a master called home

The first thing I read this morning was that Leonard Cohen has left this world.  A master of music has taken his place in a more Angelic realm.  I consider him genius. His music became more poignant as he aged, his voice rough - his words often tender. So I ask a blessing on his way and offer you these. In memoriam, Dear Mr. Cohen.






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Thanks for sharing those beautiful songs, Kristyne! And thank you Leonard Cohen for sharing your heart and soul with all of us!

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An interesting conversation with a lifelong friend about the songwriter and the man, a discussion about Hallelujah from the New York Times.


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Thanks so much for the story on Hallelujah Kristyne, I had seen a discussion on it somewhere, and no one had the correct answer..... I just stumbled on this version,,,by pentatonix,,, https://youtu.be/fwMowPviUAQ ,,,,,and it has the lyrics

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just so, good sister, just so...

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Whatever force brought those kids together definitely had this in mind, they are just so tight. And there's only a few real bass vocalists out there,,Avi is one of them. I was downloading their videos and playing them for the kids in China,,,they were in awe, and begged for them every day. Of course they are the same kids that begged for Minecraft parodies too!
If you didn't follow Kristyne's link on the other post, Cohen explained that the song was written as a sort of recognition, or acceptance, of a "less than perfect" world,, which I guess is like saying,,,"All is as it should be",,or,,"All is well",,,, kind of fitting for the Gspot

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Since I first came across Hallelujah many years ago I've been haunted by its beauty and appreciated the occasions when it popped up unbidden in my life. I was amazed and delighted when I found this song on Jai-Jagdeesh's 'Of Heaven and Earth' which I bought totally on a whim without having heard it, and which is now one of my favourite albums! Just a very small example of how God moves in mysterious ways ....

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