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And it has truth in it.  It does seem that we're getting closer to disclosure of the ET presence.  The video is a warning about governments and media giving disclosure a negative spin (aliens are here to eat us), which we can probably expect from our own government, and maybe some others.   But it bothers me a bit that it doesn't mention disclosure as a possible positive event.  Official disclosure is being put in a negative light (in this video and elsewhere), as if we should expect every occurrence of disclosure to be part of the NWO plan to scare us into one-world government.  But I'm not aware that any of the governments that have already revealed their experiences with the ET presence have put them in a negative light.  I may be wrong about this, but I haven't heard anything negative.   If anyone has any information about this, I'd like to know. 

And it's interesting that, so far, the new TV series, "The Event," hasn't depicted the ET's as bad.  It has some interesting elements in it that I wouldn't have expected.   I wonder about the purpose of the show.  By the way, the first 10 episodes (101 - 110) of Season 1 can be seen at http://www.nbc.com/the-event/ .  I read somewhere that the next batch of episodes will start up again on TV sometime this month (February).

On a slightly different subject:  It seems to me that some sort of one-world government will be necessary as we move into the reality of a galactic community.  The question(s) is(are), what sort of government will it be, what will it be committed to, and who will be in charge?  Of course, it's possible that we could evolve in such a way that government as we know it is not necessary.  That's the basic idea behind anarchism as a social and political philosophy.  People who can respect and help one another don't need to be controlled by an overseeing government.  Well... we'll see (and be part of) whatever unfolds.

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All humor has an element of truth. In fact, it is the oversimplication of truth that causes us to snicker. We have to see in our mind's eye where a situation can apply to us, that it has probably happened to someone somewhere, before we find a scenario funny. And all successful comedians, from Will Rogers to George Carlin have used truth as the basis of their humor.

The United States has the best congress money can buy!

Western corporations are becoming so anal that they are starting to smell like Preparation-H!

Don't pray for a bicycle.... steal one and pray for forgiveness!

Yes, this video is very funny, because, in the mind of conspiracy theorists, it is very real.

Thanx for sharing.:)

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It's refreshing to watch a light-hearted video.  Without laughter, we'd be left with tears. 

I was also a bit confused by the message: "Disclosure."  I couldn't tell if it was more sarcasm or proposed as an actual solution to the problems.  Maybe I'm just stumbling on the image the word conjures for me. Since when did disclosure become so convoluted?  I 'get' that lies are often disguised as truth, but truthfulness is implicite in the word, "disclosure," isn't it?  Then again, you can't hide behind truthfulness.


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Okay, I'm slow.  I get it now.  The word "Disclosure" is where the brainwashing comes in.  Is that word being tossed around in the media now?  I haven't watched the US News in a few months.

I like the word "Exposure" better.  Expose the agenda so people can tell conspiracy theory from conspiracy fact.  Wouldn't that be funny?

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I participated in a long conversation with Joe McMoneagle this morning. He's Remote Viewer #1 from the Army/CIA Stargate program and a talented psychic. For instance he's been on 28 consecutive Japanese TV programs where he located 14 of 28 missing people (no one knew where they were)...Not too shabby. Because he's done RV under laboratory conditions many many times he created a track record of high quality sessions and so he's considered to be reliable. So if you're going to RV a remote site or person or thing (especially where there's no hope of feedback (and thus totally unverifiable) he's your man-because of his overall track record.

From today and a previous talk-
He has done a couple of interesting targets...like Mars (met somebody there who existed in the distant past-RV is not restricted by time)and he has RV'd various UFO crash sites on Earth. One of the sites was in the US, in the desert in the mid-1940's, where an old miner claimed he heard an aerial collision overhead, then saw a 50' disk crash into the side of a rock face near him. A US Army plane also crashed nearby. The miner observed the Army come to investigate their lost plane, then recovered the disk too. Anyway, Joe RV'd the site (trying to help a team find the place) and they discovered a huge, perfect elliptical indentation into a rock face and ruts from heavy equipment where cranes had been used to remove the craft apparently. They did find a piece of perfectly pure aluminum but that's not impossible with human technology...

 He also says the consensus among gov scientists (those he's asked-he had extremely high security clearances for the RV work) is that 1) we have no idea how their technology works in spite of examining them for decades and 2) they are "Time Machines" that warp space and time. Sorry if I told this story before... Peace to you all! Brian

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Did you hear what he said in the mock disclaimer at the very end?

"Disclosure is compatible with Project Blue Beam"

I think it is very clear what they (in this witty clip) are implying, and it is quite specific - the current disclosure movement, having to do primarily with UFO's & ET's/EBE's, is just one more ruling class false flag headfake ruse (look at the monkey!, look at the monkey!) to manipulate, control and exploit the masses & mass behavior, orchestrated with very specific results in mind.

I do not believe for one minute that the vast majority of those involved in the disclosure and exopolitics movement have anything whatsoever to do with the ongoing project blue beam false flag ruse or misdirection of any kind.  But I think there's a decent chance that the History Channel (and the wealthy multi-national corporations, Hearst, Disney & GE/NBC that own it) do...  Wouldn't you just love to be a fly on the wall of a few key meetings at one of those annual Bilderberg conferences???

As Elizabeth said in another post, discernment is so key these days...

Holding us all in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator...

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