Keshe Foundation Gives Free Energy Devices to Ambassadors

If you missed the historic live-stream, free-energy announcement given Friday, October 16th by the Keshe Foundation, this video is the "Cliff Notes" version. World leaders were given a 10 day "heads-up" to what's coming... the global release & distribution of patented, plasma-based, free-energy knowledge and technology into the PUBLIC domain!  

Monday, October 26th is the day slated for public release.  We only have to wait 2 days to know if this news is true!

Short version:

Full length version:

Keshe Foundation held a conference for invited Ambassadors of the world on Oct.16.2015 in Italy.  Attendees included ambassadors from U.S., China, Palestine, Sweden, Beleruse, Russia, and the list goes on and on.  During the conference Keshe gave each ambassador a home power unit and a usb key containing the blueprints of how to make the unit.

This light weight power system hooks to the grid via your home breaker panel, it is an easy setup, no noise, no moving parts.  All non-resistive power is supplied to your home with this one small unit!  A second generation of the unit will provide all your energy needs and will be released in a few months time.

To purchase the unit, go to


Ambassadors receiving Energy Units from Mr Keshe during the 3rd World Ambassadors Meeting in Rome, October 16, 2015.

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Blueprint Teaching






KFSSI Blueprint Teaching Week....From Monday Oct 26 2015, the Keshe Foundation is live and open to the public, with teachings about the understanding and application of the Magrav system technology.


Starting at 10:00 am CET Monday Oct 26 2015, on all weekday mornings, and at 2 pm CET weekday afternoons through Friday Oct 30 2015. Same links below for all sessions.




Livestreaming at:



At Zoom Meeting (when live):


YouTube live as well:







Pictures from the 3rd Ambassadors Meeting:







 We have provided Magrav-Power systems, as the Keshe Foundation, to the attending ambassadors!  

We all can be involved with the release of the technology!

See the post on our forums for listings of the embassies:  HERE

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I honestly don't know what to make of Keshe.  I want to believe that he has created a powerful free-energy device, but I'm not going to spend the $800+ he wants for one to find out.  Some of what he says sounds absurd, but who knows? 

Here's a video clip allegedly of one of his flying cars.  It looks real, but I suppose it could be faked somehow.  Could it be a balloon?  I'll be convinced if I can actually be there when a car flies.  What do y'all think?


.... Okay, an hour has passed since I posted the above.  Since then I watched another video, not claiming to show a Keshe car, but this one behaves exactly the same as the other.  Here's the video: .  See the little rotating propellars sticking out on the bottom?  And when it takes off and lands the wheels don't move.  Damn thing is a balloon.  They're both balloons.  And I'm a goose!

Keshe claims to have a flying car but has never held a demonstration as far as I know. 

So, I'm still left with doubts about Keshe.


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I'm running late for work but can't wait to explore these videos! Oh if only the time had finally come for free energy. $884 is not much money so I'm hoping within a month or 2 we will know if these units actually work. How the world will change once this happens!

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I want to believe that Keshe is legit, but I'm leaning your way, Bob.  The Keshe website is full of non-descript, multi-syllabic jargon which makes it difficult to understand what's really happening with this project.  Some of the links are broken -- like the list of ambassadors, the livestream videos, and such.  I came away feeling like it was just a wild goose chase.

And yeah, the flying car does look like a balloon with its plastic windows.  No way those little propellers could steer the weight of an occupied vehicle.

The world is so full of dis-information that it's easy to get discouraged.  However, there are genuine people out there.  We just have to wade through the manure to find them.

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