I breathe it out....and YOU. 

May Peace expand to All corners of the world as easily as these songs wash over us - a Peace that surpasses our understanding.                                        onesong

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dear one, kindred flame,
you speak my heart, truly. 
humbly i surrender and receive your blessing. 
in gratitude and love,

Healing ~ © Autumn Skye Morrison

"and the earth shall light as unto the sun..."

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I found this last night while playing their Christmas playlist on You Tube

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Is it weird that I don't really like their videos or sound? Their videos look over-produced to me, and their music is beautiful, but too 'pop'-ish and 'perfect' for my liking. It feels like the music is missing soul and authenticity.

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Yes. Maybe tho ... no more weird than their product is to you .

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I know what you mean Trish - I bet they sound better live than their videos do which do seems bit too "perfect". Still I think the sound is different and unique so I enjoyed these many videos.

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Yeah, I think so too, they probably sound better live. I'm biased too, I have an aversion to pop singing. When I was more involved in Christianity, I couldn't bring myself to listen to most modern Christian songs, because most of them are sung in a pop style that I can't stand. :-)

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