The Journey Beyond Enlightenment

Stuart Wilde made his transition three years ago, but his teachings still impact us today.  I believe I have experienced the "morph" that he speaks of -- first in the nineties during the third day of a fast I was on -- and as recently as last night.  I usually see it when I'm sitting next to bushes at night under the street lights.  It used to appear as tendrils wisping off the plants and dancing in a sea of God life.  Now I see the morph moving very rapidly and see it as the "dry rain"  Stuart describes.  Probably everyone will experience it differently, but I agree with Stuart that it doesn't take any special talent other than a willingness to see.

If you are very left brained, Stuart's words may seem foreign and unbelievable, but if you listen to the first two videos with patience and and an open mind, you may recognize the truth in what he says.  There is much more to the human experience than tangible physical reality, and our real power lies within the etheric and the seldom seen.

I'm interested in your thoughts.   ~ Noa


Part 1


Part 2


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Part 4

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Part 5

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