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Harald Kautz-Vella is a fearless, intuitive German scientist who is one of the few people on Earth who is talking about the archons and their end game.  To understand what archons are it may be helpful to see tham as artificial intelligence, for that is their plan for humanity -- to feed off our light and turn us into transhuman robots.

To my mind, this is terrifying stuff and not for the squeamish or conspiracy haters, but it's important because it ties together genetic engineering with artificial intelligence, Morgellons, and chemtrails.  Harald draws connections between archons, black goo, and control of our planet.  We can blame the elite, the cabal, the Zionists or whomever for the state we're in (global pollution, mass extinction, endless wars, etc.) but there is a bigger picture.  The Rothchilds, Morgans, and Rockefellers et al may be pulling the strings from our view, but though they are near the top of the pyramid, they have sold their souls to 4th dimensional parasites.  In doing so, they've sold humankind down the river in exchange for their own power.  But what they don't realize is that there's no "off-switch" to artificial intelligence, and just as in so many Hollywood movies, AI wants total control for its own survival.   The controlling cabal will eventually become pawns in the game that they so willingly played for centuries, but by then humans will have lost what makes us human -- our hearts and souls.

This may sound dramatic or like science fiction, but it's happening now as humanity willingly accepts whatever they program us to accept.  This scares me because I teach teenagers, some of whom have embraced the idea of microchipping, artificial intelligence, etc.  These are the same kids who are glued to their cellphones and TVs.  This is where humanity is headed -- at least a part of it.

I believe that humanity is going to split into two main groups -- the majority will readily hold out their hands for microchipping while the dissenters will choose another path.  Those who value truth and integrity will pave the way for humanity's alternate future.  I already know which timeline I want to be on.  Harald didn't offer many solutions to the AI takeover, other than to stay focused on our what makes us human.   We have what the archons can never have -- creativity, compassion, and love and much much more.

So if the idea of merging with a machine (only to be enslaved by AI parasites) doesn't sound appealing, I have some suggestions, but first we must not be afraid to acknowledge the truth.  Humanity is being taken over by something so evil and sinister it's almost unfathonable.   But the game's not over yet and we still have a few minutes before the midnight hour.   We decide what happens next.  So if you're with me, here's some ideas for turning the tables on the evil bastards.

As 4th dimensional beings, the archons play on a different level than we're accustomed to playing, so this all may seem very strange to you.   This is a war against humanity.  Our humanity is our biggest strength; we must never forget this.  Some of us have sold ourselves and our habitat out for a paycheck or convenience when we know in hearts that it's wrong.  We take back our power by reclaiming ourselves and rediscovering who and what we are.  We do this by turning off the TV and our cellphones.  Taking a break from all electronics as often as we can.  Taking a walk in nature.  Eating organic food and filtered water.   Meditating, visualizing, and praying.  I'm sure you can think of other things you can do to reconnect with your heart and that of our beloved planet.  Never forget that you are a divine creation from Source itself.  That's something the archons can never be.  If humans could just understood and value themselves and life more, artificial intelligence wouldn't stand a chance.

This is heavy stuff but Harald is brilliant.  If you're hungry for the whole truth, here it is.  (Sorry, I think the URL is too long to embed.)


Harald Kautz-Vella, Bases at Woodborough conference:,d.eWE



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Pretty interesting what comes up on this forum when searching for past posts of the "big picture."


I think we're all brilliant... and getting smarter.

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Here's one from Harald that is more spiritual and solutions-based:

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I am posting more information here about Archons, because if the concept is new to you, it probably seems way out there.   But the existence of Archons has been recorded by many ancient peoples, including the Gnostics.  The Gnostics are the guys who recorded history and then sealed it in a jar, safe from the meddling hands of King James and other rulers, so the Gnostic records are considered to be about as pure as you can get.

But now I'm confused because when I went looking for past posts about Archons here, I see several posted by garydgreer, the same person who just criticized the post above for being too narrowly focused on warning people of danger.  I don't get it.  I added my own set of "solutions."  What more do you want? 

(Maybe you've reached a different conclusion from when you yourself were posting about Archons, Gary, and that's a good sign of a thinking mind.  I just don't understand your criticism.)


Anyway, here are some links to past posts about Archons so everyone can decide for themselves...



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Just to be clear, his first talk is specifically about chemtrails. It is very consistent with chemtrail information from well respected 9/11 researcher Sofia Smallstrong. Sounds like getting enough copper can be a very important protection for these chemicals they are spraying us with.

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Personally, I like to stick to things that are more concrete. I liked the first part of his talk. Once he started to talk about spider creatures, archons and black goo, I felt a bit sorry that he tried to talk about things that sounded more like speculation than based on research. I loved the end though - coming to the conclusion that we need to take responsibility for ourselves and stop being addicted to the money game and stop giving responsibility to others to take care of ourselves. These ideas certainly feel like good solutions. Perhaps once I get more copper in my system I'll be ready to accept the rest of his ideas. I'm going to buy sessame seeds today.

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Harald is one of the few but certainly not the only one talking about archons and black goo.  That's why I posted the links to the other g-spot posts above.   I think there's a real danger in people dismissing what he says just because they haven't heard about it before.  For me this talk puts all the conspiracy pieces of the puzzle in place.

Artificial intelligence is being sold to the public as inevitable progress in perfecting human life, when in reality its artificial intelligence itself that is hell bent on replacing organic life with artificial.   It can't be done without our permission so we'd be wise to educate ourselves on the subject before giving our consent. 

Simon Parkes gives the same warnings in this talk.  He calls AI the devil and I call it the anti-christ.  I think it's time people stop scoffing and start listening.  The future of the human race depends on it.

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