America's Largest Tent City



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My wife and I are exploring a method of cancelling our fraudulent mortgage and stopping these criminals. I'll let you know how it goes. When it works, I give everyone the information.

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That's an admirable cause, John. Nice way to share the love.

One of the methods that seems to be having some success is simply asking the mortgage company for the original note, which they most certainly will not be able to produce.  This website tells you how:  This method is used to prevent foreclosure, but it may also work if your mortgage is not in default.

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It showed the Dow at 6631 and the S&P at 686.

What is the date of this report???

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Chris, based on some of the info in the ticker (Circuit City closes stores - happened Jan 2009), it looks like Jan 2009. 





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but was the Dow and S&P down that low in 2009?  I don't think so...

Have to go back a few more years, I will check the charts...

I suppose it's possible that that is 2009.  I just referenced a ten year chart and it is low at just past Jan09, but only shows the S&P down to 725, not 686, but that could be an error in the accuracy of the given chart.  Before that you have to go back to 1995 or so.

I think you're probably right about the 2009 time frame Kathy...

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Chances are that that tent city (and others like it) are persisting for years.  It's not like the figures for bankruptcies, foreclosures, and unemployment have improved since then.

Lisa Ling interviewed people in 2009 who had been living in a tent for over a year.

With all the vacant and foreclosed buildings around the country, I would think that they could find more comfortable accommodations.  But even that's just a short-term fix. 

It's shameful that no one is talking about this issue.  Where are the mayors, the clergy, the governors?  I was about to say it should be declared a national disaster, but that would bring in FEMA.  Their best solution post-Katrina produced a waiting list for formaldehyde trailers, many of which never made it past the paperwork to be assigned to anyone.  

So many people are just a paycheck or two away from the same fate.  How many homeless Americans does it take to evoke a real long-term solution?


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The last time the DOW was that low was March 5, 2009.

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What's your point?

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