Jon Stewart: Scorn in the U.S.A

I'm having trouble posting this link.  You'll have to cut and paste the URL into your browser.  The video I wanted to post is the first one on this page:



Scorn in the U.S.A.

It must be tough for Republicans to love America so much but hate almost three-quarters of the people living in it.

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Looks like I finally got the link to work, but you'll have to right click on it to open a it in a new window.


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And as long as I'm at it, Ron Paul was very relaxed and candid for this Alex Jones interview. I thought it was great.

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loved those videos!  RP is on fire.  When he went after Newt in the debates, Newt's face was priceless! And his interview with AJ was very good.

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Glad you're in the game, like Alex always says, "Resistance is victory."

He's currently polling at 21% to Newt's 22%, talk about exciting!

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...but then I remembered I supported the election of our current president (We do not speak his name) because of his campaign promises-of which he has kept? ......

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Brian and everyone else, please you are comparing apples and oranges. Take the time to research Ron Paul's 25 plus year long voting record. You'll find he's the real deal.


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