Cool video sent to me from a friend "Beyond King of the Mountain"

Hi Everyone,

   Hope you enjoy this video, it has some important transformational ideas I think..


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I like it. My only apprehension is the mention of a "global" system. As with anything, if we were to create a united global government or system, we would have to ensure 100% that no one person or interest group (i.e. someone with money) could usurp the power of the system.

I heard something on Project Camelot a while back about how the Pyramidal Power Structure is outdated, and that a Holographic power structure is what is used elsewhere in the universe. That way the best for all invovled can be focused on and if the 'top' dog is corrupted, it would not matter because the power is equal and the knowledge of the issues is spread evenly throughout the power holders. If one goes down ten can take its place. In this way you could not possibly corrupt everyone. Perhaps what is meant by this is a true "government by the people and for the people."

Everyone has equal knowledge of what is going on, and as such have equal influence. Maybe we don't need to scrap the idea of democracy, but just to adjust it (as the one speaker said) in order to get it back to its roots, and then once we are there create structures to ensure that power is not = money but is = people. This is just my take on it, I believe the interview was with Alex Collier (he spoke about a lot of other things in his talk but this video certainly jogged my memory back to that point).

Thanks for the video, very thought provoking.


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Hi Josh, Your fears are my fears lol. I am writing a novel with a global theme that will scare the pants off you. Expect completion with in the year...

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Hi FFG,  That is one of the funniest cartoons I have seen in awhile, thanks for sharing it.

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I liked the video. Like Josh, I am looking for an holographic governance.

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