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I'm betting I'm not the only person here with mixed feelings about Alex Jones but I really love him in this spot:





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Some people can come out of just about any situation smelling like a rose.  Other folks seem to look bad no matter what they do.  I think Alex Jones comes from the latter category.

I'm one person who has mixed feelings about AJ.  His over-the-top delivery often overshadows the message.  But if you can get past his emotional rants and listen to what he actually says, I think you'll appreciate that he's first and foremost a patriot and a historian.  He does the research and he cares about what is happening to America. 

Is it me or do both the host and the other chap team up to defame Alex?  Alex is asked inflammatory questions and before he can finish answering them he's interrupted and shot down.  Then the host has the nerve of pantomiming that Alex is nuts.  How rude, one-sided, and biased can you get?


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  Even if the guy next to him was right,,,and alex is a part of it, used to infuriate people into revolution,,,they were just as much a part of it,,,,,what a set-up!

And if the guy was wrong,,,and alex is for real,,,,,then they are a part of it,,,by setting him up,,,,the cool, non-chalant  british attitude which would obviously set him off ! It's not hard to push his buttons! ha! So much of the theft of the wealth of the people, and laundering traces back to england,,,it makes perfect sense...

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I guess I have a lot of latent anger because I do love a good rant, especially coming from a woman.

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