U.S. Currency Shows Twin Towers Falling


Why do four of the bills printed by the Federal Reserve depict the Twin Towers falling in progression? 


I first learned about this phenomenon when listening to an interview given by an expert on occult symbolism.  It's is no coincidence; this is intentional Talisman, predictive magic, says Mark Passio.  (I'll be posting more about him later.) 

In the meantime, you might want to look at the Mark Passio video that Francis posted ("In the news - a few worthy videos.")  The last video in Francis' post is about occult symbology used within the police and military institutions. 

The more we peel back the onion, the more we realize how much is hidden in plain sight!



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Please Note:  This film illustrates the Masonic symbology printed on the dollar bill.  In doing so, it implies that the entire organization of Free Masonry may be a secret society with sinister intent.  I tend to side with those who believe that the majority of Free Masons are good people who are unaware that their society has been infiltrated at its highest degrees by the Illuminati.

Are these symbols meant to mock our ignorance?  Or are they there to awaken us?  Just as a serial killer leaves clues for the detective because he ultimately wants to get caught, could these images lead the people of the world to the Truth which has so long been hidden from us?

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