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Hi, all.  I hope everyone is doing well.  I know that there is a lot of heavy topics out there that we need to understand and deal with, but sometimes we need some joy and sweetness to balance the mix.  

I watched this video about a month ago.  When I originally saw it, it had 125,000 views.  I opened it this morning, and there were over 20 MILLION views!  I think that really indicates how much we need that balance.  Given the number of views, I'm assuming many of you have seen this before, but it's worth a second or third go 'round.

(I'm sorry I don't know how to put the video directly into the note)

Much love and many blessings to you all!




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Dear Kathy, thank-you, as one, Rob.

Their light and Joy filled my being with Love and I found myself weeping with Joy and relief.  There are others out there doing our work who are doing what needs to be done to create the world we all see becoming.

Thank you! 

I am relieved to know that there is a place to educate others to move forward with social justice.  I am so happy and grateful that this exists.



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I also weeped while watching this... weeped and laughed at myself for the tears.  I don't even know if it was a real wedding, but it was just so joyful, and there was so much love between them and their friends and family.  I don't think too many ushers would have bought into doing all that... but out of love for their friends, they did it - and did it well.  

Much love,


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I weep at weddings anyway, but this one floods my heart and mind with so much else, like the release of taking myself so seriously, what the Christ Consciousness wedding supper might involve, what a mass landing should be like with the instantaneous release of all residual fear and anxiety, where all that is left to do is crumble into a pile of happy tears and then get up and dance!!!!!!!!

Thank you Kathy so much for sharing this.  I will be sending the link to everybody I can think of who would really appreciate this...  LLP, Chris

p.s. why is something so apparently silly, so dog gone touching to tears of joy?  I am so so pleasantly perplexed, leading me to believe even more so that the mind is utterly incapable of initiating the knowledge of the Heart, but the Heart's infinite intelligence can have its beautiful effect on the mind....

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I seem to cry much more freely than ever before.  I'm not sure why that is.  I cry over these joyful moments - even when they are someone else's.  I cry over sad or touching songs... not really based on my own sad memory, but some collective sadness or empathy toward the singer.  I cry tears of joy when I realize the world has taken care of me in one way or the other.  

The other evening, at the very moment that I was driving down the street, thinking that I'd end up a spinster, a car pulled up next to me, and the passenger - a young man of no more than 25 or so, opened the door to get my attention, then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to run away with me.  lol...  I smiled a big smile at him, bowed in namaste, and drove away.  Then I started crying in gratitude for that message of hope from Spirit.  

I figure I have no shielding left at all.  Whatever comes in to touch my heart doesn't even have to knock at the door anymore.  It's pretty cool.  It's also reassuring that my friends here can experience this same thing (aka - Kathy's not nuts).

Much love and light,



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Yes, it feels like instant re-membering and re-cognition of where we actually are and are never not, like we spend so much time in this particular 3rd density very convincing illusion, and then every once in a while some thing or scenario or event takes us back home in an instant, the Upper Light where we are never not, and always are...  Let's face it, that wedding was divinely inspired as we are moving from 3rd to 4th density here on Gaia, and that is the green ray Heart Chakra predominantly.  We shall live more and more in our very Intelligent Hearts, and less and less in our rationalizing minds.  The mind is and should always remain a willing servant of the Heart...  LLP, Chris

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