Ralph & Marsha Ring on Project Camelot

Illuminating discussion on the subject of anti-gravity, free energy, conscious control of the Aether from the perspective of scientific discovery and practical application of Natural Law & Humanity's quest to move from the self-imposed left brain confines of 3rd density/3D reality to the limitless liberation 5th density/reality.

Very inspiring and hopeful interview...

Ralph & Marsha Ring on Project Camelot Radio with Kerry Cassidy - February 15th, 2012 - YouTube

Blue Star Enterprise – Ralph Ring's Website

Clandestine Disclosure - The Ralph Ring Story Continues

Project Camelot | Ralph Ring and Otis Carr

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Thanks for the post, Chris.  What a fascinating PC interview!   I especially enjoyed Ralph's descriptions of the nature of energy, magnetism, resonance, timeless beingness -- It explains so much about reality.

Interesting to note that Ralph's free energy plant was shut down by the men in black for "undermining the monetary system."  What does that tell you?

I am very encouraged by his statement that we've already reached the "hundredth monkey."  With so many "pods" of people dedicated to implementing free energy technology, we could see the end to this destructive, fiat currency and carbon-driven cabal very soon.

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Andrew Basiago also alleges that the future is in great shape, at least the timeline he alleges to have visited in the quantum teleportation experiments he alleges to have been part of in Project Pegasus...

I know these are anecdotal and somewhat suspect by traditional measure, but they still give me much hope for what's to come.  There is so much disclosure coming, so many fascinating technologies to disclose and share...

And I really love and appreciate how Ralph & Marsha are not trying to force the issue, but are waiting for the moment of peaceful acceptance and integration of the technologies they are privy to...

May those who care to keep saying a big "YES" to Disclosure in mind and heart until disclosure manifests...

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It finally promted me to watch something I'd bookmarked about this man:


What an inspiring character.  I love his take at about the thirty minute mark when he says: 

The unusual thing that most people don't understand.  This isn't a conventional, nuts and bolts, linear craft.  It's not like an automobile.  You can't put in a key, turn it, and run it like an automobile.  It's run by consciousness.  It's run by synergizing with the craft itself.  And when you're working with it you have to be very, very humble and close to nature, because every detail has to be honored for what it is. 

And he (his new partner) built it and he was successful in levitating it off its platform in inches and it took a tremendous amount of work to get it that far.  And he became very, very frustrated.  And he kept coming back and forth, and we kept going over... And I said, "You really have to have the spirit; you really have to love this, this has to be alive.  Everything, when you understand it, is energy but energy is live, it's all alive consciousness.  And in order to effectively get off the ground with this type of a device you have to get very, very close to the consciousness of what you're working with.  You have to love every part, and love the way it sets, and feel how it sets, and if it doesn't feel right tear it up and start over because it won't work unless you feel your way through it; you think your way through it you'll never get anywhere because a thought is very limited, it just doesn't care much about anything outside of its jurisdiction which is a third dimensional reality, third dimensional body.  Anything foreign to that is a threat.  So it ignores or sets up a defense or even becomes very aggressive toward anything outside of its jurisdiction.  And he had those blocks that he couldn't get out of the way and allow his spirit, spirit of loving what he was doing, even though he was an engineer, even though he enjoyed the challenge.

Makes me wonder where we'd be today if loving, aware and intuitive individuals like this and his mentor Carr were finally in charge of our transportation and energy programs.  They had it all figured out some sixty years ago and then those enforcing the monetary system somehow managed to bribe, brainwash, and condition most of our scientists to put more faith in a paycheck, selling their freedom for security.  Very telling when at the ten minute mark of the Project Camelot interview his friend states, "Ralph, you have to understand.  This is a government funded facility and we're paid to look for answers not to find them." 

Tremendous respect for this man who's had his life work destroyed over and over again, decade after decade, and yet still continues his efforts to get out the truth, knowing in his heart that it has to get out, and that it will get out. 

And I agree with you on the Andrew Basiago info.  His info always resonated truth to me.  I think we're all discovering that the truth is definitely stranger than fiction, at least on this plane of existence.

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I loved that part too - made me think of a high level of and acute awareness of personal response-ability, and the immeasurable fundamental/practical value of and art of appreciation.  The humility would come naturally from being in awe of this elevated understanding of the absolute, infinite and awesome laws of nature...

oh, and it also reminded me of the high quality and integrity of Being that is so naturally exhibited by all the level nine humanoids in the story Thiaoouba Prophecy and the important part that plays in relation to the use of their technology...

Michel-Desmarquet-Thiaoouba-Prophecy.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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Hi Chris-

Glad you're posting again.Smile


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  I got to listen to this interview. obviously, the implications are phenomenal. His experience with the craft they built reminds me a little bit of the kid's movie "zoom". In that case it was a confiscated alien craft that was driven by inserting ones hands into a kind of plasma, then figuring out how to drive it. It was a kids comedy, with tim Allen, and a bunch of kids with superpowers, recruited to take on another test kid who had disappeared in a previous experiment, into another dimension, and was now returning to wreak vengeance on the military for what they did to him....so,did the person with the idea for the movie know of their work ? Or, did they just tap into these ideas in the "ether" ? I love it !

  and Francis, I agree , you have to admire this guy,he just keeps trying. I believe he is just answering his calling, doing his part ,and knows in his heart that now is the time, and his most important moment , as part of the transition..gotta love em !

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Thiaoouba Prophecy Chris, that's something I meant to mark down and completely forgot about.  I hope to get a chance to read it soon.  Me too, glad to see you posting again.  Excellent interview Wendy, he's a lot to take in, but good stuff.  Be sure to check out all the info and links under the "Show more" tab. 

Yeah, tscout, it always reminds me of the show Taken with Dakota Fanning where the military spooks bring a pair of psychic twins on board a downed space ship to see if they can get it to operate.  Inside the ship is completely bare with only a three or so contoured chairs positioned at the center all facing outward.  Of course Spielberg and his cohorts take it for a tragic turn and when the pair sit in the chairs and place their hands in the ingraved hand grooves they end up bleeding out.  But I've also often wondered just how much these movie producers and directors are privy to, just where they may get their info.  A couple of good movies that made me wonder this sort of thing recently were The Adjustment Bureau and The Island with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johanson.  Fun litte romps in the vein of The Matrix.  I noticed Sean Stone, Oiver Stone's son, has an interview with Alex Jones and is apparently talking about some of this movie business/Iluminati stuff ? ? ?

Anyway, I think you're right, Ralph Ring's following his path and doing his part.  He's got a great opportunity and he's going for it.  God speed to all who do likewise in these exciting days ahead!

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