music for my soul... :)

The brilliance of the late Leonard Cohen and the harmonic vocal precision of Pentatonix...  music for my soul...  I give you, "Hallelujah" heart bliss 




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Whatever force brought those kids together definitely had this in mind, they are just so tight. And there's only a few real bass vocalists out there,,Avi is one of them. I was downloading their videos and playing them for the kids in China,,,they were in awe, and begged for them every day. Of course they are the same kids that begged for Minecraft parodies too!
If you didn't follow Kristyne's link on the other post, Cohen explained that the song was written as a sort of recognition, or acceptance, of a "less than perfect" world,, which I guess is like saying,,,"All is as it should be",,or,,"All is well",,,, kind of fitting for the Gspot. Thanks for the Official version B, the video's a little better than the lyrics version on the other post

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This is one of the best renditions of "Halleluja" that I've heard. A great song, a great group. Thanks, Bodhi.
In keeping with the season, here's their performance of "Mary, Did You Know?":

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Yes!!! These guys are just awesome! So much heart and soul in their music. I've watched and listened to many of their pieces, something I haven't done with any other group. Thanks, Bodhi!

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Love their music and also their look.

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