Vampire Forecloses On Bank

Here's a tool for taking on predatory mortgage lenders:

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And the interviewer didn't even mention the fangs.  How droll!

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I think the interviewer was trying to be politically correct.  How droll!

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That was pretty funny - considering we normally think of the banks as the Vampires!

Just a little background on this case - it really had nothing to do with the mortgage - although they seem to put it out there that way. All that happened was the bank decided he needed more insurance on the home since it was"historic" and would cost a fortune to fix in the event of a claim. He objected under the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act - and basically got an administrative record of non response - which he took to the court and turned into a judgment. The whole amount was a whopping $1700.00 - so nothing to make too much hoopla over really. But at least it brings to light the power of just doing a little research into the laws and having the guts to implement them. He DID get his money after all!

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Thanks for the clarification, Jeff.  It seems to me that this same procedure (administrative record of non-response) would also work in cases where the lender was foreclosing on the homeowner, wouldn't it? 

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Yes - it does apply to a mortgage as well - but they will always respond in that case - but never with full disclosure. There are better "private" uses for the idea of non response!

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