The Taker

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Thanks Noa, for the reminder. In relation to how long our planet has been circling the Sun, this clip is about the right length in ratio to the time it took to make this mess.

Good news though, we still have time left to change direction, and it's all about how we have taught our children and how we can help them to teach their children....................

I have seen more and more toddlers these days, that have their eyes wide open to what is happening around them, and have amazing Wisdom. We will learn much from them xxcxx

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    We truly are masters of creation!!!  We just don't create the right stuff!

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Reminds me of what came in as I began working with the Akashic Lord's prayer many years ago (I posted it here long ago) in terms of 'what is it that I'm creating' and the power in that. This video smacks of what's the worst in us, now let's get on about what's the best in us. we have boatloads of work to do cleaning up 'round here, but as the creators we truly are-we can do it.

when we have tipped the point of consciousness toward making this world a kinder gentler place with enough for all, nothing's going to stop us. not even our own screwy political system!

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Well said Kristyne........................get on and get doing, best we can day by day


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That's why I named this post,"The Taker" instead of the artist's title, "Man."   I don't believe that most humans are naturally like this.

I'll be glad to see the end of this economic treadmill.  Money tends to make us do things that we wouldn't normally do.

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Things are changing !!!!!!!!!!!

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