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This is cool and something I did not know about.

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Certainly makes me hopeful that we'll learn a better way to provide energy and resources for our own future and the future of the planet and the next generations without destroying either.  thanks for the post Gary!  

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I live in the UK.  From where I live I see masses of large wind turbines in the sea.

Compared to the US we are poor in oil.  We had coal which fueled the industrial revolution, but now there's not so much and it's expensive.  Natural gas is our best fossil fuel these days, and less polluting than the other 2.  The cost of fossil fuel is driving new, renewable energy sources, which can be shared over the electical grid.  All down to money really.

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I got asked if I wanted to join a solar panel csa last week. It's for people who can't put up solar panels at their own homes for various reasons. You can buy a share in the community solar garden for about 15,000 and never have to pay an electric bill again. The price seemed too steep to me but it seems like a good way to finance more solar panels going up. You would think they could do it for cheaper because all the panels are going in 1 place at once.

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Who says there's an energy crisis?  Almost every day we hear of some smart person inventing an ingenius system to harness free or renewable energy.  If the fossil fuel barons would just get out of the way, think of what a healthier, more abundant life we'd all be living.


I found this video on the same page as the one Gary posted:


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